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slow, very slow


Looks cool, altough I do think you want to include more 1 drops with a Command presence.


I'd drop Soaring Falcon, Death from Above and Beasthunter Wyches for that.


Death from Above is really cool, but if you don't go 3x DfA and 9-ish Mobile units I feel the chances are to slim for each other to meet.



Kith Control + Calamity is definitely going to be a thing soon, as that card is better for DE than any other faction, and Doom helps slow the tempo of the game.


My own inclination would be to wait for Kaballite Half-Blood, then play that with 3 Razorwings, 2 Coliseum Fighters, otherwise command-friendly cards and a very small deck package for fighting: 3 Klaivex, 3 Archon's Terror. Eldar allies and Soaring Falcon definitely a good call for slow control.


However, till we see the Half-Bloods, it'll be hard to make this a T1 proposition.

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