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Swarmlord Elite v1


Why are you running 3 Harpies when you have a total of 2 infestation cards in the deck? A 2/2/5 flyer for 6 resources is not a good deal.

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Wholly agreed with Sokhar; if you want swarm control, you'd be far better off with Biovore Spore Launcher. There's also very little command presence in this deck and not much in the way of alternative income generation (no Haruspex, in particular); I'd worry that getting (and keeping in play) an STC Fragment will basically make or break the game.

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Agree with both of my bug friends above.


Additionally, the harpy is a poor play currently, even if you could infest, as Elites are running wild.


I would look at dumping the 3 harpies, 1 STC and maybe 2 dark cunning, for 3 Virulent Spore sacs and a 3rd Toxic Venomthrope.


This would increase command, up your unit count, and get you down to 50. Going further, I'd probably dump 1 HVC for a Haruspex.

I am testing a build with Swarmlord and elites these days. Still trying ti tweak it abit. Imo the deck needs to be build around Trygons. With the new support and elites there is a high chance you will be tossing trygons for 6 and under which is fair enough. If you are to use Broodhive then use 3. Harpy is bad atm and without infestation it's horrible.

You need all the command you can get. You need Haruspex and Raveners as your main elites and tbh the new elite that gives termagaunts armorbane, eerm no. if you really want to use it maybe 1 or 2 times. No mercy is not really needed and maybe not even regeneration. Factor and HVC is all you need to win. your plan anyway is to swarm while tossing beatsticks. Clogged with corpses is a 3x. There are many many targets these days. Pyrovore can go only to be replaced by swarm guards. This way you can maintain the termagaunt numbers and reduce the cost of trygons. I also went with Liktor because you know...Liktor. This way you can be really strong in commands and setup by round 3.If you manage to setup this deck can be really strong. Lastly i use 3x consumption since you will be sacrificing gaunts. I will test during the next days and weekend and post my list.