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Tears of Mornful Sorrow

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Why no Solaryte avetys? 

I like it a lot! Mostly because is is the exact deck I built as well but I think I did -1x Archon's terror (because there's a lot of Worr in my meta) and -1x Sslyth for +2x Kaballite Strike Force. How have you liked it? I've found the deck to be really fun and entertaining. It's more of a deny command deck and then play tricks like crazy and I think it's a fun change of pace from Kiths play style.

On Solaryte, I did not find the card to be so effective in practice (the opponent can leave it alone for the most part). The Shadowed Thorns Venoms have a higher potential impact on the overall sector (to dilute a heavy Warlord train for instance) and also trigger Morn, so I switched them in. If you get them in hand you can be more liberal with your deploys for a turn knowing that you can rearrange your units the next turn. This also provides overall synergy with Raiding Portal.


I have found the deck to be very good with the new cards from The Final Gambit. I love the theme of raiding, pillaging and enslaving(!), that is what the Dark Eldar are all about in my book! Although I also love Kith, Morn is what I have been waiting for since Conquest was released.


My only gripe is the inclusion of a single Eldar unit. I would prefer if the Dark Eldar got a quality unit like this, and then we could stay with pure Dark Eldar. For the time being, I guess we have to put up with these slaves!

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First impression, when played this deck: wow! flexible, agrresive, suprising, shabby. Maybe it do not looks like good eco-phase, but it is! Well done Hayati - 5/5

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The next challenge is to try and fit this in:





-1 venom
+1 Interceptor

It is as you say pal! :)

With the surge in Elite decks, I've included Coliseum Fighters to help recur Inevitable Betrayal and Archon's Terror. Made room by removing one Warlock Destructor and one Promotion.

Updated to remove the hateful Eldar and instead ally with the daemons of Chaos!

Jun 23 2016 01:08 AM
How are the Venomous Fiends working out for you? They could take the spot of my Solarite, but so could my precious Vypers.
I'm about to start on Morn, and was going to ally eldar solely for the Shuriken Catapult (I love surprises!)

I was also mulling over the Shuriken Catapult pal, the surprise could easily lead to a bloodied warlord. I generally dislike the "good guys" however and that is why I did not ally with the Eldar :P


Otherwise, the Fiends rock- winning command, sniping cappers, moving around AND able to fight well. Superb! I experienced that they do a lot more work than Solarite, who I removed during early testing.

Jun 23 2016 02:37 PM
Just for argument sake. Wouldn't the wildrider Vypers be a better choice in the 5 cost spot to synergize with the raising portal?

There are many viable options for all decks pal. I prefer Chaos over Eldar as expressed above, but feel free to switch the allies and experiment! That is the beauty of the game :P


The Vypers do synergize, however there are only two portals (whose ability in turn requires a certain set-up) so it is somewhat situational. The Fiend meanwhile is great at killing cappers most of the time, and this is what I want her to do.

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Took the Deck to a tourney today.


Only changes I made were to add Chaos Staff instead of the Collesium Fighters. It maybe worked once or twice. The idea was to attach one to a Kabalite, ideally a Flayed Skull Slaver, and bounce down the planets killing Cappers while winning planets.


I think it was too many card combo.


I went to 2-1 before I had to drop.


Venomous Fiend are awesome, almost want to run three in the deck.


I also feel that swarm could be a problem for the deck, maybe Warpstorm would be good?

What would you change in the deck at the end of the game?

I would definitely play Kabalite Blackguard, I had them out last night in three games and being able to keep your opponent to 4 Resources every turn was awesome. Can use Archons Palace to deny Cards, then steal their Credits from them.