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I would suggest ditching the 2 Dark Possessions as its frankly a terrible card. Replace it with 2 more Archon's Palaces, which is a frankly amazing card.


Also, 23 units is very thin on the ground - you may have trouble with consistency of draw, even with an 8 card hand. There's great cards you could add more of, and weak ones you can trim.


I'd keep giving more advice, but at this stage its starting to sound like "don't build your deck, build my deck" which likely isn't that constructive.


For reference though, my Urien/chaos build is this:


Deck Created with CardGameDB.com  Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Deckbuilder
Total Cards: (50)
1x Urien Rakarth (Descendants of Isha) 
Army Unit: (28)
2x Twisted Wracks (Descendants of Isha)
3x Bloodied Reavers (Zogwort's Curse)
3x Chaos Fanatics (Core Set)
3x Incubus Warrior (Core Set)
3x Klaivex Warleader (The Scourge)
3x Hellion Gang (Core Set)
3x Khorne Berzerker (Core Set)
3x Sslyth Mercenary (Gift of the Ethereals)
2x Syren Zythlex (Core Set)
3x Void Pirate (Core Set)
Urien isn't designed for front line work, he's more of an upstream command capper. That in mind, this set is a bit more combat-loaded than the Kith equivalent.
Attachment: (4)
1x Ichor Gauntlet (Descendants of Isha)
3x Suffering (Core Set)
Suffering is a 2-shielder here mostly, but you may play it on occasion. The double benefit of playing it as a shield, of course, is setting up endgame Soul Seizures.
Event: (13)
4x Rakarth’s Experimentations (Descendants of Isha)
2x Archon’s Terror (Core Set)
2x Visions of Agony (The Howl of Blackmane)
2x Soul Seizure (The Scourge)
3x Power from Pain (Core Set)
Really, Archon's Terror is so good it can't be left out altogether, even at 3 cost. On the upside, its a far less expected play from Urien, so you can often leverage surprise more.
Soul Seizure at 2x is pretty much the raison d'etre for this deck, without which we may as well be playing Kith. Which we probably should anyway, but lets stick to our guns.
Support: (5)
1x Urien’s Oubliette (Descendants of Isha)
3x Archon’s Palace (The Howl of Blackmane)
1x Twisted Laboratory (Core Set)
No messing around with tricks here, just classic choke and control package.