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Aug 25 2016 10:06 AM

I probably won't play the iron halo except for fighting hunt decks or chaos elites or something. So in a lot of matchups it's like a blank 2-shielder that ECT fetches. Not sure if that's better or worse than Primal Howl, which can be used to dig for eager/indomitable/crushing blow or as 2 shields.


With the addition of deathwing terminators I had to cut some units to make room for the big guys. I ended up cutting the best targets for drop pod assault, so I'm playing without drop pod assault now. (Even if you don't do that, it's hard to make room for enough drop pod targets, a normal command base, and 4-5 guys that are too big for drop pods). I still want to be able to surprise people with cardinis, so I'm trying 2 Maxos. Not sure if that's worth it in this list though, since he'll realistically only ever be used to "ambush" 7 guys.

Oct 04 2016 01:22 PM


-1 Veteran Brother Maxos

-1 Eager Recruit

-1 8th Company Assault Squad

+1 10th Company Scout

+1 XV25 Stealth Squad

+1 Imperial Fists Devastators


I should probably play 0 Maxos and more Stealth Squads. Not sure what to do about the command base. I mean, it works, but you get these draws where you can't use promotion some of the time.

Really should add the DSD here.