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Urien fixed

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There is no Suffering on the deck. Did you post another versión? Just 2 Brands are not enough... Anyway, I like the concept and I will give it a try.

This is the only version of my Urien deck that I've ever posted. Suffering is not that useful in a Urien deck since it doesn't really have any synergy with him. Granted it's a torture card, but it doesn't get a cost reduction and doesn't trigger the Crucible. The only synergy it has is with Soul Seizure (I've almost never had too few tortures in my discard pile) and the Twisted Wracks (hardly sees play, and even when it does its ability is rarely used). It does have a nice ability, but the deck simply does not have the space for it.

The reason for having 2 Searing Brands is because I added 1x Soul Seizure. It's a great card but not one you're likely to play twice, and given it's a late game card the chances of picking it up by round 4 are still decent. I'd be tempted to switch out 1x Visions instead of 1x Brand for the sake of shields, but Visions of Agony is simply a much better card given that it is not situational. If you really want 1 more Searing Brand just take out the Twisted Lab

Searing Brand is a mediocre Card IMHO I was just pointing the lack of 2 shields cards. You said that Suffering and Searing Brand had the same role and I was expecting to see both in the deck. As I said I will give it a try as it is first before doing any cahnges. Cheers!

Ah right, what I meant to say was that they fill the same role, therefore I only included one of them. I'd obviously love to have both in the deck for the sake of shields, but it really harms the rest of the deck's command by doing so since it would require taking out Archon's Palace (no chance), Promotion (too badly needed) or units (already on the small side). Given as well that most events will be played rather than used as shields, it does run the risk of being prone to damage, but I've tried to mitigate that by having high hp units that also go with the deck's theme (Biel-Tan, Farseer, Wroth, Warlock (which also acts as the damage output))

Looks interesting. I think most Urien decks require alot of skill to play and therefore most people won't recognise that Urien isn't as much garbage as people say.
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If you're running Crucible of Malediction its hard to make room for Suffering. For my own part, I run Suffering but not Crucible.

Dec 09 2015 07:21 PM
This looks quieter interesting to me, though I'm probably not experienced enough to run it properly I'll try it out! One question, I'll be trying on OCTGN. How do people work the oubliette there?

I played few games with this deck and the only change I made was +1 Searing Brand in place of Lab. Games are pretty fun, you know what your opponent have in hand, you know what they will draw next. That knowledge gives you more freedom with your choices about commiting your WL and where to start a fight :) New Eldar unit is pretty solid too, even if I got to discard with it once on few times playing it :D

Glad you enjoyed it. +1 Searing Brand is not a bad call at all, especially since it adds an extra 2 shields. I like the ability to just prevent a troublesome unit from being able to do anything but I definitely don't thing Searing Brand is a bad idea. Might make that switch myself.

I really like the Farseer. in this deck He brings some much needed hp to the deck whilst also bringing an ability that has synergy with the rest of the deck. It's basically a Black Guardian with a hammer + synergy for 1 extra resource. 

Dec 12 2015 10:51 PM

Urien could be really good, as long as he gets one more solid torture card.



If you're running Crucible of Malediction its hard to make room for Suffering. For my own part, I run Suffering but not Crucible.

Crucible is key to Urien, and is the only advantage he gets.