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Urien PlagueBearer Control


I'm glad to see a fresh take on my deck!  I'm glad to see Marksman and Uber Grotesque working well for you.  I feel these are understimated (and underused) cards at the moment.  Uber Grotesque specifically has won me games.  You actually make a pretty strong case for plaguebearers.  I removed them when I removed my hypex injector, but I may have been a bit hasty in their removal.  I think that I might bring them back in again and see how well they work.


Bloodied Reavers is also a good include as well.  I'm actually running them in my Urien deck at the moment, but I haven't updated it on here yet.  In fact, I think I may try and update my deck today.

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Are you finding Crucible useful? I've been playing with a Urien deck, and I think I'm just about to ditch all supports except the signature and 1x Palace...I just think those spots could be better occupied with units, which I keep getting murdered on.

Crucible is one of my favourite supports, and I include x3 in my urien deck. Perfect for weeding out a drop pod assault, gift of isha, orbital city or other unpleasant card from your opponent's deck!

Crucible works really well for me too.  My Urien deck (the original influence for this one) is focused on controlling what is in my opponents hand and making sure they don't have the cards that they need.  Crucible is an important piece to that puzzle.  It also combos really well with Oubliette