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Vehicular Morn


interesting. cuz raiding portal can move vyper. essentially bringing 3 additional hammers to a planet, if noving downstream, or an elite into an important battle. venom can move vyper as well.
Raiding Portal only moves Kabalite army units..

But the Viper can move with said Kabalite thanks to its reaction.

Raiding Portal only moves Kabalite army units..

Yes, why i run 2 of because i have 10 kabalite units which make up 1/3 of the units of this deck. however the raiding portal moving a kabalite unit triggers the vyper's reaction move this unit to that planet.  

THAT is why i favor raiding portal over archon's palace is the moving kabalite units around without the use of mobile. and it gives the kabalite +1 command icon essentially making 4 command icons arrive at a planet off of raiding portal.  You see where i'm going with this?

Fair enough, my bad! :) Might want to add more Portal, Vyper and Kabalites if this is the cornerstone of the deck?

Fair enough, my bad! :) Might want to add more Portal, Vyper and Kabalites if this is the cornerstone of the deck?

I may actually be cutting on destructors in favor of the kabalite strike force, and i don't need to see vyper as much as i need to, in fact i'm taking 1 out in favor of nightshade interceptor which has aoe2,  I'm running into the problem of YAY UNITS boo the fact that i can't wipe a strong kith deck that has so many frackin khymera tokens in a single shot. 


Also hallucinogen grenades are NICE but i don't need 3 of them i'm dropping 1 in favor of a third bonesinger and decided to keep archon's terror over suffering.  Dark eldar into eldar has little to no swarm removal and i find that to be a huge problem.  Other than Doom I really can't do much against a flourishing opponent and doom just costs 4 for the destruction one time that my not even hit a lot of good units.  aoe 2 and aoe 1 multiple times however can do me wonders in battle.  So much fun that i may include 1 rapid assault in place of a single gut and pillage.  Tested this deck out online twice, (ended up rage quitting cuz he gift of isha'd twice on a 3/7 eldar elite at atrox prime and my warlord became bloodied after.)   I found it really needing in forms of destruction so those changes will be made soon.