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Zarathur, Daemon Sorcerer


The elite-centred build loves 3x STC and corrupted teleportarium: cards like Bloodletter are way more threatening when they move in just before they attack. However, I also think the Elite-heavy build works better with chaos as allies, despite not getting plaguebeast,


For a Zarathur led deck, I find that 3 Plaguebeasts are all the Elites you need, and leaving out Elite tech leaves room for strong 2-shielders aplenty, as well as the excellent Sathariel.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Asklepios! 
1 question, I understand that 3x STC Fragment is for higher chances of drawing the card, but won't it result in a 'dead' hand? Ie. you got an extra card and couldn't use.

Please pardon my ignorance ><

Jul 03 2016 01:32 PM

3x STC is way too much.  You'll definitely be ending up with dead cards in hand this way.  I'd run 2x at most.