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#340638 Better than Sentinels of the Multiverse

Posted by SlipCapone on 22 January 2020 - 03:30 PM

Hey guys,

My group owns Sentinels of the Multiverse, is Marvel Champions better?

If so, why is it better? We don't want to commit when the game looks very similar.

Thanks heaps

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#229772 Suggestions for the site

Posted by Tragic on 11 December 2015 - 07:42 PM

Can we get an L5R forum added?   The fantasyflightgames.com forums have one already.


we BADLY need a L5R forum.... it would literally take 5 mins to set one up. Like in the time it has taken me to write this post, I could have added a forum. 


The FFG community manager needs to set up some low level moderators to handle the daily maintenance of the individual forums, they could easily get some community leader in each game to do it.

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#285734 For Brad, Eric, Nate, others

Posted by dnapolitano on 09 September 2016 - 02:18 PM

I don't know if FFG will keep these forums up, so I thought this a good time as any to offer this thank you.

Thank you Brad Andres, Eric Lang, and Nate French, plus others that were involved in the designing and testing of this game. Conquest is the best f*cking game I have ever played. I hope your work on this game brings you future success.
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#56568 Community FAQ & Resources: Podcasts, Game Video & Much More

Posted by scantrell24 on 28 August 2013 - 02:30 PM

Welcome to the comprehensive FAQ & guide to community resources. 


In the Game of Thrones LCG players use customized decks to assume leadership of one of the great houses of Westeros vying for control of King's Landing and the Iron Throne. To achieve their goals, players launch military attacks against their opponents, undermine their opponents’ plans with intrigues of their own, and make brazen power plays to win the support of the realm. Players choose to represent one of eight factions vying for control of or influence over the Iron Throne: TargaryenLannisterBaratheonStarkMartellGreyjoyTyrell, and the Night's Watch.  You can start exploring them with this Faction-by-faction primer, which explains key play-styles and strategies. 


The Game of Thrones card game launched as a CCG (collectible card game) in 2002. It was designed by Eric Lang at Fantasy Flight Games and based on the novels written by George R.R. Martin. In 2008 the game rebooted to accommodate a switch to LCG (living card game) format. In August 2015, the game rebooted again, still with the LCG distribution model but with streamlined rules, sleek new designs, and additional factions. Previous cards are not compatible across editions. However, the new edition does maintain the essential game elements (plot deck, three challenge types, victory condition) of the first edition. For Fantasy Flight's reasons behind the reboot, please read lead designer Nate French's letter to the community


The Thrones LCG can by played head-to-head (called "joust" -- the usual format for competitive tournaments) or with 3-6 players (called "melee" - more like a board game). The 2nd edition Core set hit shelves in October 2015, with small expansions following monthly. For reviews of the Core set, check out Ars TechnicaShut up and Sit Down, Paste Magazine, and Drive Thru Review.


Second Edition Resources

Short Preview Video

Full Tutorial Video

First Preview Article

Official Product Page


The LCG (Living Card Game) Model

The Core box for 2nd Edition contains 211 distinct cards. You get single copies of most cards, but a few neutral ones are duplicated to reach a total of 234 cards in the box. Casual gamers may find one Core sufficient, but tournament players need three Cores to obtain a full play-set of every card. 

If you've already enjoyed playing with a single Core set, consider enhancing and customizing your decks with cards from additional Core sets, Chapter packs or Deluxe boxes. Under the LCG model, additional cards are released in monthly chapter packs (approx. $15 MSRP) and bi-annual deluxe expansions (approx. $25-30). Both product types contain a fixed distribution of cards, and each card comes 3x so you have a full play-set immediately. You know exactly what you're getting when you buy a pack -- no chasing rares, and no shelling out big bucks just to play on equal footing in tournaments. 

Chapter packs contain 2 different cards per each of the 8 factions factions, plus 4 different neutral cards, all at 3x each for a total of 60 cards. As of April 2018, there are 23 chapter packs available, beginning with Taking the Black

Each deluxe expansion features one faction prominently, but includes some cards from all 8 factions. Tyrell, Stark, Lannister, Martell, and Night's Watch boxes are currently available, beginning with Wolves of the North.

To ease the burden of entry for new players and keep the tournament scene fresh, chapter packs rotate out of the tournament-legal card pool after about 4 years (so starting in 2019). The Core set and deluxe expansions will not rotate but rather remain "evergreen". The LCG model makes Thrones a relatively cheap investment compared to collectible card games like Magic, Yugioh and Pokemon. Furthermore, players can easily share a collection with a friend or two by divvying up the 8 factions.


Deckbuilding & Tools

In 2nd edition, a player forms his decks by choosing a Faction card (such as House Baratheon), which allows him to use all loyal AND non-loyal cards from that faction. Additionally, players can optionally use an "Agenda" card. Agendas generally provide an extra benefit at some cost. A "Banner" Agenda (such as Banner of the Kraken) allows him to add non-loyal cards from his Banner faction. The Banner agendas are currently the only method to include out-of-faction cards. Alternatively, you can choose a non-Banner agenda, such as Fealty or Lord of the Crossing. Finally, neutral cards without a faction crest can be added to any deck. 


Discussion Groups & Forums

The Worldwide Facebook Group


Discord Chat Group


FFG Forums


Key Websites

Thronesdb Deckbuilder

The Annals of Castle Black (worldwide tournament data)

The Jousting Pavilion (individual tournament results)

Champions of Westeros (online league play)

Upcoming Spoilers (scantrell's google sheet)

The Stone Drumm (card popularity in meta)


Active Podcasts, Videos, Article Series, & Blogs

The White Book: Podcasts, Website, Facebook

Banter Behind the Throne: PodcastsFacebook

The Second Sons: FacebookYoutube

The Southron Bannermen: Facebook

Decklist & Chill: Facebook

The Things I Do For Love: Facebook

Great Beards of Westeros: Facebook

Insight and Renown: Website

No Funny Stuff: Youtube

In Search of Jank: Website

The Jank Tank: Youtube

The Stormbruhs: Website

Listener Questions: Website


Inactive Podcasts, Videos & Blogs

Beyond the Wall: PodcastsFacebook

Asha Anonymous: Website

Brotherhood Without Manners (NSFW): WebsiteFacebook

Wardens of the Midwest: Website

A Meager Contribution: Youtube

Summer Is Coming: Youtube

Dobbler Talk: Youtube

The Copper Link: Youtube

Jack's Tournament Reports: Website


Essential Articles, Discussions, & Videos for New Players

Comprehensive Overview - Terminology, Strategy, Economy, & Resets

General Tips

Choosing An Agenda

Optimizing Your Setups

Deck Archetypes

The Relative Importance of Challenges

Building Your Main Deck

Building Your Plot Deck

How Many Copies of Each Card?

Thrones from a Magic: the Gathering Perspective

Stark & Tempo

Tyrell & Archetypes

Night's Watch & Plots

Baratheon Strategies


Watch Games on YouTube

Knight of the Blackwater

Rob St. John

The Gaming Hall

The White Walkers


A Meager Contribution

Green Dreamers

Beyond the White Book

Knight of the Blackwater

Agotnordic's Youtube & Twitch

Joe from Cincinnati

The Bristol, UK Meta

Westside Thrones

Throne Runner



Official Tournaments

Store championships are the bottom of the organized play pyramid, and the season runs from November to February. Prestigious Regional tournaments run from April to July. The U.S. National Championship is held at Gen Con in August, the European Championship is held at Castle Stahleck in late November, and the World Championship is held at FFG headquarters in Minnesota in early November. The winners the European Championship and World Championship events each earn the right to design their own card, which is included in a future chapter pack! Additionally, major unofficial tournaments are held throughout the year, and local stores can host tournaments with game night kits including prizes like alternate art promos, deck boxes, and playmats. In addition to player-run online tournaments through OCTGN, you can follow tournaments "live" through the Jousting Pavilion site.  


Play Online

There are two options for online play. TheIronThrone is web-based and the more popular of the two, and OCTGN is a downloadable client. Both are free to play, but not affiliated with FFG. 

A subscription is not necessary to play on OCTGN, but subscribing supports the developers and unlocks some additional features. Card text is usually censored to avoid conflicts with FFG.. You can host a game for another player to join, or find an open game to join in the lobby. OCTGN currently only works with PCs, not Macs, unless you use a workaround. 


Rules Questions

When you're stumped, first check the RRG (Rules Reference Guide) that came with your Core set. It's also available on FFG's website under "Support", along with the official FAQ. Next search for the specific card on Thronesdb.com and scroll down to "Reviews" (here's Catelyn for example) or try the Rules Forum FAQ. Then, if you still don't have an answer, feel free to ask in the Rules subforum here! There's also an entire column series devoted to rules intricacies and explanations called Quill & Tankard Regulars.


Thrones Timing Rules

If you're joining us from Magic, it's important to note that Thrones doesn't use a "stack". Each time an action or reaction window opens, players alternate turns to play a card or use an ability, and the window closes when all players pass consecutively. Details can be found on pages 24-25 of the Rules Reference Guide.


Helpful Acronyms

It's important to resolve game and card effects in the proper order.

At the end of a challenge follow D.U.C.K.

1. Determine winner - this is where you'd trigger reactions to winning/losing, like Tears of Lys, Lannisport, and Ghaston Grey

2. Unopposed bonus - this is where you'd trigger reactions to claiming the unopposed bonus, like Rise of the Kraken

3. Claim - this is where you'd trigger reactions to claim, for example if a Lord or Lady is killed for military claim, Joffrey can trigger here

4. Keywords - finally, keywords and their reactions happen last, for example, when Robert gains a power for renown, you can trigger Lightbringer


At the end of a phase follow W.U.A.

1. "When the phase ends" effects take place, such as The Wall

2. "Until the end of the phase" effects expire, such as Nightmares

3. "At the end of the phase" effects happen, such as Flea Bottom



Player types include Ned, Jaime and Shagga

Deck archetypes include Combo, Aggro, Rush, Tempo, Toolbox, Soft Control and Hard Control

Game terms includes Burn, Mill, Choke, Resets, Voltron and Metagame


Swag & Prizes

2015 Gencon Kingslayer (Game of Thrones card, Jaime playmat) 

2015 World Championship (Eddard Stark card, Eddard Stark playmat)

2015 Winter GNK (Fortified Position card, Tumblestone Knight card, Old Bear playmat)

2016 Store Championships (The Eyrie card, Pulling the String playmat)

2016 Spring GNK (Noble Cause card, Tyrion Lannister card)

2016 Summer GNK (Trading with the Pentoshi card, Daenerys Targaryen card)

2016 Regionals (Varys card, Wolves playmat)

2016 Nationals (Forgotten Plans card, Iron Throne playmat)

2016 Gen Con (Forgotten Plans card, Jon Snow card, Forgotten Plans playmat)

2016 Continental (Night's Watch card)

2016 Worlds (Winds of Winter, card Tywin playmat for Joust, Naval Superiority playmat for Melee)

2016 Battle of the Trident (Summons card, Red Keep playmat)

2016/17 Store Championships (Syrio Forel card, Ser Robar Royce playmat)

2016 Limited Edition Books (Daenarys Targaryen card)

2017 Spring Kit (Stannis Baratheon card, Marching Orders card, Bara tokens)

2017 Summer Kit (Summoned to Court card, Brienne of Tarth card, Tyrell tokens)

2017 Regionals (Arbor card, Lanni faction card, Martell tokens, Greyjoy playmat)

2017 Nationals (Jaime Lannister card, White Tree playmat)

2017 European Championship (Red Wedding card, Challenge coins, deckboxes)

2017 Fall Kit (Rise of the Kraken, Aeron Damphair, Greyjoy tokens)

2018 Store Championships (Knight of Flowers, Chella box and mat, Ear tokens)

2018 Spring Kit (Marched to the Wall, The Wall, Night's Watch tokens)

2018 Regionals (Nightmares, Bara tokens, King's Landing mat, Greyjoy/Botley card)

2018 Nationals (Milk of the Poppy, Conclave/Rains agendas, Bolton tokens, Val mat, Stark/Mormont card)

2018 Summer Kit (Tears of Lys card, Harrenhal card, Lanni tokens)


Fan-made Power tokens: Broken Egg GamesDraculas TokensTeam Covenant

Fan-made Gold Coins: Broken Egg GamesDraculas Tokens, Shire Post Mint

Fan-made House Cards: Frigg Foundry
Fan-made Deckboxes: Timewalker Deck Boxes

And more: Dice & Coin Bags


Draft Packs

In November 2013, FFG introduced 1st edition draft packs, which allowed players to hold draft tournaments. Previously, the LCG fixed distribution model made drafting difficult, but now each player just needs a reusable starter pack ($5) and a randomized draft pack ($15). FFG introduced the 2nd edition Valyrian draft set at Gen Con 2016, and draft is scheduled as a side event for Worlds 2016. Check out the Valyrian card pool and a video overview

For player-organizer draft formats, check out this excellent "rotisserie" style setup and it's corresponding draft board, or try this cool simulator, both available on the White Book podcast's website. 


Major North American Tournament Champions

2015 Worlds - Sam Braatz from Wisconsin - Martell Banner of the Rose

2016 US Nationals - Nathan Tarentelli from Ohio - Stark Fealty

2016 NA Continentals - Chris Schoenthal from San Diego - Lannister Dragon

2016 Words - Joe Mirando from New York - Lanni Wolf

2017 US Nationals - Seth Low from New York - Stark Watch

2017 NA Continentals - Alex Black from Seattle - Martell Stag

2017 Worlds - Reinhard Schefcik from Austria - Targ Crossing


Major European Tournament Champions

2015 Stahleck - Martell de Poitiers from France - Baratheon Fealty

2016 Batalla por el Muro - Albert Lorenzo Polo from Spain - Targaryen Fealty

2016 Stahleck - Florian Maas from Germany - Stark Fealty

2017 Batalla por el Muro - Daniel Correas from Spain - Tyrell Crossing 

2017 European Continentals - Reinhard Schefcik from Austria-Hungary - Targ Crossing


International Resources

Roca Casterly (Spanish)

El único juego que importa (Spanish)

Le Trone de Fer (French forum)

The Conclave (Italian Facebook group)

The Conclave (Italian Youtube channel)

Little Birds (Polish Podcast)


Tournament Etiquette

FFG's Tournament Rules (under "Support" and then "Tournament Resources")

Cheating is defined as any behavior outside the rules of the game performed with the intent to create an unfair advantage for one or more players. Categorical methods of cheating include (but are not limited to): sleight of hand tricks, component manipulation, collusion, misrepresentation, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

All players in a game have a responsibility to maintain the proper board state. If your opponent counts 1 less gold than he should have, you should tell him. If your opponent misses a Forced Reaction card ability that would be detrimental to you, you should tell him.
It is not rude to ask for a "takeback". Nor is it rude to decline such a request.

Where Can I Play?

To find a tournament, check the event calendar on whitebookpodcast's page.

To find individual players or groups, check the following spreadsheet and pin-able map or introduce yourself in the worldwide Facebook group.


The Spreadsheet.

Anyone who has the link can edit it. I've created a tab for each country (more countries can be easily added as necessary). There are columns that ask for state/province within the country, name of your local gaming store, the store's address, a link to your meta's website, forum or facebook group, contact info for someone in the meta, and what time your group regularly meets (if any). Holding Ctl + f will let you search within a sheet to find your state.


The Pin-able Map.

Anyone can add a pin for either a store or a player. To add a pin, go to "Additions" in the top right and click "Add Marker - Detailed". To add a PLAYER, make sure the marker color is RED. For the "Entry Name" put your real name, forum handle, or both. For address, you can get as detailed as your exact address if you want, or just put the street name without your house number, or you can just put your city or area code. Then on the "Details" tab you can add an email address or other contact info. To add a STORE, make sure the marker color is GREEN. For the "Entry Name" put the name of the store. Add the exact street address. Then under the "Details" tab you can add contact info for the store. I also recommend adding contact info for your meta in the Description box, such as a Facebook group or forum url. If you make a mistake with your pins, send me a message and I'll correct it.



Thanks for reading this guide! Feel free to bookmark it, as I make frequent updates with newly relevant links, and share it with other new players. Below you'll find some information from the previous edition of the Thrones LCG, which is not compatible with second edition, and is no longer supported by FFG.


First Edition Resources

FFG's Support Page
Video Tutorial
Basic Rules

FAQ 5.5 and Tournament Rules (updated July 15 2015) 

Tournament History


Rules Questions & Answers
Quills & Tankards Articles

Valar Morghulis
Timing Structure


Helpful Sites & Articles
Deckbuilding 101
Card Advantage
Deck Archetypes

Playing With a Limited Card Pool
Setup Analyzer


OCTGN for playing online

Download the files

OCTGN Installation Walkthrough


FFG's Timing:
FAQs were released 3 to 4 times each year to update the resitricted/banned list and to address unclear rules interactions. Previous FAQs were released on 16th July 2015, 12th February 2015, 15th October 2014, 21st July 2014, 15th April 2014, 14th October 2013, 23rd July 2013, 27th February 2013, 11th October 2012, 3rd August 2012, 20th March 2012, 19th January 2012, 22nd September 2011

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#268431 What are people reading?

Posted by Skelton on 03 June 2016 - 01:55 PM

I have somewhere in the region of 800 Zonbie films from all across the globe. I have every issue of TWD from issue 1 as well as a long box filled with other Z comic books. I estimate I have 30-40 Zombie related books on my shelves. I have a screenplay a friend and I wrote, 'No More Room in Hell' which is a very realistic take on a Z outbreak in the UK as well as some short fiction I have on the same subject.

So....errr....me neither. :D
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#352708 Marvel Champions Definitive Rankings

Posted by JediGeekGirl on 07 October 2020 - 05:09 PM

Don't miss your chance to have your voice heard in the Marvel Champions Definitive Rankings. Have your voice be heard.

YOU rank all the heroes, villains, modular sets and upcoming content and we'll post the results 10/15.

Here is the link to that survey:


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#215526 Deck Builder, Card Database, Submitted Decks section live

Posted by MiSiO on 14 October 2015 - 01:29 PM

Not sure if this is the threat to report it but I have only 1 GJ event for AGOT2 deckbuilder avaliable. Not 3. 2 are missing.

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#337663 CardGameDB Marvel Champions Deckbuilder

Posted by Darksbane on 31 October 2019 - 03:38 AM

The CardGameDB Marvel Champions Deckbuilder, Card Database, and Submitted decks section is now up and running. 
You can get to each section with the links below or by using the navigation menu in the sidebar.


Visit the Marvel Champions Deckbuilder and construct your own custom decks. Make sure to go to the setting to choose your favorite hero as a background.


Once you've created your deck you can submit it and it will show up in the Submitted Decks section



And you can browse all the cards in the Card Database


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#286626 Brad Andres on Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

Posted by Pipes on 12 September 2016 - 10:05 PM

Hello Warhammer 40,000: Conquest community-


Many of you know Brad Andres, the lead designer of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest. In the wake of the recent news regarding FFG and GW, he wanted to take the time to write a brief note to the community. Without further ado, here's Brad.


"Shortly after I joined the LCG® team in 2012, I had the pleasure of assisting Eric Lang and Nate French on a project that was being started at the time: a new Living Card Game based on a popular science fiction setting with ambitious design goals and a brutal aesthetic. Of course you all know this game as Warhammer 40,000: Conquest


At the time I had no idea how much working on this game would mean to me, and how much I would learn from the experience. And now, as the stars in the Traxis Sector begin to fade, I’d like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for the experiences and opportunities working on this game has given to me.


To Eric Lang, I’d like to say how wonderful the opportunity to work with you was. Your focus on always putting fun and the player experience first was inspirational to me as a designer and is a lesson I’ll never forget. I learned so many things while working with you that I don’t have room to list them all here, but in short—thank you… for everything.


The second person I’d like to thank is Nate French. As the game has evolved, Nate has been there every step of the way to provide advice, guidance, and help me tackle the occasional rules question. His influence has taught me to think critically about projects as a whole and to build structure and make sure those projects fulfill their initial vision before worrying about the details, or as he has put it: “Make sure you put the bones before the dinosaur.” I look forward to working with you for many more years to come.


The last thank you I’d like to make is to everyone out there reading this. The community that surrounds this game is absolutely incredible and I am thankful for each and every one of you for your enthusiasm. From playtesting to podcasting to competing at events, the community has been integral to every aspect of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest. You have all provided a constant reminder of why I love making games—to spread joy, friendship and competition to the world. Thank you for allowing me be a part of your lives in this small way. I will cherish the memories I have shared with each of you.


Brad Andres

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#213713 US Nationals video shows winning Eldorath player repeatedly drew 3 cards in t...

Posted by Koz on 09 October 2015 - 09:13 PM

This is from him.

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#213567 US Nationals video shows winning Eldorath player repeatedly drew 3 cards in t...

Posted by Pipes on 09 October 2015 - 06:43 PM

Hello Warhammer 40,000: Conquest community-


We at Fantasy Flight Games have been made aware of the issue, and we are conducting a thorough review. 


We take matters regarding tournament integrity very seriously.


Thank you for your patience.

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#245823 Regarding the Current Controversy and Inclusiveness in Our Community

Posted by PulseGlazer on 25 February 2016 - 11:32 PM

Hi, I’m Aaron Glazer. You probably know me from the fact that I do not shut up anywhere, and on this one occasion, I feel this trait is serving a considerably less vapid purpose than arguing with people about cards. On the contrary, the fact that many of you know my voice, whether you like it or not, is something that compels me to speak.
I am really, genuinely bothered by the Brotherhood without Banners podcast and the stirrings its caused in our community. I, or friends of mine (Roy, Craven, so on), have spoken to all the involved parties: CardGameDB, the mods on the Facebook group, Keith, and gay community members.  If you are unsure of anything I am saying, please, feel free to ask for clarification.  You can call me a White Knight (or whatever term you like, really) but I’m writing this because this issue is something that matters to me and, I think, the community. If it doesn’t matter to you, it should.
I consider everyone who plays Thrones either a friend or a potential friend.  There are people I’m close with, others who are mere acquaintances, and still others who are total strangers. Even so, I’ve played against or talked to an awful lot of the community, had drinks, sang, and enjoyed myself on two continents and in three countries.  This was obviously easier in 1.0 with a smaller group, but the amazing people I’ve met so far in 2.0 have not changed my outlook in the slightest. Even those I haven’t met aren’t total strangers to me; we eventually meet, we play games, we go out for drinks. At the very least, we occupy same virtual space discussing our hobby.  We are friends and potential friends.  The controversy at its core, without discussing the intersection of various identity politics, is that certain friends are being made uncomfortable and unwelcome by this language.
Several of those people who play the game are, as noted earlier, gay.  Using derogatory language towards them, towards anyone’s identity, really, is sending the message that they are less -- that their natural way of being, by birth and biology, is weird and a somehow deviant to anyone “normal.”  In short, it sends the message that they are not welcome.
Now, I (and others) accept that Keith and his crew NEVER intended their words to have this effect. If you enjoy their podcast, listen to it. If you don’t, then don’t. 
But let me be clear: for me, associating an entire identity with patently offensive and demeaning language is categorically wrong and I won’t stand for it.
Before anyone brings up the issue of free speech, let me preempt the argument by saying that this statement is not an issue of free speech. No one's First Amendment Rights are being infringed upon by me saying that using terms like those used in the first Brotherhood podcast and other such slurs is ignorant and completely unmeasured. Furthermore, there is nothing inherent to anyone's First Amendment Right to expression that entitles him or her to hide behind a facade of "artistic expression," free from criticism, when someone else says they are offended. It is equally vapid and damaging to repudiate the idea of "political correctness" simply because it prevents you from dropping bigoted quips into whatever mode of expression you are using. 
It’s easy to say that it’s just words and people shouldn’t be offended. Everyone is not the same; some people are insulted, even hurt, by these words. And to assume that you, whatever your identity, should be able to say literally whatever you want, despite intentions and despite others’ feelings, makes you more than just entitled – it makes you wrong. Because as a result of this mentality, we may be losing members of our community, a community that has built a reputation as mature, accepting, generally good-natured people. By alienating certain people with insulting, coarse, uninformed language, you make them not want to sit across from and engage in a fun game with someone.
This post is not a joke. I’m someone who cares about this community and its members -- both current and future. This game is about community and friendship, not exclusion and competition, regardless of the source material.  Please, keep that in mind.
So, from me, you should know that, whatever your socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, level of physical ability, you are always welcome.

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#360602 Marvel Champions Deckbuilder Not Working?

Posted by Kalas on 18 February 2021 - 10:19 AM

Is there an issue with the Marvel Champions deckbuilder? On mobile or desktop, it seems to get stuck loading (with the black and white loading icon and the top Marvel Champions banner displayed). 

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#333799 Downgrades on the Deckbuilder?

Posted by zordren on 28 April 2019 - 02:25 PM

Anybody seeing where "downgrades" are showing up in the deck builder?  They pull up in the search and can be added to a deck, but I'm not seeing them actually show up anywhere.  

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#172628 Evasive Maneuvers Release Update

Posted by Pipes on 15 May 2015 - 08:35 PM

Hello Star Wars LCG forum community!


In case you don't know who I am, my name is Evan Johnson, and I'm the Fantasy Flight employee currently administrating CardGameDB. I've been working to foster some better communication between FFG and the members of CGDB, and to that end, I'm bringing you all an update on the state of the Evasive Maneuvers Force Pack.


Evasive Maneuvers did suffer an unfortunate, unforeseen delay, but this has now been fully resolved. This Force Pack should be available in retailers at the very end of May. 


We apologize for the slight delay, and we look forward to the unhindered release of the rest of the Rogue Squadron cycle.


Thanks, and keep playing!



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#328510 Where to find Netrunner dicussions

Posted by FightingWalloon on 02 April 2018 - 10:54 AM

If you came here looking for Netrunner content, you are probably disappointed.


This forum does not get much activity and the deck builder is really clunky.


Here are a couple places where you might find more of what you are looking for:


Netrunner Database - best deck builder and deck collection for browsing


Stimhack - best forum with thread posts and all that stuff


Netrunner Reddit - it is reddit, so buyer beware


Slack - chat about Netrunner with lots of activity, but has the draw backs of live chat


Netrunner Dorks - a Facebook group not tied to a specific meta or location

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#223144 War of the Five Kings Runner-up Tournament Report

Posted by PatrickHaynes on 12 November 2015 - 04:18 AM

Hey everybody! The following is my tournament report for the War of the Five Kings. I tried to be as detailed as possible without making things boring but if you would like any more details on games, cards, etc. please feel free to comment here or PM if you have some sneaky tech you’re working on. For more details tune in to Beyond the Wall Ep. 41 where I walk about some of this stuff in more detail and give my thoughts on various Greyjoy things.



The Deck:


If you’re a frequent reader of these boards it should come as no surprise to you that the deck I choose to pilot for the 2015 War of the Five Kings tournament was a Greyjoy Fealty build. I think that at the moment Greyjoy is one of the most versatile and powerful houses and that the economic boost of fealty can provide a consistency that is very hard to beat in the current pool.


When I first got my core sets in October, the first deck I built was Bara Fealty. I had played it in play testing and I knew that it was a strong deck. I decided to try it out and it worked (as I’m sure everyone on here knows) quite well. It was, however, a very oppressive and NPE deck and I figured I should make something a little less imposing to play against new players with. With that in mind, I built a Greyjoy Tyrell deck. I figured with all of the renown and strength pumps, the deck should be pretty solid and overall, it was. I played a few games with it and it performed as I expected. It was able to gain power at a pretty staggering rate and could really crush if it got a good start.


Unfortunately though as I started to play with my former 1st edition meta mates with good decks, the build had some trouble. Its primary issues were control style builds like Bara shutting down the best character on the table, and Aggro style decks like Stark flooding the table to the point where no one but Balon could push through unopposed challenges. At this point I thought to myself “You know, it would be a lot easier to push through all of these challenges if everyone on the table was dead,” and thus Greyjoy Fealty was born.


The biggest advantage of the deck, in my opinion, is its versatility. Despite its appearance, the deck doesn’t have to be an all out military blitz (although it can if it needs to). In fact the deck can use its overwhelming force, and double sneak attack, to push through either military challenges to thin/clear the board or, as can be seen in my top eight game, power challenges. I don’t think a lot of people fully appreciate the sheer rushing potential of this deck until they see it in action. With two cards (Balon and Great Kraken) the deck can quite easily get 5 power on a sneak attack turn.


Going into worlds, the biggest flaw with the deck was its lack of comeback potential. If a Lannister or Tyrell player caught a Sneak Attack with a Game of Thrones, or if a Stark deck pulled off a three claim military challenge, the deck had a very tough time recovering. On the night before the tournament, I played a few games with the incredibly awesome Rob St. John who proceeded to catch my sneak attack with game of thrones twice in two games and crushed my face. He suggested that I add Counting Coppers instead of Heads on Spikes and an Iron throne to ensure my ability to win dominance. I had considered the Iron Throne before, its potential with Aeron is fantastic but I didn’t feel like I really needed it. Seeing it on the table across from me however, completely changed my mind. Not having any ability to win dominance was incredibly disruptive for the deck and playing an Iron Throne seemed like a good way to avoid that. The card I ended up cutting was one copy of the Roseroad. The deck was running 9 limited cards and I decided that if I had to cut a neutral, it would have to be one of them. I decided on the Roseroad over the kingroad because of the deck’s need to rush. Without burst economy, the deck could very easily fall flat if I hit a bad set-up (a kingsroad or two would have been awesome in the final game).


Counting Coppers was an absolutely crucial add for the deck. It provided a way for me to draw cards and potentially dig for what I need to come back if things got rocky. Also, I have seven two cost characters in my deck, so even with only two gold there is a solid chance that I’ll be able to get a body on the board.



·      Balon, No surprises here. This guy is absolutely amazing and will single handedly win games. Once great kraken hits the table you can basically pick and choose which challenges you want your opponent to be able to defend, not to mention the fact that his five strength is the perfect amount for a Put to the Sword.

·      Lordsport Shipwright, this little chud with give your opponent endless headaches. In most matchups his purpose will be keeping kingsroads knelt to stop opponents from putting out characters while you punish their board, but in others he will stop key pieces of their deck (Red Keep, Ghaston Grey, etc.) from functioning. Looking back on things, my biggest mistake past the cut was letting the lordsport shipwright die in my game against Kidd.

·      Aeron Damphair + Iron Throne, These two cards together are truly amazing, giving you on demand recursion both for your chuds and for your hard hitters. This combo is the key to winning aggro vs aggro. If you get this rolling it doesn’t matter how hard you get smashed, you can just keeping putting characters on the board. It is worth noting that because of the value of these two cards, Aeron will often be the first target for milk, tears, and “Dracarys!”. I found that it is often worth putting a little bird on him to protect him from the tears, even if it means that someone like Theon will be more vulnerable. Also, like Mel and Tyrion NEVER put him in a challenge against Targ if “Dracarys!” is a possibility.


The Tournament:


Game 1: Lannister No Agenda, Matthew Gehman


I met Matthew earlier in the week during the first edition draft event in which he thoroughly stomped me. I was a little concerned going in to the match due to the presence of ambush in Lannister. Without seeing Balon the game can be tough to close if Lannister can send enough guys to block challenges. Luckily for me Matthew’s deck was not cooperating, he didn’t see enough economy to play Tywin and without any income he couldn’t keep up with the pressure of my deck. He held me off for a long time with excessive amount of ambush, but eventually I was able to close, bringing my record to 1-0


Game 2: Baratheon Fealty, (I’m really sorry but I completely forgot this person’s name, if you remember playing me in round two let me know and I’ll correct this)


I was very confident in this matchup. I had practiced a lot against Bara fealty and knew that if I played things right I had a solid chance of winning. After a solid set-up from both of us, Mel and the Red Keep both hit that table by the end of turn one which was slightly distressing. I had, I believe, Asha on the board (it might have been Theon) and I was able to push through a power challenge to deny him his draw. The game dragged on for quite a while, him kneeling out my strong characters and me defending his challenges to prevent power gain. I Wildfired on turn three or four and knocked out a solid portion of his board, I followed it up with Balon and a duped Seal of the Hand. He managed to play out Robert, but by this point I had Great Kraken and was able to close with Balon. 2-0


Game 3: Targaryen Banner of the Rose, Andreas Aldrin


Having just watched Andreas come incredibly close to winning the 1st edition melee the night before, I was a little worried about this game. Targ is arguably the worst matchup for Greyjoy, as a well timed “Dracarys!” can shut everything down. Andreas got the Danaerys train rolling pretty early and scared me out of some challenges by saving a gold. We traded blows pretty solidly throughout, although he gained a bit more power than me early on. As we got to the late game I managed to get out Balon with Seal of the Hand, I tempted fate blocked a power challenge sent with Viserys and was hit by the “Dracarys!”, a pump from Margaery gave him the challenge and let him burn Balon to cinders with plaza of punishment (a play which I later realized shouldn’t have worked, as Plaza of Punishment specifies a character with no attachments, however neither Andreas nor I actually noticed this so the game continued). After the loss of Balon the game turned against me pretty quick, I managed to get to 11 power but he finished the game with Dany, bringing my record to 2-1


Game 4: Targaryen banner of the Lion, Darren Johnson


Ah the classic meta-mate match-up. Darren and I had built his deck together the night before which made me acutely aware of the murder potential it contained. I started things off aggressively, opening with Sneak Attack to his Winds of Winter. Winning the two claim military challenge and stopping his virtually decided the game from turn one. He put up a great fight and had some very good plays but in the end I managed to push through the victory, taking me up to 3-1.


Game 5: Baratheon Fealty, Chris Schoenthal (sorry if I misspelled that)


Yes, another match-up with the infamous Bara Fealty. I was not surprised to see the deck again and was still feeling fairly prepared, however I had come back from the lunch break and was probably not quite as focused as I could have been. Luckily I had the game under control from the start. His setup consisted of the Chamber of the Painted Table, a Roseroad, and Stannis the Mantis himself. However, a turn one marched made short order of the would be king of Westeros and my ability to get Euron out early put me in a great position. He got Mel out and I made a few small mistakes which allowed him to keep her alive longer than I would have liked. However a well timed milk and a couple big challenges with Euron and Balon brought the game to a close. 4-1


Game 6: Targaryen Fealty, Chris Thompson


Let me start by saying that Chris is an awesome player and guy. I met him earlier this year at the Iowa regional where I played him in the last round of swiss, and even though he won that game I really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to playing him again. So far I was 1-1 against Targ on the day and I was a little worried. Luckily for me he mulliganed into a pretty sub-par set-up and I hit him hard out of the gate. I threw Theon face first into a waiting Dracarys to ensure that Balon would be safe, and then hit his board with high claim and (I think?) Put to the Sword. I’m not 100% but I think I may have put Dany to the Sword. Regardless, the game was over a lot faster than it would have been if Chris had had a decent set-up. With my second victory over Targ my record went up to 5-1.


Game 7: Targaryen Fealty, Ryan Ritter


As soon as Ryan flipped his house card I groaned audibly. I know Targ was popular at the event but really, four of them? I mentally prepared myself for another long game of back and forth between Dracarys and Put to the Sword. As soon as I looked at my post-mulligan hand however, I knew the game would be far shorter. As I flipped my Littlefinger and Lordsport Shipwright against his Drogo, Viserion, and Illyrios Estate, I had sinking feeling that would probably translate best as “Ah ****”. Turn one he dropped the Arakh on Drogo and my only play option was a few chuds. He won a military challenge by five, put Littlefinger to the sword and cleared by board. I think I scoped within two turns (I was guaranteed to be in the cut and there was no reason to suffer through the rest of that game).


The Cut:


Top 16: Stark Banner Greyjoy


I talked with my opponent briefly before the start of the game and we mentioned our houses and agendas and both knew that this game would be short. Despite the fact that it was basically over within 15 minutes this was one of my favorite games of the day. With both had solid starts, lots of military icons and a good board state. We both flipped sneak attack turn one and a coin flip gave him the initiative. I decided that rather than taking the hit and responding in kind I would just defend his military challenge and ensure that he could not use his PttS on my strongest character (Balon I believe). I used Milk of the Poppy on his Asha on turn one and we proceeded to go back and forth not doing much to each other. Eventually though, I drew my own PttS and ensured a challenge win with Balon and Theon to put Robb to the sword, essentially securing my victory. It was a hard fought battle of military and death but in the end, Balon was king.


Top 8: Targaryen Fealty, Ryan Ritter


Going into this match I was very nervous. Ryan had beaten my once already and I knew his deck was strong. I believe the game was filmed by Rob St. John so whenever he posts the game I will put the link in the comments. I had a slightly stronger set-up this time, but once again Drogo and his Arakh hit the table by the end of turn one. I was a little dismayed but decided to fight it out and play defensively. I hung back and gathered a bit of power on my house and on Balon, waiting until I hit that magic nine power spot where I could win the game with a single challenge. After a few very, very close calls with Put to the Sword, I reached 9 power, flipped sneak attack, and knew from Ryan’s face that unless he drew a Dracarys the game was over. During my challenge he knelt his faction card and played fire and blood just to give me a heart attack but didn’t have any way to stop the challenge, sending me into the top 4.


Top 4: Targaryen Banner of the Lion, Dan “Kidd” Seefeldt


This game was streamed by FFG and I believe there is a link in the “updates from worlds” thread on Cardgamedb as well as on Facebook. This game was very close, and I owe my victory entirely to a swell guy named Balon and his ability to constantly put people to the sword. During this game I saw three, yes all three copies of Put to the Sword, I can’t imagine what I must feel like to have three kill events played on you in one game (oh wait yes I can…). But in all seriousness, Kidd played an amazing game. I think we made one mistake each in the final two turns (me killing off the Shipwright rather than the Fishmonger, him not defending the challenge with Jorah and Widow’s Wail) however both could only be seen as mistakes if one knows what’s in the opponents hand. I wanted the Fishmonger for Euron, he wanted his gold to stand Jaime, we both had incredibly tough calls, and I was lucky enough that my deck allowed me to grab the win.


The Final: Martell Banner of the Rose, Sam Braatz


This game was also streamed by FFG, links in the same places. The final game, let me say first that I was so, incredibly ecstatic to be sitting at this table. It was a long road to get here, filled with Lannister, Baratheon, and Targ, so much freakin’ Targ. If someone had told me I was going to make it to the final I would probably not have believed them, if someone told me I would be playing Martell in the final I would have straight up laughed. The fact that so many people (myself included) were convinced that Martell main house wasn’t there yet, makes Sam’s championship even more impressive than it already was. It showed all of us that Martell has a few tricks up their sleeve, but more importantly it showed just how excellent of a player Sam Braatz really is. I hadn’t had the privilege of playing against him before, but I am definitely looking forward to our next match-up.


As anyone who watched the stream already know, the game was pretty rough for me. Looking at my opening hand I had a three-card set-up, max. I considered for a while about taking a mulligan, but figured that depending on his start, he would probably open with Marched to the Wall, if he did I would chose based on his start which character to keep (I had three of each in the deck). If he had a lot of locations, especially Ghaston, I would keep the shipwright, and if he had a lot of characters or an especially poor set up I would keep Asha. The problem was that he had an amazing set-up which included Ghaston. He opened with Marched as expected and I was faced with probably my hardest decision all day. In the end I decided to keep the lordsport shipwright as I intended to play a very defensive game, but I needed to be able to do challenges when I wanted to without living in fear of Ghaston. My draw back up and my first turn draw, like my set-up contained zero economy cards. I decided to get a few bodies on the board so I could at least try to defend/win some challenges for the first few turns. I forced him to use Margaery to win a military challenge on turn one so that he wouldn’t be able to intrigue and strip my hand, my choice to use Risen from the Sea on the Black Wind’s Crew has been questioned by some but my rationale was that if my plan to bluff the We Do Not Sow and force Sam to use Ghaston on the Salty Navigator worked, I would need at least one additional body for next turn (I planned on playing a big guy). My plan did in fact work and despite Sam’s position I actually managed to stay in things for a little while. I played my Sneak Attack on turn two, not because I wanted to hit Sam’s board or power with the two claim, but simply because I wanted to be able to play a character. The three characters in my hand were Balon, Asha, and the Salty Navigator. Had a played a different plot, I would have only been able to play out the Salty Navigator and would have not been able to make any progress, while my two beefy characters sat in my had awaiting the inevitable intrigue claim. I decided to play Balon over Asha because I felt that if I didn’t start accelerating that turn, I would not be able to keep up with Sam’s deck. I was also hoping that the one gold saved was a bluff or a confinement rather than a Tears of Lys. Unfortunately, all of my hopes and dreams crumbled around me when Sam played his Tears of Lys on Balon. That was probably the end of the game right there if I’m being honest. Drawing some economy off of counting coppers or Sam not having the second and third tears and/or Ghaston might have kept me in it a little bit longer, but really that was all she wrote. In retrospect, had I played Asha that turn and hung on to Balon, and had he not been discarded for claim, and had I been able to play him later, and had the save from the second risen, I probably could have gotten more than 0 power, but Sam had the game either way. It was incredibly well played, and I hope to see him again next year.


Brief shout-outs: Rob St. John for testing with me the night before and giving me some very sound advice, Roy Rogers for being a genuinely fantastic dude and for inviting me to join the New York Meta on an honorary level (although he may have been drinking at the time so we’ll see if that was real), All of Team Yurop for being welcoming and friendly and awesome, Brian Cloonan and Jesse Schingen for teaching me a huge amount of what I know about the game, Darren Johnson and Mitch Lattis for testing with me all the time, Sam Bender for my awesome gold tokens (whose clinking was referred to as “snazzy” by the commentators), every single one of my opponents who gave me some of the most intense and fun matches of my Thrones career, and to everyone else I met at Worlds who made it one of the best weeks of my life.


Thanks for reading everybody! If you have any other questions please feel free to post them on this thread.

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#79676 Plans to put Hidden Kingdoms in the database

Posted by perthling on 11 January 2014 - 11:11 AM

Are there any plans to put the Hidden Kingdoms cards in the database?
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#268659 What are people reading?

Posted by alexbobspoons on 04 June 2016 - 08:45 AM

Zombie, Tolkien...... Dead Men of Dunharrow :)
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#268500 What are people reading?

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I have somewhere in the region of 800 Zonbie films from all across the globe. I have every issue of TWD from issue 1 as well as a long box filled with other Z comic books. I estimate I have 30-40 Zombie related books on my shelves. I have a screenplay a friend and I wrote, 'No More Room in Hell' which is a very realistic take on a Z outbreak in the UK as well as some short fiction I have on the same subject.
So....errr....me neither. :D


But I still can't get excited about zombies, just like you can't get excited about Tolkien.
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