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[GoT Deck] Targ Maester Dragon Lore

- - - - - Targaryen

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Total Cards (65)

House (1)
House Targaryen (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
Kings of Summer (ASoS) x1

Plot (7)
A Song of Summer (ASoS) x1
At the Gates (GotC) x1
At the Palace of Sorrows (VM) x1
Building Season (Core) x1
Spending the Winter Stores (QoD) x1
Shores of Ny Sar (VM) x1
Summoning Season (Core) x1

Character (27)
Archmaester Marwyn (CD) x3
Balerion the Black (RotO) x3
Black Hatchling (QoD) x1
Daenerys Targaryen (QoD) x3
Drogon (QoD) x3
Green Hatchling (QoD) x1
Maester Aemon (ACoS) x3
White Hatchling (QoD) x1
Rhaegal (QoD) x3
True-Queen's Harbinger (QoD) x3
Viserion (QoD) x3

Location (15)
Astapor (QoD) x1
Crossroads (Core) x3
Eastern Fiefdoms (QoD) x1
Khal Drogo's Tent (QoD) x1
The Kingsroad 29 (FaI) x2
Temple of the Graces (Core) x2
Qarth (QoD) x1
Meereen (QoD) x1
Yunkai (QoD) x1
Summer Sea (QoD) x2

Attachment (12)
Blood of the Dragon (Core) x2
Crown of Meereen (QoD) x2
Dragon Lore (CbtC) x2
Dragon Sight (ASoS) x2
Sun Stroke (QoD) x2
Unburnt (QoD) x1
Rhaegar's Harp (BoRF) x1

Event (11)
Field of Fire (QoD) x3
The Dragon Strikes (GotC) x3
Paper Shield (QoD) x3
Maegi's Promise (QoD) x2

Get any Maester out, put Dragon Lore on them, and pump out dragons every turn! Summer helps, as well.

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Well there is a little problem with your deck Maester Aemon (ACoS) is a not attachment except for boon, and Dragon Lore (CbtC) is a Skill attachment you can use instead Maester Aemon (Core) if you like the save or you could try Advisor to the Crown (QoD) even if he is neutral the 2 influence can help if you don't have Dragon Lore handy.




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My friend uses Archmaester Marwyn with the At the Gates plot and then attaches Dragon Lore to said Maester.




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you are relying on a single attachment to make it summer, Crown of Mereen. Besides, you can only attach it to UNIQUE characters. 


You have all these dragons with umbush, but not many influences on your locations. Crossroads is a bit costy for 1 gold and 1 influnce. I'd get rid of them and ad 2 more Eastern Fielfdoms.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Targaryen