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[SW Deck] Regional 2014 Dark

Sith Control Tournament Quality

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Sith (Core Sith)

Total Objective Sets: 10

2x Fall of the Jedi (19-1)

Darth Vader (19-2)
Dark Side Apprentice (19-3)
Vader's Lightsaber (19-4)
Force Choke (19-5)
Heat of Battle (19-6)

2x The Emperor's Web (23-1)

Emperor Palpatine (23-2)
Emperor's Royal Guard (23-3)
Sith Library (23-4)
Force Lightning (23-5)
Force Choke (23-6)

1x The Tatooine Crash (82-1)

Jawa Scavenger (82-2)
Jawa Scavenger (82-3)
Sandcrawler (82-4)
Utinni! (82-5)
Twist of Fate (82-6)

1x The Ghosts of the Dark Side (87-1)

Force Wraith (87-2)
Force Wraith (87-3)
Dark Memories (87-4)
Dark Memories (87-5)
Force Shockwave (87-6)

2x Scouring the Empire (100-1)

Jerec (100-2)
Imperial Inquisitor (100-3)
Imperial Inquisitor (100-4)
Force Storm (100-5)
Echoes of the Force (100-6)

2x Agent of the Emperor (104-1)

Mara Jade (104-2)
Imperial Shadow Guard (104-3)
Mara Jade's Lightsaber (104-4)
Sith Library (104-5)
Rage (104-6)

2x Fall of the Jedi - A good way to cycle away cards you don't need. I would say it won me the first game in the top cut.
-Darth Vader - Great unit, adds value to almost all my events in this deck!
-Dark Side Apprentice - Eh. So-so. Blocks sleuths.
-Vader's Lightsaber - Makes a great unit better. Otherwise Edge fodder.
-Force Choke - Really? Yeah, it's great.
-Heat of Battle - A good suprise for some engagements.

2x The Emperor's Web - I try to avoid this card only because it makes the Light Side's job easier.
-Emperor Palpatine - Great control card and Edge if you REALLY need to win.
-Emperor's Royal Guard - A great blocker and Protector. 3 health? Yep.
-Sith Library - Sith needs resources.
-Force Lightning - Great removal.
-Force Choke - Still great.

1x The Tatooine Crash - So-so. It all depends on the deck I'm playing against.
-Jawa Scavenger - Control! Control!
-Jawa Scavenger - You must learn Control!
-Sandcrawler - A GREAT defender in the current meta. I WANT this thing to explode. I have used Force Lightning on my own Sandcrawler before (after they deploy and before combat).
-Utinni! - If you get the objective out, it can screw them up. Otherwise, ditch it.
-Twist of Fate - People expect Sith to have 3+ Twists. This keeps up the dream! Use it wisely.

1x The Ghosts of the Dark Side - An ok objective. Helps a bit but nothing special.
-Force Wraith - Depending on the matchup, I may use it. Otherwise chuck it.
-Force Wraith - Same as above.
-Dark Memories - This was a meta decision. I killed a few Jedi this way.
-Dark Memories - More free death.
-Force Shockwave - Some decent damage.

2x Scouring the Empire - 2 resources can be REALLY good turn 1. No ability makes me a bit sad.
-Jerec - His reation rarely does anthing, but a good unit to just sit on the force or use in Edge.
-Imperial Inquisitor - An ok resource. I do need this in the deck. 50% of the time I chuck them.
-Imperial Inquisitor - Same as above.
-Force Storm - Amazing. It's why I play the set.
-Echoes of the Force - Good for some tricks!

2x Agent of the Emperor - Can be useful sometimes, but the Light Side targets it immediately (and turns it off).
-Mara Jade - An awesome unit turn one that gets better with the Force!
-Imperial Shadow Guard - Playing Sith, this usually protects your 'important' units. Makes an ok defender VS Sleuths.
-Mara Jade's Lightsaber - Makes a good unit amazing. Otherwise, Edge fodder.
-Sith Library - Love it. Need it.
-Rage - "Hey, I am swinging into this objective." "Oh! Rage. Palpatine will block." "Oh. Well. Crap."

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