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The word "Other"

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We learned here that when text in this game says "other x" that means there must be at least one x for the text to actually apply: http://www.cardgamed...-a-second-unit/


The RRG says "If a value is “set” to a specific number, the set value is considered after all other modifiers have been applied."


Squiggify reads "Combat Action: Target a non-Vehicle army unit. Until the end of the phase, set that unit’s ATK value to 1, its printed text box is treated as blank (except for Traits), and it gains the Squig trait."


If Alice has a Black Legion Heldrake, and Bob plays Squiggify on it, and there are no other modifiers trying to change the ATK of the Black Legion Heldrake, and "after all other modifiers" means there must be at least 1 other modifier, does the Heldrake have 8 ATK?

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