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Shrieking Byakhee

Shrieking Byakhee

Shrieking Byakhee

Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 3 Skill: 2 Icons: (A)(A)
Game Text:
Response: After you play Shrieking Byakhee from your hand, pay 2 to search your deck for a character with the word "Byakhee" in its title and put it into play. Then shuffle your deck.
Flavor Text: The horrible screech seemed to echo. But it hadn't.
Set: CoC
Number: 49
Illustrator: Tim Arney-O'Neil


Aug 23 2015 12:17 AM

Can this card be used to fetch/play the new card "A Scheme of Byakhees".


Consensus amongst my more pedantic friends is that it cannot, as the card title "A Scheme of Byakhees" does not contain the word "Byakhee".


But I can foresee disagreement and discontentment occurring at the table over this one. Any thoughts?

Pedantic indeed. A Scheme of Byakhees does contain the word Byakhee. Pedanticbyakheehaters also contains the word Byakhee.

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No it doesn't, it contains the word "byakhee" rather than "Byakhee" ;)

I think its one for an faq tbh. I personally am a stickler for the wording being absolutely correct (see my thread on Naomi O'Bannion and Bending the Rules being a Tactics rather than a Tactic) and really think the faqs should clear it up completely.
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I'm with VonWibble on this. The string of letters "Byakhee" is contained, but not the word "Byakhee" (singular). I'm pretty sure it's intended to be able to fetch the Scheme, but that would take some interpretation on our part. And while playing it as being able to fetch in friendlies, I wouldn't expect anybody to let it fetch something for you in tourneys without a FAQ.

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Stickling aside, I'm fairly sure you should be allowed to use Shrieking Byakhee to fetch a Scheme of Byakhees. FFG has a history of not being 100% with wordings that should obviously be the same, i.e. sorcerer vs sorceror back in the day and chthonian vs cthonian. A note in the FAQ would be great though.

Oct 26 2015 04:01 PM

So, word from Damon is that it can fetch "A Scheme of Byakhees".


This strengthens both of the cards.

Playing Shrieking Byakhee then by response Scheme Of Byakhees on your 4th turn using a 3/2/1 resource pattern feels very respectable, even if the Shrieking Byakhee is of itself a fairly weak character.

I briefly used this card in a Hastur-Yog Negotium deck, which tried to get out as many three cost characters as quickly as possible. Being able to pull the Scheme of Byakhees would be a great help in that sort of set up.


Outside of that, I'm not sure how much I like it as a turn 3 play. If you already have dominant board position or a moonbound byakhee out, then it could be okay. If I already had the SoBs (heh) in my hand, though, I'd be fairly tempted to go 4-1-1 and have access to more one cost event/character/Black Dog to support my Scheme, since Shrieking Byakhee is just a really useless character in most circumstances. And If I'm behind, no way would I want to waste a domain on this guy if I had any other options.

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