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A Scheme of Byakhees

A Scheme of Byakhees

A Scheme of Byakhees

Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 4 Skill: 4 Icons: (T) (T) (C)
Game Text:
Forced Response: After you win a (T) struggle at a story to which A Scheme of Byakhees is committed, the losing player must either discard a card from his hand, or drive a character he controls insane.

Set: The Mark of Madness
Number: 16
Illustrator: Preston Stone


Mediocre icons for the cost, but decent skill, a nice ability that works like a repeatable mini apeirophobia and more importantly, adds two terror struggles to any story.

Spectacular with new Hastur AO on the table to cash in success tokens, but well, if you are already in a position to swing Hastur then its probably just a "win more" situation.

I'm willing to try this as a 1x to help finishing games, though.


FAQ 4.1

(3.3) Winning an Icon Struggle
It is possible for a player to win an icon struggle even when his opponent has committed no characters, or characters with that icon, to the struggle. For example, a player would win a @ struggle if he had committed any characters with one or more @ icons and his opponent had committed no characters.

And since the characters do not have to be committed to the story, the Forced Response activates.

I love it! In the right deck the cost may well be irrelevant, e.g. you can put it into play for cost 2 with Shrieking Byakhee:



I will definitely put this into my new Hastur deck, once I get the new set.

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Or cost 3 plus disposable weenie with Shocking Transformation (Restricted), perhaps from an otherwise non-Hastur deck


SoB feels overly powerful to me.

Accounting for the fact one can lose icon struggles without actually committing, bumped this up to 4/5 in my books :)

This card is a 5/5 for me.  It wrecked my opponents in a recent tournament.  When paired with Sweet Dreams..., Opening Night or Drawing the Sign it can result in a huge swing (twice I was able to steal a story card where they had 4 success tokens).


I combined it with Shub for Savio (fast and terror) and Shocking Transformation to get it into play on the same turn as laying down the conspiracy and Sweet Dreams, giving my opponents little chance to react.

Nov 16 2015 08:48 PM

I feel like scheme of byakhees + opening night + carcosa could put an opponent into a sticky situation. 

As each Terror struggle is won, what effect resolves first? The Forced Response or the standard Teror struggle effect?
Aug 06 2016 12:56 AM

The standard effect resolves first, then any Forced Responses.

(You can using the Framework Actions scheme, laid out in the FAQ, to process a struggle.)

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