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Alyssa Graham

Alyssa Graham

Alyssa Graham

Speaker to the Dead
Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (A)(A)(A)
Game Text:
Disrupt: When a player would draw a card, drive Alyssa Graham insane to (choose one): discard that card, or place the top card of your discard pile on top of your deck.
Flavor Text: "The dead tell me a great many things. Sometimes more than I can bear to hear."
Set: ER
Number: 46
Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi


She combines well with Arkham Asylum (Core), which lets her ability to be used more frequently. She can cut the opponent's draws from two down to one, which is enormously powerful. With Byakhee Attack (Core), Implant Fear (SoA), and The Greatest Fear (SoM), can be used to control the enemy hand; and what is more, her ability can be used to keep those cards in recursion.

If I use Alyssa Graham’s ability during
the draw phase on my opponent to
discard a card does my opponent get
to draw another card? What if I use it
on my turn to disrupt my draw to put a
card on the top of my discard pile, do I
get to draw that card?

A draw effect works in two parts, first
is the initiation of the effect and then
the execution which adds the top card
to that player’s hand. Alyssa Graham’s
ability triggers after a the card draw
effect has been initiated but disrupts the
act of adding the top card of a player’s
hand. If the card that is supposed to be
added to that player’s hand is discarded
the draw effect has not been canceled
or replaced so they would still add the
“new” top card of the deck to his hand.
The same goes for you disrupting your
own draw and placing the top card of
your discard pile on top of your draw
deck. When the draw effect executes,
the top card of your deck (the card that
had been the top card in your discard
pile) is now added to your hand.

[edit] it doesn't reduce draw [/edit]
With cards like
Apeirophobia (NN)
Whisper in the Wind (WaB)
Keeping any card in your hand becomes harder then ever.
Arkham Asylum (Core) and whisper would work nicely with all those lunatics.

Dangerous Inmate (SfW)
Crazed Arsonist (WitD)
Deranged Diva (WoP)
Maureen de Garmeaux (LR)
Old Man of the Woods (TOotST)
Painter of Delusion (SotM)
and a few more
Hmm interesting discussion on this effect:
main point: no "instead" so maybe the card is discarded, but some other card is still drawn and it doesn't reduce draw

edit: official response seems to be: it doesn't reduce draw, you discard the top of deck before its added to hand so opponent draws the card under it...
"when a player would draw a card" is a timing rather than suggestion of replacement, disrupt discards the card, next card is drawn
The Parlor (ER) effect happens before Alyssa is triggered.
confirmed by Damon

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