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The Three Bells

The Three Bells

The Three Bells

The Sound of the Dark
Type: Support Faction: Shub-Niggurath
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Action: Pay 1 and exhaust The Three Bells to have each player choose and sacrifice a character. Then, place a success token on The Three Bells.
Action: When The Three Bells has 3 or more success tokens on it, exhaust and sacrifice The Three Bells to put into play under your control 1 character from any player's discard pile.
Set: TUP
Number: 92
Illustrator: Marco Caradonna


Jul 30 2012 08:05 PM
"Have each player do X" means that either every player must be able to do X (and do it), or that no one does it if at least 1 can't. (Source: FFG news article, http://www.fantasyfl...s.asp?eidn=3429)
Their article on discard had Alyssa Graham (ER).... :)
But here its more like Opening the Limbo Gate (Core) so i think all need someone to sacrifice.

Uroborus (WaB) likes going to discard pile, Serpents + shub with this, i wonder is there a good deck here
with Padma Amrita (TUP) it would have potential to have relatively fast Ancient ones... but might be too slow or require too many cards to work
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Obtuse's Rebirth of the Cult makes good use of the Three Bells with a bevvy of cheap cultists to play off Gustaf Johansen, especially Initiate of Dagon, who recycles so nicely with Foul Induction.

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A "School Bells" deck could use 0-cost Miskatonic weenies to power the Sound of the Dark, and Untimely Burial to make sure you have some desirable powerhouse to awaken.

What I like most about this is how for the second ability, it works on either player's discard pile, so if your opponent has discarded a useful character for any reason then you can hit them back with it.


Being an artifact means you can splash it in an ST deck and grab it with Josef too ;)



Does the Bells-player have to be able to sacrifice a character in order to trigger the first action? It's not part of the cost (since it follows the "to"-clause) and doesn't follows a "then"-clause, which would necessitate a full resolution of the preceding effect.


All I'm pretty sure about is the fact that you wouldn't put a success token on the Bells *IF* you're able to trigger the Bells without having a character of your own to be sacrificed (since it depends on the full resolution of the preceding sentence).

The controller of the Three Bells has to sacrifice a character, too. It's noted on the last page of the FAQ.

I specifically remember searching (ctrl+f) the FAQ for this -  guess I haven't done so with the newest iteration. Thanks!

It's a solid card. It's a bit slow for my taste, since you really only get to reap its benefits after three turns, but it's low-cost and Shub usually has an easier time getting more characters into play than other factions.

Confused. Can I opt to keep using the sac effect once I've exceeded 3 tokens? Sounds like the section Acton is optional, but with the predicate of three tokens

Indeed you can. If it couldn't, it would state a restriction of "Can only be triggered if it has less then 3 success tokens" or the like.


Can I trigger The Three Bells (Revelations, F92) if I have no characters to sacrifice?
No, in order to trigger an ability without the “if able” clause, you must be able to successfully resolve the triggered effect, and it is a singular effect that makes each player sacrifice a character, so if each player does not have a character to sacrifice the effect cannot be triggered.

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