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T'tka Halot

T'tka Halot

T'tka Halot

Umbral Codex
Type: Support Faction: Silver Twilight
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Attachment. Tome.
Attach to a Lodge character you control.
If you have fewer cards in hand than each opponent, attached character gains (I)(I) and does not exhaust to commit to stories.
Action: Exhaust attached character to return the topmost Ritual or Spell card in your discard pile to your hand.
Set: WaB
Number: 14
Illustrator: Shane M. Tyree


The main appeal of this card is the Action to get spells and rituals back, so I can focus my recursion elsewhere. Plus, with four 1 cost Lodge characters if I focus solely on recursion, it isn't a conflict between using the character and the tome.

If I ever am in the situation where I have less cards in hand and get the passive ability, well that is simply a bonus ;)

Need to look into buying this pack...

I am building a lodge/miskatonic "Tome" deck that focuses on shuffling success tokens about- this is a great Tome because its dirt cheap and very easy to trigger an effect for, so comboing well with the Library cards for example.


For example, you can throw your own spells and rituals into the graveyard with the Lodge Librarian and just pick them back up with this thing. 

I've been looking at this again, and combining with The Great Library of Celaeno means you will never have spells and rituals in your discard pile.


Now to work out how to abuse the combo...

I hate how this card can only be attached to a Lodge character.  So, you're telling me a Magical Theorist, the guy who seems like the most logical carrier of this book, can't use it?  Makes zero sense.

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