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Peter Clover

Peter Clover

Peter Clover

Playing the Odds
Type: Character Faction: Syndicate
Cost: 3 Skill: 3 Icons: (C)(C)(I)
Game Text:
Action: Choose a character committed to a story and reveal the top card of your deck. If the cost of the revealed card is lower than the cost of the chosen character, uncommit that character. Then, either put the revealed card on the bottom of your deck or discard it. (Limit once per story, per turn.)
Set: SoK
Number: 53
Illustrator: Alexandre Dainche


This dude is sick nasty! Being able to throw opposing characters (incuding ancient ones) out of stories is HUGE. He can be played in both control or rush strategies. A syndicate staple for sure.
Yes he is. The bigger and badder they are, the more likely that Peter Clove can get rid of them too - he's an excellent defense against rushed out Ancient ones that Syndicate can really use.
The fact that he can do it once to each story and once each turn for a possible six free activations per turn (yours + opponents) is just crazy.
Yea he's awesome. I'm slowly starting to like him more than mr david pan.
A big difference is that you usually want to at least somewhat build your deck around Mr. David Pan by putting in high skill characters and/or cards that modify skill. You'll likely also use Parallel Universe. However, Peter Clover can just drop in to any deck with no other modifications required.
Well, he does work best in a deck with lots of low cost (1-2) cards, especially when your opponent doesn't have any 4+ cost characters it is nice to reliably remove 3 cost characters.

A card that is currently revealed by a card effect cannot be revealed by another card effect.

Ouch. Hurt my Prism combo :(
Now it protects from clover instead of making him less reliant on luck.
I think... (not 100% sure is "face up" considered revealed for the purpose of this ruling, anyone got official confirmation?)

Certailny stops Martin Herring synergy.

Big question, does Peter Clover need to be committed to a story to use his Action?

Nothing in his ability says that he has to, so no.

Nothing in his ability says that he has to, so no.

Thanks!  That is how I interpret it. Still ironing out about the rules and playing the game is probably the better way to learn.

Jun 26 2015 06:48 PM

So, back when he worked with Martin Herring I really liked this card, then the rule came that ruined their synergy, but with the new Shub expansion I think Peter should work with cards like the Irish Channel and The Archmage's Attache. While Martin Herring had a constant reveal effect that blocked out Peter Clover the Irish Channel and The Archmage's Attache have reveal effects in the operations phase which allow you to look at the top card and know what it is for the story phase later.

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Yes, he will work with any reveal effect that ends before you active his ability.  However, Peter Clover is already very good even without ways to know what's on top of the deck.  Syndicate runs well with a lot of low value cards in the deck so your success percentage against an opposing cost-3 character should be pretty good and only gets better against higher cost targets.

Best Syndicate character? I think he's got a strong case for that title.
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Best Syndicate character, eclipsing even David Pan (though perhaps tied with Lena).  Unlike Naomi O'Bannion or Mr. Pan, Peter Clover can find a place in just about any Syndicate deck regardless of build.

Ouch. Hurt my Prism combo :(
Now it protects from clover instead of making him less reliant on luck.
I think... (not 100% sure is "face up" considered revealed for the purpose of this ruling, anyone got official confirmation?)

Certailny stops Martin Herring synergy.

Actually I think Prism of Many Views doesn't prevent Peter's ability from working.


Here's the card text:

Each player plays with the top card of their deck faceup.
Action: Exhaust Prisim of Many Views to discard the top card of a player's deck.

It doesn't use the word reveal, so the top card is not revealed. It just happens to be faceup.


(It's possible the Prism will get errata, but that's how it should currently work.)

I'm not seeing the distinction between "revealed" and "face up," other than that "revealed" is a more general term that might apply to cards in hand as well as the draw deck.

Well, do you see a distinction between "destroyed" and "discarded"? I mean, isn't "discarded" just a more general term?

There is a distinction because the game uses "revealed" as a specific term.  The rules say that you cannot reveal a card that is already revealed.  There is no such restriction on a card that is merely shown or whatever because they are not revealed.


Imagine if there was a card that said "flip this card over to do X".  Would that card be insane?  Clearly it is not, even though it uses a similar card orientation to mark its effect.

when do you trigger the action after the opponent has committed to a story? or is defending one? and if your opponent doesn't commit to a story and you don't win it that turn does the action roll over to the next time?

The timing chart in the rulebook on p13 details all the action windows, but in summary there is an action window after each declaration step, so you could remove their character when it is attacking or defending.


No, the limit of once per story, per turn does not carry over if unused.

so I guess if there are no characters at a story then there is no point triggering his abiity

You wouldn't even be allowed to trigger it.

no of course lol

Just wanted to check, once I've paid the cost for Peter I can trigger his ability and there isn't a cost to do it? and I'm a little confused? is the once per story mean you have to decide whether to use it when your oppo is defending or attacking? I know people have said you can use it twice? but it's the 'once per story' that has me confused?

Sep 14 2015 10:31 PM

If Peter is in play, you can trigger his Action as needed. That action doesn't cost you anything extra per se.

The action says "Choose a character committed to a story...", so you can only trigger this ability if there is currently at least one character committed to a story.


There is no reference to whether your opponent is attacking or defending, so you could use it in either case.


The limit is once per story per turn.

Let's take the "per turn" bit first. In Cthulhu, a turn involves just one player taking one pass through the turn structure (it's not both players having a go, like meant in some games). So you can use him on "your" turn, then use him again on your opponents turn, then again on your next turn, etc.


You will see occasional misuse of the term "turn" to mean what I think of as a "round", ie both players having one turn each. eg in Midian's post above.


Within each turn, be it yours or an opponents, you are limited to once per story.

In this case it means up to one use at each story (ie it does not mean count the number of stories and use it that many times regardless of where the characters are).

In practice I find you can rarely actually use him 3+ times within a turn, since it is uncommon to see characters committed at every story (eg I almost never commit to more than 2 stories, because of fear of the Beneath the Mire card)


Hope that helps.

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