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The Claret Knight

The Claret Knight

The Claret Knight

Her Sworn Champion
Type: Character Faction: Neutral
Cost: 3 Skill: 1 Icons: (T)(C)(A)(I)
Game Text:
Immune to triggered effects.
Response: After a Tactic card is played, ready The Claret Knight.
Set: SoK
Number: 38
Illustrator: Bryce Cook


Nov 21 2012 08:42 AM
The Response seems to be not triggerable because of the immunity, but cards are not immune to their own effects.

(Source: Rules answer from Damon Stone, http://www.fantasyfl...&efpag=1#749215)
Are there that many good tactics out there? It seems that it would only work in agency.
It would also be handy if you were playing against Agency. Even without the response, it's a good stash of icons for the cost, plus 1 skill and immunity! Compare Hired Mystic.

You know, what the devil IS a Claret Knight?

To me it sounds like a euphemism for some very strong red wine (like the green fairy = absinthe).

"A deep purplish red colour."  So, for all intents and purposes, he's the "Dark Red Knight".

~He defends the purity and sanctity of red wine from any who would harm it.


The wikipedia article references Claret as an anglicized name of clairet, a red Bordeaux popular among British upper class - a term which apparently is never used in France itself. It's incredible how one word can evoke such vivid implication. I imagine that he is a member of the red council, or its champion; hence the allusion to the color red and to England.

Would someone clarify (in small, and easily understandable words):

1)  What IS a triggered effect.  I believe it's any effect preceded by Action, React, or Disrupt?

2)  So, how DO you kill the Claret Knight?

1) Pretty much correct. Notice that also sacrifice effects do not work on him, since they are triggered. This is a bit counter intuitive to me, but Damon confirmed, so that's it.

2) Normal combat struggle. The character itself is quite easy to beat, since it has 1 combat, which is what you can find on a lot of cost 1 characters. A simple Undercover Security is already a match and a Black Dog can already kill him, so he is not super impressive. Don't get me wrong, he is solid, but I would take Eibon over him all the time, unless there are specific reasons (like, playing him in a PS deck).

just making sure, this guy dies to your opponents sacrifice effects if he is your only character left correct? 

Do you have an example of the sacrifice effects ? E.g. three bells and Temple of R'lyeh won't work.

If the effects are triggered he doesn't.  You need to kill him with effects that aren't triggered (don't have a word with a : at the end).

really?? that is different then how it works for every other lcg. Are you guys sure about this? Yes he is immune to trigger effects but the sacrifice effects are choosing a player that has to then sacrifice a unit.. I believe he is immune but seems very odd since isn't how would work in all the other lcgs as far as I understand. 



maybe just been playing to much magic :/ 

mmBroncos: yes, we are sure. There has been a lot of discussion going on about the subject (in my case: the first time I came across this ruling was in July 2014, so...). The explanation I came up with, according to FAQ, is the following. If you read the Immune section, it goes like this:


Part 1:

Some cards have the card text “Immune
to X” in their text boxes. This means
that they cannot be targeted by cards
with that subtype and/or card type.


Cool, Claret Knight cannot be targeted. What about sacrifice?


Part 2:
This also means that if a card with
that subtype and card type does not
target a specific character, but affects
all characters or a group of characters,
these cards ignores that effect. A
character can never be immune to its
own effects.


Check. If you consider sacrifice as an effect that affects ALL characters, then it seems clear that Claret Knight is safe.


Plus, this was a mail Damon sent to the Spanish guys that first asked the question:


One of our main problems is The Claret Knight, a card that appears in everyone's deck as the immunity (as we play it) is brutal, and causes a lot of trouble among our community... Could you explain in detail how it works?
These are some of the problematic situations we have found:


  • 1) What happens when my opponent plays Many Angled Thing and I only control a Claret Knight? In this case the triggered effect targets a player, not a card2) If my opponent triggers the Temple of R'lyeh and I have to sacrifice a character, can I choose my Claret Knight? 3) Some effects don't have a specific target, as in The Plague Stone. Would The Claret Knight be immune to The Plague Stone as well?

If The Claret Knight is immune to anything that comes after a Bold word:, the only way to get rid of it would be winning a combat struggle or using a card with a passive effect (such as Stygian Eye to take control of it, or Frozen Time to blank its text), is that right?

And his answer:
Indeed, any triggered effect that targets a character cannot target The Claret Knight and any triggered effect that is un-targeted is ignored by The Claret Knight. The only way to directly affect The Claret Knight with card effects is through passives or a triggered effect that creates a lasting condition that alters the game rules in some fashion (for example, a card effect that changes how the Combat struggle is resolved and lets me choose which of my opponent’s characters to wound at a story if I win, rather then him, would let me wound The Clare Knight because that affect is resolving on the Challenge Struggle itself not the character, and by the time the Combat struggle is being resolved that effect has already resolved). 

  • 1) An effect that forces a player to choose a character to sacrifice is still targeting The Claret Knight (it says who does the choosing, but The Claret Knight is still the thing that would have to be chosen so it would ignore the effect).2) An effect that chooses a player and forces them to do something would still be a targeted effect trying to resolve on The Claret Knight which he would then ignore.3) Just like with 2, The Claret Knight ignores triggered effects, regardless of how it would try to be applied to him.

It should be noted that because The Claret Knight would ignores all of the effect, other characters would have to be chosen if at all possible, and if there was no other character to be chosen, the effect still is ignored by The Claret Knight.



I hope the formatting doesn't get lost and it is readable.

thanks that is helpful....ugh I hate this guy 

If Claret Knight is up against Devious Nightgaunt at a story at Night, is his text box blanked, so vulnerable to card effects?

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Devious Nightgaunt has a passive ability so Claret Knight isn't immune to it.


With blanked text the Claret Knight is no longer immune to triggered effect.

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I'm not familiar with Lovecraftian lore.  This card's subtitle is "Her Sworn Champion."  To whom is the "her" referring?  At first, I thought maybe it was Naomi O'Bannion because of the synergy with Tactics, but now I'm thinking maybe Victoria Glasser?  The Claret Knight looks like he could very well be standing in the same art gallery as Victoria Glasser.

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