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Stealthy Byakhee

Stealthy Byakhee

Stealthy Byakhee

Type: Character Faction: Hastur
Cost: 2 Skill: 2 Icons: (C)(A)
Game Text:
Response: After Stealthy Byakhee commits to a story, choose an opponent's character with an A icon. That character cannot commit to the same story as Stealthy Byakhee.
Flavor Text: An then... nothing but the dark, still silence of the night.
Set: TTotT
Number: 69
Illustrator: Ryan Barger


Playing my Salmon Mousse deck yesterday, I was reminded how much I love this little workhorse of a card. He's easy to get out early, and he's great on offense.

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An old favorite of mine that is surprisingly effective.

This is a staple character in my Hastur decks, and can work well as part of a control package with Cavern of Flame and Feathery Watchers.


I've found Stealthy Byakhee to be very effective in rush decks that struggle vs cheap Ancient Ones (Arthur Todd + Shub, Dormant Cthulhu and the new Hastur), as well as kicking out August Lindquist or other troublesome characters.

Yeah, I noticed in my recent deck that Feathery Watchers and Stealthy Byahkee together (possibly multiple copies of each in play) are really vicious. Defend against me? No, just stay home.

It's an effective combo with Agency day denial (Government Exorcist, Trial Judge and Behind Bars with Hamu XX 15:14 to recycle Behind Bars) or Yog (namely for The Sleepwalker plus other tricks, such as Faceless Abductor, Pushed into the Beyond, etc...).


I can also see Stealthy Byakhee, Feathery Watchers and Cavern of Flame working well in a Syndicate exhaustion and story denial deck.  The deck would be fast and have a decent amount of investigation to rush the stories unopposed.  With Jacob Finnegan you may not need to block, saving everything for the offense.

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