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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Man Out of Time
Type: Character Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 2 Skill: 4 Icons: (A)(A)
Game Text:
Scientist. Independent.
Forced Response: After you trigger an effect from your discard pile, put a success token on Nikola Tesla.
Disrupt: When Nikola Tesla would be destroyed, move all success tokens on him to any number of revealed story cards.
Set: TKatG
Number: 4
Illustrator: Greg Opalinski


So we can easily get cards in the discard pile with The Festival. It should be easy to get tokens on Tesla, but you still need to have him destroyed for his effect to go off. We can probably assume your opponent will not defend with skull icons if he is committed to a story, so you'll have to kill him yourself most likely.

So what is the easiest way to do that? Some ideas (keeping to just Yog/Shub for now):

A Gift of Knowledge (TWC)
Slavering Gug (Core)

Options open up a lot once you go to Cthulhu or Agency.
Jun 11 2013 03:30 AM
Im unsure about the timings on this, so perhaps it wouldn't work, and even if it does,it absolutely is not the easiest way of destroying Tesla, but what if you used Shocking Transformation (Core) on Living Mummy (Core)?

Again, I'm rather doubtful of how well this works due to timing of things, but it could be potentially be useful due to being able to both put wounds on your opponents as well as fetching another character all while getting Nikola Tesla destroyed. Perhaps it would be worthwhile
Jun 11 2013 03:45 AM
Another option that I'm sure people have already thought of, but that I will add here just for documentation is Summon Spectral Hunter (TKatG)

In a Tesla deck I feel it has a lot of versatility. Not only can you use it as a 2-resource self destroy card, but you can also use it to get a few success tokens onto Tesla if you for whatever reason are short on stuff to trigger in your discard pile. You also have the option of using on enemy characters to lower skill/and or destroy things that also plays with success tokens.
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FAQ 3.4 - Restricted

Now that Tesla and most of his Yithian chums and Lost Oracle are all restricted, it looks like the list of cards that can join Tesla in a deck to put success tokens on him is pretty short. For Yog-faction cards, I believe it's just four: Mists of Lethe, Scholar from Yith, Stalking Hound, and Vortex of Time.


Cthulhu has Uroboros who could help. Any others?

Uroboros is the big one, though, especially with something like Ritual of Summoning.

Jan 28 2015 05:29 PM
Im a bit confuse, what exactly is an effect triggered from your discard pile? I was under the impression that only cards that say, can only be triggered from your discard pile, counted. Uroboros doesnt say that.

I am surprised he is still restricted when by himself he cant do much, is it really needed?

Jan 28 2015 08:46 PM
The fact that he combos with other restricted cards so well, mainly lost oracle, means that Tesla had to get restricted as well. the restriction knocks him from a fun destroying crazy awesome, to simply a good supprise if you build around him

so oracle + tesla = everyone is screwed?

Jan 29 2015 01:26 AM
for the low cost of discarding cards from the top of your deck, you basically turn your opponents success tokens into your success tokens.

Dammit, I really wanted to build a deck around him...

Does Tesla can be triggered through the ability of Naomi O'Bannon?

I believe so, FruitCandy.  Naomi's ability specifically says "trigger a Tactic event card in any discard pile."  So, as long as the Tactic event you're triggering is in YOUR discard pile, you're triggering an effect from your discard pile.  Thus, you'd be forced to put a success token on Tesla.  Incidentally, Mind Swap is a beast when combined with Naomi.  Now that you've found the Naomi-Nikola combo, you have a solid basis for a Purple/Brown deck.  Well done.

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