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Even Death May Die

Even Death May Die

Even Death May Die

Type: Support Faction: Neutral
Cost: 2
Game Text:
Attachment. Curse.
Attach to an opponent’s discard pile.
Fated 4.
Disrupt: When a card would enter the attached discard pile, instead remove it from the game. Then, place 1 success token on Even Death May Die.
Set: The Sleeper Below
Number: 037
Illustrator: Trudi Castle


how do I 'kill' this card it was a right pain in my last game!

It's a support card, so anything that destroys supports will take it out.  Or, if it gets 4 Fated tokens that will also get rid of it, it can only be used a limited number of times.  Finally, you can also potentially use effects that blank it.  it will still be there, it will just be inoperative.

thanks, anything in the core/arkham/denizens sets that will do that?

Here are a few:


Core set:  Burrowing Beneath, Deep One Assault, Get it Off!, Political Demonstration

Secrets of Arkham:  Azathoth, Dimensional Rift

Denizens of the Underworld:  Immurement

I thought immurement targeted character cards? It wouldn't be able to target a support card would it?

Immurement can target either a support card or non-Ancient One character.

Ah thanks didn't read the text properly!

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