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Call the Custodes

Call the Custodes

Call the Custodes

Type: Conspiracy Faction: Silver Twilight
Struggle Icons:(T) (C) (A) (I)
Game Text:
Disrupt: When an opponent wins an icon struggle at this conspiracy, choose a Lodge character in your discard pile and put it into play committed to this conspiracy. At the end of the phase sacrifice that character if it is still in play.
Set: The Thousand Young
Number: 51


Hmm. Since this is a disrupt can it change the outcome of the struggle that triggered it?

Surely that wording would be "When an opponent would win an icon struggle..." - I don't think the outcome does change as a result.
No but it would happen before the effect of the icon struggle would resolve. Letting you basically chump block a combat or terror. Our let you sneak in an investigation win later in the story.

From http://www.cardgamed...ew-part-3-r1375

BanalityBob - 3/5 - Call the Custodes is a very strong conspiracy in the right deck, because it protects itself while you try to win it. I can definitely see a rush style deck that has heavy Silver Twilight in it want a copy or two of this.
Danigral - 2/5 - Calling Lord Jeffrey Farrington! Calling August Lindquist! Man, I want to play this conspiracy with The Doorway and fish out Jeffrey or August, let them wreck (since they have forced responses they can trigger mid-story) and then bounce one of them back to hand. I love that combo so much I’m giving this higher than this conspiracy likely deserves especially since your opponent would be crazy to attack there at all in the first place. It's much more likely that this conspiracy is meant to turn on your conspirator characters and just stay on the board.
dboeren - 3/5 - This looks like a pretty cool Conspiracy, you can do a lot of funky things but you’ve got to get some Lodge guys dead or discarded first which is the trick. Maybe run it teamed with Shub and Book of Iod, stuff like that. But there are all sorts of fun surprises you can do. Just remember they aren’t really surprises because your discard is public knowledge :) Hey, can I finally play Lodge Enforcer now?
Kamacausey - 2/5 - I like the potential tricks this conspiracy can unveil but I think it's more cutesy than powerful.
mnBroncos - 2/5 - Need but nothing crazy to me. I am probably not doing the best job as a reviewer though on this card because if there is some Lodge characters with really strong enter play abilities then this could be very strong option.
Reckoner - 3/5 - I love that this becomes harder to win as you go along. There are also a lot of little tricks that you can use with this card. Another very interesting conspiracy to build around.

In the comment above, Danigral says that forced responses such as Lord Jeffrey Farrington could trigger mod-story. I thought Forced Responses only trigger after each story resolves. Am I wrong? Can Farrington indeed bounce a character on the middle of Call the Custodes? I thought only Disrupts could trigger mid-story...?


Also, just curious, if Farrington joins this conspiracy as the result of losing a terror struggle, and then I chose Farrington to go insane from the terror struggle effect, will his Forced Response still trigger after Call the Custodes resolves (assuming I'm right that Forced Responses wait until after a story resolves before they trigger). I'm unclear on whether the forced response can trigger if Farrington is insane. The condition was met when he came into play earlier, but now he's insane in the Forced Response window. What happens with his effect?

Jan 06 2016 10:13 PM

Disrupts and Forced Responses are dealt with immediately during story struggles (I refer you to the explanation of green boxes in the Detailed Turn Sequence).


The disrupt is from winning the icon struggle, but presumably occurs before resolving the effect of the win, so Farrington can be chosen to be sent insane, if you bring him in off this disrupt. Each icon resolution is a Framework action. It can be disrupted, but after being won, is resolved before Passives and/or Forced Responses occur (There is a detailed description of the Framework action sequence in the FAQ).


This means that Farringtons Forced Response would occur after the Terror struggle would resolve, but before any other icon struggle would resolve. However if you sent him insane, then the Forced Response would no longer be active. (Forced Responses and Responses work if and only if they are around when the relevant response window is open).


Hence you have to send someone else insane to get his bounce effect, but if you do that, his bounce effect will occur in time to help you with the next icon struggle.


Hope that helps.

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Man, thanks, Richard Plunkett!  Really good explanation.  You're like a CoC rules master!

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