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Cursed Skull

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Cursed Skull

Cursed Skull

Type: Support Faction: Yog-Sothoth
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Artifact. Item.
Action: Pay 1 and sacrifice Cursed Skull to choose an opponent, That opponent must sacrifice a character.
Set: MoE
Number: 40
Illustrator: A. L. Ashbaugh


Yog-Sothoth has a number of these indirect character removal effects, like A Gate Opens and A Single Glimpse. It seems like they'd be most useful in maintaining pressure after a total board wipe.


Would you consider Cursed Skull's 1-and-1 cost a help, in that it can be played early, used as a visible threat and paid for with 1-resource domains that might otherwise have gone unused, or a hindrance in that using it requires the use of two domains and its telegraphed intent?

Jun 01 2015 04:28 PM

I love it in Negotium decks where I usually have a glut of characters around the 3 drop slot (I ran two in my Regionals deck) so I have several low domains I don't always have a use for.  It's also searchable with Meiger, so it does have that going for it.  It's one of the better indirect character removers in Yog, slightly after Many-Angled Thing, in my opinion.

I've found it to be quite inefficient - there's better ways to remove characters. I suppose it might work in a deck using 'Eldritch Nexus' to good effect (but it's not worth including the Nexus just to use this!).

So for any sacrifice effect you should be mentally reading it as "kills the crappiest enemy character".  So in this case you're paying two 1-domains and a card to remove the weakest enemy character.  Is that worth it?  It can be, but you have to help it along.  Mainly, the more removal you have the better their "weakest" guy gets because you're removing that ablative shield of weenies and getting to the good stuff.  If Skull is taking their LAST guy it's quite good because now you can easily go unopposed for minimal effort.  Having more domains through Eldritch Nexus, etc... also helps reduce the cost.  I also agree w/ Blinovich that 1-domains going unused is bad.  If your deck already has plenty of "pay 1" effects or cost 1 cards, then Skull might not be a good fit but if it's basically free due to those domains going unused then it helps lower the effective cost but you still want to do what you can to help it remove a better character.

Good discussion on the unused domains. I'm a new player, and that's a deck building consideration I hadn't dealt with much yet. Considering whether or not a card like this can help utilize domains that might otherwise sit open is something I'll start including in my decisions.

Jun 02 2015 06:37 PM

In my regionals Yog/ST Negotium deck, I ran two.  Since I ran Negotium, really the only low drop characters I had were the Yog Peaslee and Faceless Abductor, so on turns 1-2 I often had 2 low domains open.  Not always, but often enough that it usually let me kill their first character.  Later in the game, Meiger could pull it from my deck, so I only had to pay 1 or resource it.  It's not an auto include by any means, or even something you always want to consider, but in certain decks, it can be a useful tool depending on your curve.. 

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I'm working on a deck that uses 3x of these along with 3x Elder Thing Scavenger and 3x The Silver Key.  The Key lets me ready the Scavenger, so I can pull the Skull again and sac it once or twice each turn.  I have Obsessive Playwright and Chant of Thoth in there as well for additional means of recurring both the Key and the Skull.  Finally, Artifact of the Lost Cities rounds out my artifact theme, allowing me to draw 3 cards when the Skull is sacked.  Still working on it, but I like how it's looking on paper so far.


I just love the idea of the Cursed Skull too.  Judging by the art, I imagine it as an indestructible totem that you just can't get rid of.  You throw it away, and then you return to your office the next morning, and there it is, mocking you with its evil grin.  That's what I'm trying to do with the deck I'm building.  I want to be like you just can't rid of it.  To that end, I think I've just talked myself into putting Josef Meiger in the deck.  I had been using Guardian Pillar to pair with the Key, but the deck is quickly becoming less about the Key and more about the Skull.  Now I can't get rid of this bloody Skull!

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