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Agateophobia -----

Submitted by: Kwakkie
Submitted: Mar 18 2014 05:56 PM
Last updated: Mar 19 2014 02:52 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Agateophobia
Deck Strategy: My version of the Hastur/Cthulhu combination.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (50)

Story (0)

Character (31)
Victoria Glasser (Core) x3
Performance Artist (Core) x3
Deranged Diva (WoP) x3
Black Dog (WoP) x2
Somnambulant Dreamer (TWC) x3
Julia Brown (TPtY) x1
Julia Brown (TSotS) x2
Nightstalker (WitD) x2
Dreamlands Fanatic (ItDoN) x3
Keeper of the Golden Path (Core) x3
Carl Stanford (SoA) x2
Horrific Shoggoth (IotF) x2
Deep One Rising (SoA) x2

Support (14)
The Seventy Steps (IMoD) x3
The Enchanted Wood (IMoD) x2
The Cavern of Flame (ItDoN) x2
Monophobia (TBJ) x1
The King In Yellow Folio (LR) x1
Flooded Vault (TiV) x2
Khopesh of the Abyss (TSS) x3

Event (5)
Deep One Assault (Core) x3
Hamu XX 15:14 (SoK) x2

Conspiracy (0)

My version of the Hastur/Cthulhu combination. The default package of seventy steps - somnambulant dreamer is here of course. Together with deep one assault, deep one rising and Khopesh of the abyss the number of character destruction cards is pretty high.

Carl Stanford is in the deck, and a reasonable amount of cultists to sacrifice if needed.

I've also included deranged diva and victoria glasser to make characters insane. The deck is less focused on that than my previous Hastur decks, but I can't seem to make a Hastur deck without some amount if insanity.

A small number of flooded vault options. Flooded gets me khopesh when needed, but also the king in yellow folio and monophobia (hey, if I don't include it here I'm never going to play it, and it helps with willpower). I've thought about a tattered cloak, but I might need to increase the number of lunatics in that case. Maybe add Jeff Harson ? There are other nice options to fetch as well (like sleep of reason) so this is certainly something that can be adjusted.

Four 4-cost characters. I usually don't like to play them, but they seem to fit. deep one rising might end up as ravager of the deep instead though.

I also added Hamu for recursion. With khopesh, carl stanford, julia brown and flooded vault a lot of good cards end up in the discard pile.
Sample Hand Reload


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Seeing decks like this makes me long for triple-printed Dreamlands cycle!

Horrific Shoggoth ideal holder for Khopesh?

Weren't sure if one of the multiple Terror conspiracies would be tempting, since you are more likely to win them.