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Call of Cthulhu Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Unending Naps

So I've been playing Call of Cthulhu for a couple months now and this is the first deck I'm submitting! ----- Obtuse

Endless serpents

The deck uses combination of Ritual of Summoning and Uroborus to play any characters. Play Cthylla and sacrifice Uroborus for many times. ----- NecRus888

Khopesh Misk

Board clear while quickly gaining stories. ----- AtoTheJ


This is an idea of a mono-Syndicate deck. ----- Lyk

Mono-Syndicate Tempo

----- Danigral

Mono Syndicate Burn

I've been trying to build something with the new Syndicate box for quite a while, and after banging my head against the wall, I decided to try a new approach. ----- HomerJ

Silver Spoon

Simple rush/tempo deck. Any advice will be appreciated. ----- Necronom

Y'Golonac's Madness

The idea is to spread the insanity on the enemy board removing T icons and keeping them that way. ----- Yourigath

Noob looking for help

I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions on my deck. The goal of this deck was to just have a ton of combat icons and splash Miskatonic University to help deal with decks with lots of terror. ----- chunkygorillas

Glasser & Associates - Beginner Core

Core(x3) beginner deck using Hastur and Agency. ----- aronpolemic

Victoria's T-Men - Beginner Core

Core(x3) beginner deck using Hastur and Agency. ----- aronpolemic

Shub Mafia - Beginner Core v2

Beginner deck using core(x3) only, with Shub and Syndicate. ----- aronpolemic

Cthulhu U - Beginner Core

Meant for beginners. Maybe overpowered compared to other core decks. Includes core(x3) only, with Cthulhu and Miskatonic U. ----- aronpolemic

Gothenburg (Sweden) Store Champ Winner

----- Nizzam


My version of the Hastur/Cthulhu combination. ----- Kwakkie

Plague Knight

Probably not a very original idea, but this is my version of a night deck with Savio Corvi and the Plague Stone. ----- Kwakkie

Calgary Store Tournament 1st Place

Negotium. ----- HappyDD

1st place-Louisville Store Championship

----- kamacausey

Yog-Syndicate skill reduction

The idea behind the deck is simply skill reduction, preventing my opponent from winning stories. ----- NuFenix

Snakessss! Snakes In The Wallssss!

The deck is Hastur/Cthulhu control/destruction deck that aims to set up the Temple/Uroborus combo and finish with big serpents. ----- Shangfu

Burning for You

Tri-faction (Yog/Hastur/Twilight) pyromaniacal deck. No Loyal cards; Cthuga and Tulzscha as goals, wiith lots of arcane on the small characters. ----- Carthoris

Twilight Cthulhu

----- Neo1967

The Henry Knoll House Hunt

Resource to 4-3-2. Naomi O'Bannion uses House Advantage and City Map to keep Tactics (Immurement, On the Lam) recycling. Skill lowering characters like the Clover Club Torch Singer and the Clover Club Bouncer combine with Henry Knoll and The Clover Club to destroy or weaken opposing Characters. ----- funkenmittens

Death Comes For You

Use Death Comes for All in combination with Open for Inspection to win it in one fell swoop, since all your opponents characters will be exhausted, and then wounded. ----- JonathanFolkert

Meiger and Friends

Use Josef Meiger to pull from a toolbox of rituals and artifacts. Protect him with the Mask, Disc, and Outmaneuvered. A few draw effects to compensate for the larger deck size. College Prospect is a free draw-two with the Statue in play. ----- JonathanFolkert