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Endless serpents -----

Submitted by: NecRus888
Submitted: Jun 10 2014 01:29 PM
Last updated: Jun 12 2014 03:13 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Endless serpents
Deck Strategy: The deck uses combination of Ritual of Summoning and Uroborus to play any characters. Play Cthylla and sacrifice Uroborus for many times.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (50)

Story (0)

Character (35)
Aziz Chatuluka (TSS) x2
Brood of Yig (WitD) x3
Cthylla (SoK) x3
Degenerate Serpent Cultist (TWB) x3
Dreamlands Fanatic (ItDoN) x2
Naaginn (TbtA) x3
Padma Amrita (TUP) x1
Uroborus (WaB) x3
Dirk Sharpe (TBJ) x3
Erasmus Manor (TBJ) x1
Failed Initiate (TOotST) x3
Josef Meiger (DotU) x1
Magical Theorist (TUP) x3
Magnus Stiles (SotM) x1
Meticulous Scribe (TGS) x3

Support (9)
Flooded Vault (TiV) x3
Khopesh of the Abyss (TSS) x3
Ritual of Summoning (TOotST) x3

Event (6)
Deep One Assault (Core) x2
Get it Off! (Core) x2
Sacrificial Offerings (Core) x2

Conspiracy (0)

The deck uses combination of Ritual of Summoning and Uroborus to play any characters. Play Cthylla and sacrifice Uroborus for many times. Keep your Get it Off! for destroy Snow Graves.

I appreceate any advices to tune this deck
Sample Hand Reload


  • You cannot edit this deck


I don't know how much Magical Theorist adds, seeing as you don't have any tomes. Is reducing the cost to play Ritual of Summoning by one really worth having three of a crappy expensive character?


I personally think Aziz Chakatuluka is bad, but maybe I'm wrong.


Padma Amrita seems unnecessary... you'd only really play her if you got your ritual going, right, because she's so expensive. But the thing that makes her worth playing is the free character, which you won't need because your ritual is going.


Since you have 3 Flooded Vault, you don't need 3 Ritual of Summoning, too. You could cut that down to 2. And maybe add the Cthulhu Necronomicon (it works well with Uroborus) or the Plague Stone.


I also don't know how much this deck relies on Khopesh. It's possible you need it in the deck, but there are some other restricted cards like Initiate of Huang Hun and Marcus Jamburg (especially if you throw in Ice Shaft and Plague Stone) that really combo well with the Ritual combo.


It seems like a really fun deck to play, and incredibly satisfying to bring off. I like that you've combined two Uroborus combos into `a single deck. I made a deck that played off the Ritual/Uroborus combo before an earlier errata (http://www.cardgamed...urg/#entry63976 if you're interested), but I never considered adding Cthylla. Best of luck!

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I've already known that Cthylla doesn't work with insane Uroborus. (i didn't know it when posted this deck) I will upgrade this deck little bit later