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Mono Syndicate Burn -----

Submitted by: HomerJ
Submitted: May 11 2014 03:47 AM
Last updated: May 11 2014 06:47 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Mono Syndicate Burn
Deck Strategy: I've been trying to build something with the new Syndicate box for quite a while, and after banging my head against the wall, I decided to try a new approach.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (50)

Story (0)

Character (35)
Clover Club Bouncer (Core) x3
Clover Club Pit Boss (DotU) x3
Clover Club Torch Singer (Core) x3
Mr. David Pan (CotJE) x2
Triggerman (Core) x3
Naomi O'Bannion (DotU) x3
Crooked Attorney (DotU) x3
Johnny V's Dame (AoA) x3
Henry Knoll (DotU) x3
Lady Lu Chu (CotJE) x2
Anarchist (SoA) x2
Marine Salvager (DotU) x3
Lena Di Boerio (DotU) x2

Support (6)
Gun Runner's Club (SoM) x3
Concrete and Chains (DotU) x3

Event (9)
Immurement (DotU) x3
On the Lam (DotU) x3
Tear Gas (TTftS) x3

Conspiracy (0)

I've been trying to build something with the new Syndicate box for quite a while, and after banging my head against the wall, I decided to try a new approach. This deck plays a little like a Targaryen Burn (AGoT) styled deck. Using skill-kill to keep the board at a controllable level. The best part as most of the removal works on Ancient Ones.

Still a lot of work to be done, but it's testing well so far.
Sample Hand Reload


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Needs more Crowbar :)
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I got a fever . and the only prescription. Is more Crowbar!
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Tested last night. Played fairly well against some fairly straight-forward decks. Had a couple ideas come out of testing:

1) The Clover Club might need to find a place. A global -1 skill would have come in handy a few times.
2) I love Crooked Attorney. Giving my crooks an arcane icon is pretty awesome. Eating "Night" is just icing on the cake.
3) Concrete and Chains was a nice clock on a rogue YGolonac. And Marine Scavenger helped I'm not sure how useful the two together will be. Maybe more skill reducers and some Crowbars would be better afterall?
4) Trophy Room would be great against Yithians. But not sure how prevalent they'll be. It would have been good against a Cthylla/Yithian combo deck I tested against, but my teenie-tiny meta a bad judge?
5) How do you stop Negotium Parabulans in Tenbris when you're playing rush? Is there a standard workaround?
mono-Syndicate doesn't have much to deal with Negotium. Foiled is probably the most straightforward way--it's probably not as bad as it used to be seeing as Negotium is now unrestricted will be in a lot of non-rush decks and there's other conspiracies worth blanking as well. A less direct but more generally useful solution might be Peter Clover, if you can keep him around. You don't need as many 3+ cost characters when your opponent is rarely gonna be able to commit to a bunch of stories at once (seeing as almost your entire deck costs less than 3).
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If looked at my tournament report you'd see Foiled did quite well for me!

some Crowbars would be better afterall?

This should not be a question but a statement of fact!
So, now I have a followup question. I have not seen Crowbar "in action" and kind of assumed the earlier comments were a subtle joke? But now I'm seeing you weren't kidding. So can I get a feeling for the reason Crowbar is so highly recommended? I understand the wounding, but skill 1 seems difficult at times to achieve, and having to exhaust a character and re-pay for it is also a little disheartening. Am I completely missing the point?
Give it to Naomi and watch her go on a killing spree. Skill 1 is fairly easy to get. Street Tough. Tattoo Artist. Torch Singer. There's loads of repeatable reduction. I once crowbarred Hastur in the face.
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Played several games with the build, and made a couple changes. Seems pretty solid so far.

-3 Marine Salvager / +3 Issac Miles: Gotta have some sort of game against Y-Train.
-1 Concrete and Chains, -1 Gun Runners Club / +2 Crowbar: **insert Cowbell joke here**
-1 Pit Boss / +1 Peter Clover: Had to add a Peter. He's too good.
-1 Naomi / +1 Zzaldfjasoihaslkfdslahfaskdjh: I've had a pretty heavy Broken Space Broken Time metagame in our group, so having a target for it in my deck was useful. Sure I draw him once in a while, but he's an easy resource against non-AO decks.

Still getting ready for Regionals . . . .

I like those changes. I would go with x2 Peter, as he is really the best and only defense you have against AOs. Using multiple domains and cards to take it out with Crowbar is not as good. Same reasoning for my personal preference for less burn. It's good for targetted removal but is card and domain intensive in this game.


Personally I would dump Concrete and Chains for Ice Shaft and keep the Marine Scavenger in. I would also lose a few of the burn cards to put in David Pan and Melisandre LeBeau.

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May 22 2014 06:25 AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one that just butchers the fly gods name because spelling that is just not worth it heh

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