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Mono-Syndicate Tempo -----

Submitted by: Danigral
Submitted: May 22 2014 05:06 PM
Last updated: May 23 2014 02:59 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Mono-Syndicate Tempo
Deck Strategy:
Deck Contents: Total Cards (50)

Story (0)

Character (36)
Clover Club Pit Boss (DotU) x2
Isaac Miles (DotU) x3
Johnny V's Dame (AoA) x3
Lena Di Boerio (DotU) x3
Marine Salvager (DotU) x3
Melisande LeBeau (DotU) x2
Mr. David Pan (CotJE) x2
Naomi O'Bannion (DotU) x2
O'Bannion's Inner Council (DotU) x2
Peter Clover (SoK) x2
Tommy Malloy (DotU) x1
Descendant of Eibon (TTotT) x1
Diseased Sewer Rats (SoA) x3
Prepared Alienist (TKatG) x3
The Claret Knight (SoK) x1
Clover Club Bouncer (Core) x3

Support (7)
Gun Runner's Club (SoM) x2
Ice Shaft (NN) x2
Snow Graves (AtMoM) x3

Event (7)
Immurement (DotU) x3
On the Lam (DotU) x2
Pay Tribute (DotU) x2

Conspiracy (0)

Sample Hand Reload


  • You cannot edit this deck