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Plague Knight -----

Submitted by: Kwakkie
Submitted: Mar 18 2014 05:18 PM
Last updated: Mar 19 2014 02:51 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Plague Knight
Deck Strategy: Probably not a very original idea, but this is my version of a night deck with Savio Corvi and the Plague Stone.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (50)

Story (0)

Character (29)
Baleful Reveler (TiV) x2
Savio Corvi (TiV) x3
Twilight Cannibal (TH) x3
Black Dog (WoP) x2
Gibbering Soul (TAD) x3
Ghoulish Predator (ItDoN) x3
Hungry Dark Young (Core) x2
Keeper of the Golden Path (Core) x2
Dreamlands Fanatic (ItDoN) x3
The Claret Knight (SoK) x3
Master of the Myths (IT) x3

Support (18)
The Plague Stone (TiV) x2
The Setting Sun (TH) x2
Guardian Pillar (SftSK) x3
Abhorrent Spore (LR) x2
Eat the Dead (TAD) x1
Snow Graves (AtMoM) x1
Called by Azathoth (TSotS) x1
Flooded Vault (TiV) x3
Everlasting Night (TH) x1
San Giorgio in Alga (TiV) x2

Event (3)
Deep One Assault (Core) x3

Conspiracy (0)

Probably not a very original idea, but this is my version of a night deck with Savio Corvi and the Plague Stone. The idea was to include as many characters as possible that can survive the stone, creating a favorable board position on your side after a plague stone activation. There are two options for that
1) characters that stay on the board
- Claret knight
- Guardian pillar
- Abhorrent spore (not a character, but it helps your characters to stay on the board)
2) characters that return to hand
- Black dog
- Master of the myths

I also included Dreamland Fanatic as he comes into play when your opponents character is destroyed, a high probability in this deck.

Gibbering Soul instead of shocking transformation (Guardian Pillar is the restricted card) to look for characters. You primarily want to look for Savio Corvi, and you can find most other characters in the deck as well as most are shub-niggurath anyway.

I've added a (small?) flooded vault toolbox to the deck. Fetching almost everything you want (except guardian pillar and san giorgio in alga).

I have not included conspiracies. The deck plays a lot of neutral cards right now, and adding conspiracies would increase that with 4-5 cards (2 conspiracies + 3 lazy eye). Savio works just fine without conspiracies.

Finished it with interesting night-friendly characters like twilight cannibal and Ghoulish Predator. Baneful Reveler as a 1-cost that isn't too bad.

Resourcing is a little tricky with all those neutrals and 3-cost cards. But it is manageable.
Sample Hand Reload


  • You cannot edit this deck


So with the new FAQ, do I ditch master or pillar? Thinking master for descendant of eibon. Or add the conspiracies back?