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Shub Mafia - Beginner Core v2 -----

Submitted by: aronpolemic
Submitted: Apr 13 2014 08:17 PM
Last updated: Apr 20 2014 05:56 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Shub Mafia - Beginner Core v2
Deck Strategy: Beginner deck using core(x3) only, with Shub and Syndicate.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (53)

Story (0)

Character (31)
Degenerate Ghoul (Core) x3
Patsy (Core) x3
Priestess of Bubastis (Core) x3
Triggerman (Core) x3
Y'Golonac (Core) x2
Syndicate Liaison (Core) x3
Richard Upton Pickman (Core) x2
Hungry Dark Young (Core) x3
Hard Case (Core) x3
Clover Club Torch Singer (Core) x3
Ancient Guardian (Core) x3

Support (7)
Dutch Courage (Core) x3
Shadowed Woods (Core) x2
Ghoul Taint (Core) x2

Event (15)
Get on Yer Feet! (Core) x2
Low Blow (Core) x2
Bred to Survive (Core) x2
Burrowing Beneath (Core) x2
Moving the Scenery (Core) x2
Eldritch Nexus (Core) x2
Shocking Transformation (Core) x3

Conspiracy (0)

Beginner deck using core(x3) only, with Shub and Syndicate.
Sample Hand Reload


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Very good start! I would suggest cutting Shub, as she's not adding a whole lot and is 3 resources more than your next expensive character, and then add in a few other 4 cost - Ancient Guardian is good, and maybe Marius. I'd also cut some of the events, such as Bred to Survive, Moving the Scenery, Horrid Mutation, and Panic (since it's loyal). Then add in Eldritch Nexus - this will give you extra domains for a bigger effect with Hard Case, more domains for Y'Golonac, Torch Singer, and the newly added Ancient Guardian. Also add x3 Shocking Transformation so that you can sac some of your weenies for those nice big 4 cost dudes.
Apr 19 2014 07:30 PM
Well, I wish I had the time to play these decks to see how they hold up, but I didn't add Shub lightly. While she is expensive, I included the Priestess of Babastis to help mitigate that (exhaust and pay one less for shub character). If the Priestess goes into the discard, Hungry Dark Young or Shadowed Woods can find them. What I thought was interesting about Shub was that if you managed to bring her out, she could now become a character generator (Pay 3, find dark young; the only dark young are Hungry Dark Young which also fetches a character). Although I now realize that Shub will only find dark young in the deck and not the discard so that isn't as useful now that I think of it. But, my point is that Shub wasn't an empty add. I will have to think about this.

On Panic I agree, it is loyal. It seemed like a nice sweeper, but loyal is annoying. Moving the Scenery seemed to match the theme of the syndicate, dirty tricks and all. Horrid Mutation and Bred to Survive was meant to provide generic Terror/Combat support. I figured new players can just concentrate on making sure they are adding terror and combat, vs icon counting every struggle, to keep the game moving. Maybe I'll replace Mutation. I did think about both Shocking Transformation and Eldritch Nexus. EN seemed like too much of an investment just for the use of Hard Case, but I hadn't thought of the utility provided to Y'Golonac and Torch Singer. I just may add it now. Time for some retinkering..

Thank you for the input. After some reading I've done recently it seems that where 'the meta' is at now, is to keep your deck at 3/4 cost or less and just forget about the ancient ones, am I correct? Are there decks that support the Big Guys but I'm just not seeing it because I'm sticking to the Core Set for now? Or is it all rushing now (or that mill thing)? Just curious..
Apr 20 2014 08:38 PM
So, I took out Shub-Niggurath and Horrid Mutation. I added in Ancient Guardian, Eldritch Nexus, and Shocking Transformation. I took out one copy of Ghoul Taint, leaving it at x2, to keep the card count down and I figured that Ghoul Taint was only useful in a more limited way than say Transformation.

I also looked at the new copy of Shub in The Cacophony. I notice that it costs less, has more skill, brings more combat in the mix, AND can pull dark young from both the deck and the discard pile. Way better Shub in my opinion. I wonder if all the ancient ones got the same upgrade.

(..update) Yep, they did.
Regarding Ancient Ones, I think you already got the right idea: They're worth it if you can 'cheat' them into play at a lower cost. Also, 4-cost Ancient Ones are definitely worth it.
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