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Skilldicate -----

Submitted by: Lyk
Submitted: May 25 2014 09:43 PM
Last updated: May 26 2014 04:01 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Skilldicate
Deck Strategy: This is an idea of a mono-Syndicate deck.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (49)

Story (0)

Character (32)
Clover Club Torch Singer (Core) x3
Henry Knoll (DotU) x3
Lena Di Boerio (DotU) x3
Marine Salvager (DotU) x3
Naomi O'Bannion (DotU) x3
O'Bannion's Inner Council (DotU) x3
Tattoo Artist (MoE) x3
Diseased Sewer Rats (SoA) x3
Mentor to Vaughn (KD) x2
Mr. David Pan (CotJE) x3
Street Tough (TbtA) x3

Support (10)
Dutch Courage (Core) x1
O'Bannion's Ledger (WoP) x1
The Clover Club (DotU) x2
Crowbar (MoE) x3
Ice Shaft (NN) x3

Event (7)
Hanyatl's 12:3 (SoK) x1
On the Lam (DotU) x3
Tear Gas (TTftS) x3

Conspiracy (0)

Hello guys

This is an idea of a mono-Syndicate deck.

This idea came from the 2014 Dream Wizard's Regional in two times. First by losing a game againts a Syndicate Deck with O'Bannion's Inner Council. Second, by receving the Alternat Art of Tattoo Artist. So i decide de make a deck based on skill reduction. I found a lot of cards on CGDB's deck build section.

I can't really write the Strategy. The idea is just to reducte skill and commit stories with the Council with the help of M David Pan.

I don't play Peter Clover because I don't see the point of having him in the deck. You can say the same for Naomi, but you have to admit it, she's cute :D

Just a few questions.

Is Dutch Touch necessary ? I like Naomi 4 skill good icons for 3, but her effect is pretty useless in my deck, I mean, it's a good effect but I got nothing to schuffle/search in my deck.

Some advices would be great. Thanks you guys.

Ps, got only 49 cards, so be free to add/remove as you want.
Sample Hand Reload


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I'd go up to 3 x Hanyatl's in a dedicated skill reduction deck. It's probably the easiest one to trigger. 


Maybe add in a couple of extra 4+ cost guys to use it properly, / Bicknell Willett  / Johnny Valone / Kuranes / Sons of Hermes / Scindere are all nice options with willpower

OK thanks, I will look for thoses cards. Thanks !

I like to use Parallel Universe in my skill deck. It's like extra David Pans.

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Lyk, you guys still coming to Pittsburgh in June? Hope so, man!

Also, that's a lot of 3x unique. You'll be getting dead draws once you've got a few guys on the table. Definitely second Parallel Universe.



Yeah maybe too many Unique characters, I'll put the Parallel Universe. and prob' remove 1x each unique characters, but I'm a bit affraid of having not enough characters with the CoC gameplay, putting cards as ressources. Such a fear :D


ps : Wilbut have you a link for the Pittsburgh event ?

I went ahead and made a thread about the pittsburgh event for you.



I have quite a bit of experience running syndicate skill reduction decks and one thing I found out when playing the archtype was I didn't like both ice shaft and crowbar in my deck. I found that ice shaft was doing everything that I needed it to do and crowbar wasn't doing enough. Ice shaft destroys and crowbar just wounds. I would take the crowbar out and put in immurement or concrete and chains.

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After thinking about it a little more here is the list I would run initially:


3 johnny v's dame

3 hatchet man

3 marine salvager

3 diseased sewer rats

3 clover club torch singer

2 lena di boerio

2 street tough

2 tattoo artist

2 henry knoll

2 mr david pan

2 peter clover

2 melisande le beau

2 naomi o'bannion

2 o'bannion's inner council


3 ice shaft

3 concrete and chains

2 the clover club


3 immurement

3 reallocate-you want extra domains for all your pay 1 effects from lena, torch singer, and street tough

3 tear gas

Hey Thanks Kama that a interesting deck you have here. I'll look for this and try to compare with mine and see where i can go.


Your point on the crowbar is interesting too,and the immurement look nice.


Ty guys

Jun 08 2014 10:04 PM
I would advise against using Parallel Universe. I had it in my deck, and every single time I drew it, I would resource it. It seems a lot better than it actually is. Well, it is kinda decent, but I assure you, it's going to be rare when you have an opportunity to use it well. You'd be much better off with something that is consistently useful. Also, since this card will get resourced so often, it extra sucks, since it's neutral, so it doesn't give a Syn resource match.