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Victoria's T-Men - Beginner Core -----

Submitted by: aronpolemic
Submitted: Apr 13 2014 08:19 PM
Last updated: Apr 14 2014 03:17 AM
Category: Call of Cthulhu Decks
Deck Name: Victoria's T-Men - Beginner Core
Deck Strategy: Core(x3) beginner deck using Hastur and Agency.
Deck Contents: Total Cards (53)

Story (0)

Character (30)
Ghost (Core) x3
Paul LeMond (Core) x2
Professor Hermann Mulder (Core) x2
Demon Lover (Core) x3
Peeler (Core) x3
Hired Muscle (Core) x3
Monster Hunter (Core) x3
Thing from the Stars (Core) x3
T-Men (Core) x3
Victoria Glasser (Core) x2
Messenger from Beyond (Core) x3

Support (9)
Shotgun (Core) x3
Victoria's Loft (Core) x2
Sedated (Core) x3
Arkham Asylum (Core) x1

Event (14)
Blind Submission (Core) x3
Scotophobia (Core) x3
Short Fuse (Core) x3
Shotgun Blast (Core) x3
Political Demonstration (Core) x2

Conspiracy (0)

Core(x3) beginner deck using Hastur and Agency.
Sample Hand Reload


  • You cannot edit this deck


I would drop the T-men. Its of your curve. All your other cards could be cast for 3 (with the exception of Thing from the stars). If you have to wait 2 invest in two domain build up for just the T-men its not worth it. Don't get me wrong T-men is good card but its not good enough to build up to 5 if that's the only 5 card you want to play. I would replace it with 3 quality neutral characters and look to replace some more cards to neutral. Why neutral? If you drop the T-men you don't have any more loyal or steadfast cards. If you have a domain with one hastur, one agency and one neutral you can cast thing from the stars for 3 (that's turn 2 if you have good draw, meaning it will drop a turn earlier and you don't have to build beyond 3 domain. Every card that you don't source is a card more that you can play. Have fun !
Apr 14 2014 04:29 PM
What's funny is that I recently updated this deck to be minus Thomas F. Malone. He costs 4, but that isn't why I ditched him. It was because he's heroic and only included on the edge case that he could take out opponent Ancient One's. I figured it would be too much to worry about, for a new player, in how to pick between Victoria (villainous) and Thomas. Although I wonder if managing neutral/agency/hastur resourcing to get Thing from the Stars is trading one complication for another..

I took your advice and replaced (3x) T-Men with (3x) neutral Freelance Agent's. I figured the deck name needed a change. So it's now Glasser & Associates.