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GoT F. A. Q.

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  Short Description Source Primary Card Ruling Text

Thundering Calvary

GoT FAQ v3.4 Thundering Calvary Should be titled: “Thundering Cavalry"

Blood-Crazed Screamer

AGoT FAQ v2.1 Blood-Crazed Screamer The Blood Crazed Screamer must be eligible to participate as an attacker to declare a second Military challenge using its card ability. Once this effect initiates when the Blood Crazed Screamer's controller wins his first Military challenge as an attacker, the "to a maximum of 2" card text applies to any additional Military challenge that player would initiate.

Knights of the Hollow Hill

AGoT FAQ v2.1 Knights of the Hollow Hill The "Other cards you control do not provide a gold bonus" text does not apply to the +2 gold gained by your House card from this agenda.

Saves Against Reduced Strength Kills

Robb Stark Vs Flame Pitch Can a Dupe or other Save effect save a character from being killed by a strength reduction effect?

(Example: Can a character with 2 strength and a duplicate on them discard the duplicate to save vs a Flame Kissed (Core)

You cannot attempt the save a character from a terminal effect unless the save also removes the character from the terminal effect at the same time. So a character hit with a strength reduction which kills them at 0 would need to be saved by a card which would also increase its strength.

In the example above the 2 STR character could not discard the duplicate to save itself from being killed. The character would be killed and the duplicate would go to the discard pile. Cards like Risen from the Sea (KotS) would be required to save against this type of character removal.

Most Recent Printing

AGoT FaQ v1.5 In the case where an LCG card is reprinted with updated errata text in a later printing, the most recent printing is the legal version of the card. All older LCG printings are assumed to be updated with the errata text. When in doubt over two versions of a card, the most recent printing can be identified by the copyright dates on the cards in question. FFG will see that all LCG reprints with updated errata text are also recorded in the FAQ.

This ruling does not apply to CCG cards that have been modified and printed in the LCG. CCG copies of cards with text that is in any way different than their LCG counterparts are not legal in LCG events.

Magister Illyrio effect duration

AGoT FaQ v1.1 Magister Illyrio Magister Illyrio's effect expires at the end of the phase.