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Fury of the Kraken

Fury of the Kraken

Fury of the Kraken

Type: Plot House: Greyjoy
Income:5 Initiative: 7 Claim: 1
Game Text:
Military Battle.
After you win a Military challenge against an opponent with a House Stark or a House Targaryen House card, choose and discard from play a character controlled by that opponent.
Number: 28 Set: AE
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Nicole Cardiff
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...choose and discard from play a character controlled by that opponent.

Is that before or after resolving the claim effect of the military battle?
It is a passive effect, which happens in step 4. Claim happens in step 3. Pretty much nothing comes before claim.
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CKR is a chant I'm sticking to to remember the order of stuff happening after a challenge is lost - Claim, Keyword, Responses.

Where would passive effects fit into it? CPKR or CKPR? Or do passive effects occur at the same time as keywords?

(Yes, I could just look into the rules - but then I wouldn't get to share my wonderful chant. And I also guess that this is of interest for OP as well.)
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how do you know by looking at the card it's restricted to joust?

You don't. The restricted lists for joust and melee are both in the FAQ document (which can be accessed from the FFG website) and are updated a few times a year.

If you build a deck using the deckbuilder on this site it will tell you if you have an issue with 2 or more restricted cards.