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Ser Preston Greenfield

Today, 01:35 PM by ktom

The "Response" means that it is the controller's option to trigger or not trigger after s/he wins Dominance, so in that sense, the effect is optional. But once Preston's controller chooses to trigger the Response, the word "must" indicates that each player has to do the discarding. No one can ignore the effect (i.e., it becomes mandatory) once Preston's controller chooses to use it.


So it makes sense as written when you consider that the "Response" give the controller the power to only use the discard effect when it would be advantageous to him/her, instead of it happening automatically when s/he won dominance, whether s/he wanted it to or not.

Ser Preston Greenfield

Today, 11:00 AM by chem2702

I'm a little confused by this card. I thought "Response" meant it was optional. But this card then uses the word "must". To me, the text would make more sense if the "Response" word was removed.


Can anyone shed any light on this?

No Use For Grief

Today, 10:49 AM by MagnusLothar

I've read all the comments about this card, but as helpful as they are I've still run into trouble with other players about how it's meant to be played.  Here are three scenarios:


(i) I have 3 unique sandsnakes in play plus the Red Viper.  He dies for Military claim, I play NUFG kneeling required influence.  I then search my deck, attaching duplicates to said uniques, and also putting into play single copies of remaining uniques and one or two non-uniques from my deck.

(ii) As above, but when I put into play the remaining uniques I also immediately attach their duplicates to them.

(iii) Red Viper is out alone, dies for Military claim, play NUFG, kneel influence, and flood the board with all uniques and all their duplicates, plus one or two non-uniques.


Any advice?  This card creates merry hell when other players come up against my sandsnake deck.

Maester Cressen

Yesterday, 10:30 PM by MagnusLothar

Yep, good for events such as Make An Example or Superior Claim in a power rush deck.  Timing is important if you're particular about the card you want back - certain Greyjoy decks can wreak havoc with that, if there's a lot of discard going on. Currently, I use him to get back Brightwater Man-At-Arms preferably; if not, event cards or reducers such as Seat of Power, sometimes even Melisandre's Scheme.  Nice sting in the tail of a Military challenge if you use him for claim.  


Interesting theory which I've yet to build into my Baratheons: Maester Cressen plus Cape Wrath.  Bounce him back into shadows after winning a challenge; bring him back out of shadows...  You get the idea. :-)

Bran Stark

Yesterday, 10:04 PM by NikolaP

This might be a silly question. Some already asked but it seems to have been ignored.


Can you use Bran to choose and reveal an opponent's plot card? It doesn't say anything about who's plot deck to use.


Well, the Core set rules say:


Plot Phase, Step 1: Choose and Reveal Plot Cards
Each player simultaneously chooses and reveals
one plot card from his plot deck...
Respect of the Old Gods

Yesterday, 09:51 PM by NikolaP

Does this plot stack by creating a "lasting effect" when I reveal a new plot with bran?


No, if it's not active in marshaling phase you won't get reduction.

Bran Stark

Yesterday, 09:37 PM by chem2702

This might be a silly question. Some already asked but it seems to have been ignored.


Can you use Bran to choose and reveal an opponent's plot card? It doesn't say anything about who's plot deck to use.

Maester Cressen

Yesterday, 09:17 PM by Conscience

The thing I consider the greatest about this card is that you can get your events back, unlike most recursion.

Respect of the Old Gods

Yesterday, 08:17 PM by LegendOfGinAlly
Does this plot stack by creating a "lasting effect" when I reveal a new plot with bran?
Missing Recruit

Yesterday, 07:03 PM by VonWibble
So don't put this or any other similar event in a House of Dreams Bear Island deck!
Beric Dondarrion

Yesterday, 03:02 PM by slothgodfather

That's correct Lothar and is often the way Beric is handled.  Ygritte is another great answer if you are seeing a lot of neutral characters (such as Jamie)

Ambush from the Plains

Yesterday, 02:20 AM by Onias

Does using Ambush from the Plains to put a Herald of the East (SB) from your hand into play count as "playing Herald of the East from your hand" to trigger Herald of the East (SB) search ability?


No.  The rules say "Character, Location, and Attachment cards are ‘played’ from the hand during the marshalling phase, by taking a player action and paying their gold cost."

They also say "‘Put into play’ effects are not considered to be ‘played.’"


So, since Amush from the Plains says "Put X into play," the effect doesn't count as playing X from your hand.

Missing Recruit

Oct 20 2014 08:48 PM by Actaeon

Neutral isn't technically a Hse Afiliation, but essentially neutral. This card would have no House Affiliation, as all Neutral cards do.

Missing Recruit

Oct 20 2014 08:24 PM by Loadrunner

What house affiliation do 'Reinforcements'  cards have when they come into play? The house you are playing or neutral?

Beric Dondarrion

Oct 20 2014 07:03 PM by MagnusLothar

All viable options.  You can also nightmares before you flip the Valar plot.   Ghaston Grey also works or other "return to hand" effects.

Nightmares before Valar - I see exactly where this fits in the advanced timings.  It made me think about my initial idea to do with Nightmares-Intrigue challenge-Terminal Schemes.  This is how I see it fitting in best.  

1. Initiate Intrigue challenge, with high enough STR to make a win by 4 likely.  

2. During third player action window (i.e. just after my opponent has declared defenders), play Nightmares on Beric.  

3. During next framework action window (i.e. when challenge resolves), play Terminal Schemes as a response to winning the Intrigue challenge by 4 or more STR.

Playing Nightmares during the previous player action window would allow an opponent to see the combo coming, and so (if possible) commit enough defending STR to prevent the win by 4.  Naval attackers and/or defenders could complicate matters, though.

Doran Martell

Oct 20 2014 03:52 PM by Actaeon

For some reason I've never really been a fan of Ghaston, but what you could do with it is win initiative and go second to make your opponent wary of losing as the attacker, then when you get to initiate challenges bounce him and attack with impunity.

Royal Guard

Oct 20 2014 02:27 PM by slothgodfather

exactly.  lol.    I did end up using this card in a melee deck I made awhile back that used Lethal Couterattack out of a Bara City of Shadows deck.

Ghost of High Heart

Oct 20 2014 02:26 PM by slothgodfather

There are some differences in the ability, such as with Jack, you have to have a card to discard in order to draw.  That is not required for GoHH.  Also, since Ghost says "a player's hand", it is not restricted to yourself or to opponent's.  So if you have a reason for wanting a card in the discard pile (or to discard Darkstar into play) then you can choose yourself.

Doran Martell

Oct 20 2014 12:37 PM by 2deep99me

Might be solid in a Ghaston bounce deck, try to always win initiative and send Doran back at the start of your active challenges phase.

Drowned Fanatic

Oct 20 2014 08:04 AM by NikolaP

If I have 3 of these guys in play and win initiative, can I discard the top 6 cards of each opponent's deck?


Yes, there is nothing stopping you from triggering each card's response.

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