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Mar 24 2015 09:00 AM by istaril

Yup, theamazingmrg has it right. Even something sneaky like bringing in a "Cannot be Killed" character wouldn't help, because he's being "returned to a dead pile" rather than killed. 


The only tricks I can think of are making sure "that character" is no longer in play (by ensuring its not a character anymore, like, say, Venomous Manticore). Not really what you were asking, though.


Mar 24 2015 06:11 AM by theamazingmrg

If you triggered Syrio's response, he would go back to his owners Shadows area (I think.  Better minds than mine can confirm).  It would be the same if you chose him for claim, he would return to your opponents dead pile, not yours.


As for ways to keep him in play - there's none that I can think of, because he isn't your character.  


Mar 24 2015 05:41 AM by Emcgugan

Is there any way to keep that player revived character in play?

I stole a syrio but was later informed that I couldn't put him back to shadows.

Golden Tooth Mines

Mar 23 2015 04:37 AM by ktom

No. Because of the other framework events in the game window, passives to revealing plots have to wait until after determining initiative, selecting first player, and "when revealed..." plot text has resolved. It's just like passives to winning/losing a challenge have to wait until after claim, unopposed, renown, and deadly have resolved.

Golden Tooth Mines

Mar 23 2015 12:53 AM by Daubi

Am I right to assume that, considering the wording of this card, the card is drawn before the "When revealed" effects of the plot cards are resolved?


Mar 19 2015 04:40 AM by LaurenF

The owners decide. This was recently added to the FAQ:


When multiple cards leave play simultaneously, who decides the order in which they are placed in the specified out of play area (such as the dead pile, deck, and discard pile)?
Unless otherwise directed by the effect driving the cards from play, the owner of the cards may add them to the appropriate out of play area in the order of his or her choosing.

Mar 19 2015 02:34 AM by Daubi

This card made me wonder: If an opponent wins an Intrigue challenge against me and has a high claim, who gets to decide in which order the claimed cards end up on my discard pile? As far as I know, the cards are claimed 'simultaneously' and not one after the other. Same question with Military claim.


Additionally: If my opponent kills both his characters and mine with Valar Morghulis, who decides the order in which the characters end up on their respective dead piles?

Longship Maiden's Bane

Mar 17 2015 12:34 PM by VonWibble
Yes, it says "kneel LMB to" which means that you must have knelt it as a location before it became a character.
Longship Maiden's Bane

Mar 16 2015 10:43 PM by Omek

Activating this ability still counts as kneeling a location, regardless of what card-type it becomes/counts as do to the result of its effect, correct?

e.g., If a player wanted to trigger Hellholt Docks when another player used LMB's ability.

City of Shadows

Mar 16 2015 07:01 AM by arcticfox90

oh ok thank you very much! i misread that XD

City of Shadows

Mar 15 2015 04:25 PM by ktom

Sorry I wasn't clear. I phrased it badly. Since no comparison can be made, no house affiliation can match. Since no house affiliation matches, you pay 1 extra for any "House X only," no matter the house.

City of Shadows

Mar 15 2015 03:54 PM by 2deep99me
You can use COS with Neutral house, but you will pay the 1 gold for every card that has a house affiliation (ie. Non-Neutrals) that you play from shadows.
City of Shadows

Mar 15 2015 02:03 PM by arcticfox90
So if i use this agenda with neutral house, i don't have to pay the extra Gold to bring an out of house card out of shadows... Or i can't use this agenda with neutral house?
The Maester's Path

Mar 15 2015 12:03 PM by ktom

No. The chain attachments are not considered to be "attachments" on the agenda, or cards that are "in play". Therefore, they do not meet the definition of cards that are "at your command."

City of Shadows

Mar 15 2015 12:00 PM by ktom


The Neutral House card has no house affiliation. With no house affiliation, you cannot compare your house to that of the "House X only" Shadow card. Since the comparison cannot be made, the play restrictions for the cost reduction effect will not be met.

The Maester's Path

Mar 15 2015 10:59 AM by Emcgugan

are the chains attachments cards at your command?

City of Shadows

Mar 15 2015 08:40 AM by arcticfox90

If i use this with the neutral house card, will it reduce the cost to bring out of house cards out from the shadows?

Tyene Sand

Mar 14 2015 06:51 AM by Smiffsta

You are correct, whilst this effect is active, another player's LMCB will not affect your claim.

A Noble Cause

Mar 11 2015 02:36 AM by theamazingmrg

It means the baratheon characters you control.  If you took control of an opponents Baratheon character they would gain the effects of the Agenda as long as they were under your control.

A Noble Cause

Mar 11 2015 02:00 AM by Daubi

Your [Baratheon] characters with printed cost 2 or higher gain renown. 


Does "Your Baratheon characters" mean the Baratheon characters I own or the Baratheon characters I control?

What happens if I play this agenda and I gain control of an opposing Baratheon character? Conversely, what happens if I play this agenda and an opponent gains control of one of my Baratheon characters?

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