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Call Their Bluff

Apr 29 2016 08:04 AM by melic4

Guys, as for this event - does it mean, that after I name a card, my opponent(s) should show me his or her hand (so, I'll see all the cards) - and discards all cards with that name. And if I have one more "Call Their Bluff" event, I can play this event again (using two golds) and name another card (which I exactly know, that he or she has it)?

He Calls It Thinking

Apr 21 2016 03:41 PM by vengeanceofthenorth
I think the answer is no, but I need to be sure, can this be used to cancel wheels within within wheels? That card is a bane to my sand snake deck
Maester Vyman

Apr 20 2016 09:47 PM by Actaeon

Any effect preceded by bold words (Response: / Any Phase: / Dominance:) is considered a triggered effect. These effects are activated when the controlling player wants to activate them and are not mandatory. So Vyman can cancel any of these kind of effects (so long as they only target 1 stark character).


Effects that are not preceded by bold words (like Jorah and Daario in WLL) are passive effects and happen automatically. Vyman cannot cancel these kinds of effect, even if they only target 1 stark character.

Maester Vyman

Apr 19 2016 12:02 PM by JoZy

am i right to assume that triggered effects are all kind of "responses" (be it event, character ability etc..) ? Thanks

The House of Black and White

Mar 24 2016 08:53 PM by Zulla

p.s. There is no limit to how many time you can do it.

The House of Black and White

Mar 24 2016 08:52 PM by Zulla

First of all, outside of Minstrels muse, the Starks don't have a huge amount of ways to gain power. Secondly, it doesn't say you have to be the one doing the killing, anyone can trigger it. Mixed with bear island your getting a power every round, maybe more if you can stand locations. For 2 gold, that isn't bad at all.

Dragonbone Bow

Mar 11 2016 01:29 PM by ktom

Just be aware that you cannot use it to initiate a challenge. There has to be a "current challenge" for it to join, and until you declare an attacker in the normal way, there is no "current challenge." You will still need some weenies with the INT icon to start the challenge, and then have the guy with this attached jump in, depending on what your opponent does with defenders.

Dragonbone Bow

Mar 11 2016 06:29 AM by Zulla

will be good*

Dragonbone Bow

Mar 11 2016 06:28 AM by Zulla

Just built my current Tar Mer deck and it is going to be very valuable. Often the group I play with tend to dismiss targs on intrigue, this will but a good seeing that they'll usually be expecting it for power and Military challenges.


Mar 04 2016 08:39 PM by ktom

When Flame-Kissed says, "If attached character has no other attachments...," it is indicating a second attachment of any type -- even another copy of Flame-Kissed -- will "turn off" Flame-Kissed's effect.


Or, said another way, if there is more than 1 attachment total on the character, Flame-Kissed does nothing.


Mar 04 2016 01:28 PM by melic4

Hi folks,

Could you please clarify, if attached character still has -2 STR, even if he has not only "Flame-Kissed" attachment, but one more?

Snowed Under

Feb 18 2016 05:22 PM by ktom

No. Bodyguard specifically says it saves the attached character from being killed or discarded. Returning a card to hand is not killing or discarding, so Bodyguard doesn't apply.

The rules for duplicates say that they can be used to save from ANY method of removing a card from play. That's why dupes work against this, but "save from being killed/discarded" effects like Bodyguard do not.

Snowed Under

Feb 18 2016 02:24 PM by melic4

And what about the attachment "Bodyguard" - can I discard it from play, to save an attached character from been returned to the owner's hand?

Lord Doran's Chambers

Feb 09 2016 04:08 PM by ktom

It's in the FAQ:

- House cards are considered to be "in play" - although they cannot be removed from play.



- Unique characters that become attachments to the House card would be considered "in play" and would stop you from playing a second copy.

- However, unique characters that become Agendas on the House card are NOT considered to be "in play" (because Agendas are not "in play" by definition), so you would be allowed to play a second copy of the character.


Your impression seems to be confusing characters becoming agendas with characters becoming attachments. 

Lord Doran's Chambers

Feb 09 2016 11:16 AM by chilligreen

It's an interesting question though - is the house card 'in play' and so attachments check uniqueness? I was under the impression that one of the few loopholes in the game was that those characters who become house card attachments when they die are no longer in play, so you can play a second copy of the character.

Lord Doran's Chambers

Feb 02 2016 03:55 PM by theamazingmrg

Can I play one as attachment and the second one as location?

No, because the card is Unique.  That means you can only have one card of any title in play at any time.  It doesn't matter what type of card it is, only the name counts.


That said: If Lord Doran's Chambers was in play as a location and got discarded from play, you could then play a second as an attachment to your house card (or vice versa).  Just as long as they were not in play at the same time.

Lord Doran's Chambers

Feb 01 2016 05:59 PM by Shizm
Can I play one as attachment and the second one as location?
Seafarer's Bow

Jan 27 2016 07:19 PM by ktom

Sorry. Should have read the card more carefully, been more precise and not phrased my answer as applying to both abilities on the attachment.

Seafarer's Bow

Jan 27 2016 10:13 AM by Carth

@ktom: unless I'm mistaken, you don't have to control both the character and the attachment to use the second ability ("Challenges: Kneel Seafarer's Bow to choose a participating character. Until the end of the phase, that character gets +2 STR."). Having control of the attachment is enough. 

Seafarer's Bow

Jan 26 2016 11:16 PM by ktom

Short answer: The same person has to control both the attachment and the attached character in order to use the abilities on this card. You can only trigger abilities on cards you control (so you have to control the attachment), and you can only kneel characters you control to pay costs (so you have to control the attached character).

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