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Risen from the Sea

Oct 16 2016 08:37 PM by ktom

True, but the text of the two cards is very different.

Risen from the Sea

Oct 13 2016 02:11 PM by melic4
I just asked, because "I'm You Writ Small" event , it's possible to give a deathly to one character, and then attach it to any other Lannister character.
So, I just want to be sure, that "Risen from the sea" works only for one character.
Risen from the Sea

Oct 13 2016 02:02 PM by ktom

"...attach this card to the saved character..." means that your only option is to attach it to the character that was saved by the first part of the ability. I'm not sure how the text could be read to support the interpretation that you can save character A and attach to character B.

Risen from the Sea

Oct 13 2016 08:53 AM by melic4

"Save a House Greyjoy character from being killed. Then attach this card to the saved character" - does it mean, that I should attach it only to the saved character? or I can save one character using this event, but attach it to another Greyjoy character?

Euron Crow's Eye

Oct 10 2016 02:40 PM by ktom

You can always recognize the cost in an effect because the effect includes some form of "do X to do Y." (It's the word "to" that gives it away.) "X" is the cost; "Y" is the effect. If a character is immune to the effect, it cannot be touched by whatever Y is, but it is fair game to X. So with, "Kneel 2 ironborn characters to choose and stand a unique Greyjoy character," X is "kneel 2 ironborn characters," which can apply to Euron, and Y is "choose and stand a unique Greyjoy character," which cannot apply to Euron.


The important thing to note is that not all effects have costs. If there are no costs, then everything is the effect, which cannot touch the immune character.


"You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf!" has no cost. You can tell because there is no "to" anywhere in its text. So there is no "X" which could affect Euron. Rather, the whole thing is "Y," which rolls right off him (even if it would be beneficial to him).

Euron Crow's Eye

Oct 10 2016 07:47 AM by melic4

ktom, thank you for your feedback. One more question, regardign cost of the event. For example, event "You've Killed the Wrong Dwarf!" says: "Any phase: Choose and kneel a non-Noble character. Then, that character claims 1 power." - where is the cost here? Does it mean, that I can choose Euron Crow's Eye as a character, to be knelt, and do not give him any power (because of his immune to this event)?

Euron Crow's Eye

Oct 09 2016 09:58 PM by ktom

Characters cannot be immune to costs. So he could be one of the 2 standing Ironborn characters you kneel to pay the cost of Kingsmoot, but he cannot be the one that stands/claims power.

Euron Crow's Eye

Oct 07 2016 01:51 PM by melic4

He can NOT be used as one of the characters, to get a power on the dominance phase (as part of the "Kingsmoot" event), correct?

Scurvy Cutthroat

Sep 29 2016 03:15 PM by ktom

You cannot stop Flame-Kissed from killing with Scurvy Cutthroat. The "kill at 0" will kick in and be applied before you get the chance to respond to the attachment being played. Since the Cutthroat is not a "save" effect, it cannot bring a character back from the dead by discarding the attachment that killed it.

Scurvy Cutthroat

Sep 29 2016 07:20 AM by melic4

If player attaches "Flame-Kissed" to this character (or any other character with 2 or lower STR) - is "Scurvy Cutthroat" can be used to discard that attachment from play? Or firstly "Flame-Kissed" kills the character?

Stannis's Northern Cavalry

Sep 27 2016 04:29 PM by ktom



The character's STR is only considered to have been "lowered" by the plot in the phase when the plot is revealed. Once it is applied, the modifier just continues. The continuing result of revealing the plot (that the character's effective STR is lower than its printed STR) persists into other phases, but the active game occurrence that met the condition for the "cannot be killed" does not.

Stannis's Northern Cavalry

Sep 27 2016 12:28 PM by melic4

Sorry, I'm not sure, that my understanding is correct. Could you please clarify, if someone plays plot card: "Hear me roar" (Characters without an Intrigue icon get -1 STR. ) or "Threat from the North" (All characters get -1 STR and are discarded from play (cannot be saved) if their STR is 0.) - does it mean, that [Stannis's Northern Cavalry] can NOT be killed in this round?


Sep 24 2016 10:43 PM by ktom

You can't trigger any card in the dead (or discard) pile unless the text specifically says you can.


Sep 24 2016 12:34 AM by Zulla
Can't take him from the dead pile right?
Khal Drogo

Aug 31 2016 06:23 PM by ktom

Khal Drogo doesn't cancel the claim effect. (The word "cancel" doesn't appear anywhere in his text.) Rather, Drogo replaces the normal claim of whatever challenge he attacks alone in so that it resolves the way his card says. If you use By Sword or By Guile to cancel the claim effect, it never resolves in the first place, so it cannot resolve in the "new" way indicated by Drogo's text.

Khal Drogo

Aug 31 2016 06:02 PM by Actaeon

Actually, Drogo's effect does not cancel the claim effect, since the description does not use the word 'cancel.' Drogo's effect replaces the claim effect of the challenge, like with Pyat Pree (QoD). By Sword or by Guile does cancel the claim effect and then instigates a card effect of moving 3 power, so the way these would interact is: win challenge with Drogo alone, claim effect changes from whatever standard effect is to his specific claim effect. You may then choose to play BSobG and cancel his claim effect to move 3 power. If you chose to activate BSobG first, then the normal claim effect has already been canceled and Drogo's effect cannot be activated.


Note also that since Drogo's effect only replaces 'the normal claim effects,' cards like Battle for the Shield Islands which have already replaced that normal claim effect prevent this ability from being used, while BSobG can still be played here since it is only replacing the claim effect.

Khal Drogo

Aug 30 2016 06:24 PM by Martell

How does his effect work with the event "By Sword or by Guile"? Since Drogos effect already cancels the normal claim, does the event cancel Drogos claim effect or do both effects remain active?

Rhaegar's Harp

Jul 21 2016 03:56 PM by ktom

Yes, he would be able to discard the White or Black Ravens. As you note, if Viserys gains the Raven trait, he is no longer a "non-raven card," so immunity to "non-raven cards" would no longer block him.

Den of the Wolf

Jul 21 2016 03:53 PM by ktom

Technically, Shadows isn't a "phase." Rather, at the beginning of each phase, each player has the opportunity to bring a card out of Shadows. So Shadows is a part of any and all phases, not a separate phase of its own.


Which is really just my long, annoying way of saying that the new phase created by the card will include the opportunity to bring a card out of Shadows at the beginning of it.

Rhaegar's Harp

Jul 19 2016 03:02 PM by Junik

If I attach RH to Viserys Targaryen (tCP) does it mean he (now with the raven trait) can discard raven attachments (immune to non-raven cards)?

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