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Game of Thrones LCG

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The Wall

Today, 11:16 AM by Nikolas

Is it me or the text of DB is wrong? Shouldnt it be baratheon?

The Aftermath

Today, 02:21 AM by oddjob

Very true. Personally I have always felt Forgotten Plans to be more of a threat (generally) since at least you can see that Learned crest is out and a possible Outwit coming. Of course, a deck that really gains from this plot could easily run both the Aftermath and Wildfire Assault and play accordingly. :)

The Wall

Today, 02:05 AM by NuFenix

The cards outside of play wouldn't have any active text, including their traits, so any out of house Night's Watch would have the penalty to play them.

The Aftermath

Today, 01:53 AM by NuFenix

But conversely, can't be stopped by Outwit.

Tyrion's Chain

Today, 01:48 AM by NuFenix

what are Lanni things that can kneel locations?

Westerlands helps that now. Ti be truely dirty, have Lannisport Brothel as well, so after everything stands, I kneel a character and then all of their locations...

Which is partly why I'm working out if I should try this or not in a deck.

The Wall

Today, 12:31 AM by korvacv

Thats a good question, i hadnt thought of that one myself, but then the question to ask is it giving the affiliation to characters only in play or ones in hand as well, if it doesnt affect the cards in hand then I would say no it doesnt reduce the gold cost as you pay the cost first

The Aftermath

Yesterday, 11:34 PM by oddjob

Basically prizing Wildfire Assault by 1 to add three initiative and shifting the effect to choke your opponent at marshaling. Interesting. Since it is no longer "when revealed", however, this is now susceptible to Forgotten Plans which seems to make this even more risky to run rather than Wildfire. 

The Wall

Yesterday, 10:21 PM by parralex0889

If you're playing Bara and it's winter, would this remove the gold cost of playing Janos and Jon Snow from your hand?

Tyrion Lannister

Yesterday, 04:15 PM by Shizm

AttackED - attackING....

Drowned Prophet

Yesterday, 03:11 PM by NikolaP

How is he removed? Discharted, killed, back to your hand or what?


None of that, he goes out of the game.

Tyrion Lannister

Yesterday, 03:10 PM by NikolaP

If for example Tyrion attacked alone and i remove him by "The fleet from arbor".Win challenge.Will it work?


Don't think so. When the winner of the challenge was resolved, Tyrion wasn't attacking alone.

Drowned Prophet

Yesterday, 12:22 PM by Phill
How is he removed? Discharted, killed, back to your hand or what?
Tyrion Lannister

Yesterday, 11:56 AM by Shizm

If for example Tyrion attacked alone and i remove him by "The fleet from arbor".Win challenge.Will it work?

King Joffrey's Guard

Yesterday, 05:00 AM by dommer01

Do not be turned away by the cost of this card. King Joffrey's Guard is a wonderfully balanced card.


8 for 8 bicon (Mil/Pow) is decent but when you add in the fact that you can halve its cost by having a queen/king card in play makes it almost an auto include with any PBtT that runs 3x Cersei LotR. That's not even considering the kneel effect. With a Castellan of the Rock in play you're kneeling three characters 2 of which can't be army and one can't have any attachments.


Also, if you have an Arbor's Guard in play it further reduces the cost by 2. In my Lannister kneel deck I run 3 Cersei, 3 Castellan and 3 Arbors Guard so 9/10 times I have at least 2 out of 3 of those guys out when I play King Joffrey's Guard.


Finally the No attachment can be a boon in meta's that run heavy negative attachments/conditions which is the case in my current meta and the war crest is just icing on the cake!


Yesterday, 04:33 AM by BSuarez

...And now it's banned. :mellow:

Restricted* :(

Guard at Riverrun

Jul 26 2014 10:22 AM by DCX3

Yes because they are separate cards with seperate passives.

Guard at Riverrun

Jul 26 2014 09:41 AM by VisionCollector

If I have more than 1 guard in play do I draw more than 1 card for each guard or not?

Dayne Spearman

Jul 25 2014 10:44 AM by JoExcelsior20
Oh, okay. That makes sense.
Kingdom of Shadows

Jul 25 2014 09:11 AM by VonWibble
He does indeed. Although he gets to choose which one.
Kingdom of Shadows

Jul 25 2014 06:04 AM by dommer01

I have a questions regarding the ability. It is a passive so you cannot choose to do it so it must be done. If my opponent has no shadow cards and he wins an intrigue challenge, does he have to stand one of my shadow cards?

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