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Venomous Blade

Yesterday, 07:44 PM by LaurenF

I'm not sure that's right. Here's what the FAQ says:


In other words, a Moribund card is considered
to have left play but is physically still in play
and retains its abilities (including attachments
and their abilities) and is allowed to interact
with the game as normal until it is finally (and
physically) placed in the discard/dead pile or
returned to hand/deck during Step 6 of the
action window.
I believe you can trigger VB back to shadows in this case.
Edit: Never mind! I was wrong. I can't believe I'm still learning rules for this game.
Venomous Blade

Yesterday, 07:37 PM by Reclusive

If the character venomous blade attached to is moribund, does it mean that venomous is also moribund?

Can I choose the char it is attached to as military claim then trigger venomous to go back into shadows?

No, it will get discarded without any chance to put it back in shadows.

Venomous Blade

Yesterday, 07:21 PM by DarkWing

If the character venomous blade attached to is moribund, does it mean that venomous is also moribund?

Can I choose the char it is attached to as military claim then trigger venomous to go back into shadows?

Lady Stoneheart

Oct 24 2014 08:48 PM by slothgodfather

Shadows Arya works well as repeatable HH fodder.

Lady Stoneheart

Oct 24 2014 08:44 PM by Actaeon

That was more or less my point (though not very well explained) as to why I thought that wasn't what they were getting at.

Lady Stoneheart

Oct 24 2014 07:33 PM by NikolaP
If you use Harrenhal to cancel her ability she won't be coming out of the dead pile since that too is the effect and not the cost.
Lady Stoneheart

Oct 24 2014 06:48 PM by Actaeon

I think Haddadro meant more use her as continuous fodder for Harrenhal rather than use Harrenhal to cancel the power discarding effect of her ability.


She's actually more useful in non-Bortherhood decks than I originally thought, since makes excellent claim soak and if you drop down to 2 of fewer power early in the game it could be worth it to bring her back (especially if you drop to zero).

Lady Stoneheart

Oct 24 2014 08:58 AM by 2deep99me

@Haddadro, I think I know what you're getting at but it won't work. When you cancel a triggered ability you cancel the whole triggered ability.

Riders of the Red Fork

Oct 23 2014 08:21 PM by slothgodfather



Oct 23 2014 07:20 PM by Conscience

Yes, it cancels her coming out of shadows, but if they still have gold they can trigger her again.


Oct 23 2014 06:27 PM by LegendOfGinAlly
Could this stop meera from coming out of the shadows? After reading the whole quill and tankard article specifically about her, i would assume so lol but I'm not sure
Riders of the Red Fork

Oct 23 2014 06:16 PM by Conscience

Could not At the Gates still grab him if you are using a different house? If he meets the requirements to be found by any search affect I would think that would include searching for an in-house maester.

Ser Preston Greenfield

Oct 23 2014 12:30 AM by chem2702

Ok thanks for that

No Use For Grief

Oct 22 2014 03:10 PM by ktom

Leaving aside the fact that non-unique Sandsnakes are about the dumbest source-material-related thing FFG has done with Martell: Yes.

No Use For Grief

Oct 22 2014 02:08 PM by MagnusLothar

So, to clarify.  Scenarios 2 and 3 in particular.  I can put into play if I wish from my deck all unique sandsnakes (attaching all their duplicates) as well as any non-unique sandsnakes, providing there are no copies of uniques in my dead pile, required influence is knelt, and my opponent has no cancel responses...?

No Use For Grief

Oct 22 2014 01:42 PM by ktom

"FAQ 4.2: If a copy of a unique character that a player owns and controls would be put into play by a card effect, that copy enters play as a duplicate of that character."


So it's actually in the FAQ. In all 3 of your scenarios, extra copies of Sandsnakes already in play (even if the first copy is put into play by the same "put into play" effect) become duplicates on that first copy. 

Ser Preston Greenfield

Oct 22 2014 01:35 PM by ktom

The "Response" means that it is the controller's option to trigger or not trigger after s/he wins Dominance, so in that sense, the effect is optional. But once Preston's controller chooses to trigger the Response, the word "must" indicates that each player has to do the discarding. No one can ignore the effect (i.e., it becomes mandatory) once Preston's controller chooses to use it.


So it makes sense as written when you consider that the "Response" give the controller the power to only use the discard effect when it would be advantageous to him/her, instead of it happening automatically when s/he won dominance, whether s/he wanted it to or not.

Ser Preston Greenfield

Oct 22 2014 11:00 AM by chem2702

I'm a little confused by this card. I thought "Response" meant it was optional. But this card then uses the word "must". To me, the text would make more sense if the "Response" word was removed.


Can anyone shed any light on this?

No Use For Grief

Oct 22 2014 10:49 AM by MagnusLothar

I've read all the comments about this card, but as helpful as they are I've still run into trouble with other players about how it's meant to be played.  Here are three scenarios:


(i) I have 3 unique sandsnakes in play plus the Red Viper.  He dies for Military claim, I play NUFG kneeling required influence.  I then search my deck, attaching duplicates to said uniques, and also putting into play single copies of remaining uniques and one or two non-uniques from my deck.

(ii) As above, but when I put into play the remaining uniques I also immediately attach their duplicates to them.

(iii) Red Viper is out alone, dies for Military claim, play NUFG, kneel influence, and flood the board with all uniques and all their duplicates, plus one or two non-uniques.


Any advice?  This card creates merry hell when other players come up against my sandsnake deck.

Maester Cressen

Oct 21 2014 10:30 PM by MagnusLothar

Yep, good for events such as Make An Example or Superior Claim in a power rush deck.  Timing is important if you're particular about the card you want back - certain Greyjoy decks can wreak havoc with that, if there's a lot of discard going on. Currently, I use him to get back Brightwater Man-At-Arms preferably; if not, event cards or reducers such as Seat of Power, sometimes even Melisandre's Scheme.  Nice sting in the tail of a Military challenge if you use him for claim.  


Interesting theory which I've yet to build into my Baratheons: Maester Cressen plus Cape Wrath.  Bounce him back into shadows after winning a challenge; bring him back out of shadows...  You get the idea. :-)

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