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Tyrion Lannister

Yesterday, 10:46 PM by Normak

This is for better rules lawyers than me, but I'm pretty certain the game doesn't check Tyrion until claim resolution occurs.  His text only creates the effect after the challenge has been won. 

Edit: So that is the to say, if you take him out with the fleet, the game has nothing to check.   If he's not the sole participant at the resolution, the game doesn't care about his text.  No claim replacement occurs.

The Only Game that Matters

Yesterday, 06:30 PM by bored2excess

"Until the end of the challenge". Unless he gets an intrigue icon in some way, tapping him in won't do anything.

Tyrion Lannister

Yesterday, 04:42 PM by parralex0889

so what is the verdict on having Tyrion attack alone and then removing Tyrion from the challenge? If you win the challenge (that Tyrion attacked alone), do you get Tyrion's effect?

Blackwood Elite

Yesterday, 02:07 PM by Ulric

It's a powerful card.Normally if the opponent is not a Stark he/she will have a hard time to win a mil challenge against you . The only problem with this card is the Prized 2. Imagine that you have in play 2 of them and the opponent Valar's you----> he will take 4 power.

Riverlands Hunter

Yesterday, 02:02 PM by Ulric

A must in stark decks.Specially in Tully decks. Imagine 

Riverlands Hunter + the new Blackfish +Winter is coming +Siege + claim 2 plot  and voilà
The Only Game that Matters

Yesterday, 01:12 PM by Shizm

Event says "participating characters without an [Intrigue] icon do not count their STR".Does Amber have an intrigue icon?

The Only Game that Matters

Yesterday, 09:31 AM by VisionCollector

What about Greatjon Umber (core set)? Can he bypass this if he kneels AFTER the event is played?

Daenerys Targaryen

Yesterday, 07:10 AM by theamazingmrg
Yep. And Milk of the Poppy. Worth it!
Rally Cry

Yesterday, 05:28 AM by Redviper187

Nothing because neither player has the most cards at his command.

Rally Cry

Yesterday, 02:00 AM by dzimm19

What happens if both players have the same number of cards at their command?

Shireen Baratheon

Aug 20 2014 08:31 PM by NikolaP

If I win a challenge in which Shireen dies by deadly and My other char has renown, could I trigger her ability immediatly? Or do I have To wait Next challenge??


You wouldn't be able to trigger her ability during that challenge, because she would be in a moribund state, and becomes an agenda after all responses for that challenge have been triggered.

Shireen Baratheon

Aug 20 2014 07:34 PM by ThePrestige
If I win a challenge in which Shireen dies by deadly and My other char has renown, could I trigger her ability immediatly? Or do I have To wait Next challenge??
Daenerys Targaryen

Aug 20 2014 06:21 PM by jstrong77
Traitor attachment blanks this right?
Ten Towers

Aug 20 2014 01:57 PM by Kennit

It´s not easy to build a competitive unopposed/discard theme and this one is quite expensive.

Mad King Aerys

Aug 20 2014 01:54 PM by Kennit

The sign of good card design right there.


Joffrey Baratheon

Aug 20 2014 12:38 PM by theamazingmrg
I'm guessing he cant be saved by anything apart from dupes?
Ser Barristan Selmy

Aug 20 2014 07:23 AM by Smiffsta

Selmy's ability bypasses the normal coming out of shadows action and his cost replaces the normal costs of bringing a card out of shadows. Compare it to young griff for example, his abilty allows you to reveal another card from shadows, however the ability specifies that you must pay its normal shadows cost. 

Ser Barristan Selmy

Aug 20 2014 05:25 AM by pwootton28

Where can I find an official ruling on Ser Barristan's ability. My wife believes that the one gold pays for the ability to bring a Kingguard/Queensguard character out of shadows at a time that it normally can not, however, the out of shadow cost for the character must still be payed in addition to the one gold to allow the card to come out of shadows. I, however, believe that his ability pays the out of shadow cost. Can someone point us to an official ruling from a Judge about how this card is played.

Blackwood Elite

Aug 20 2014 04:21 AM by Darksbane

I haven't played Tully in a long time but I'm kind of liking this card.

Robert Baratheon

Aug 20 2014 02:29 AM by Alaka

Baratheon is going for a prized-rush theme? I don't see how this card could be good out of that (and I really don't think that's viable either)


This card has an immense target on its head, prized 2, it isn't a noble, competes with keyword Stannis (VM) for the King spot, and doesn't reliably get you more power than fat Bob (Core) if you don't have more prized characters (which leaves you very vulnerable to targeted removal or resets).


I'm disappointed that Targaryen got a much superior king, in spite of Baratheon being the one struggling right now.

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