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Arianne's Conspirators

Today, 07:12 AM by Redviper187

Meh, its ok if you're going heavy into the intrigue side of things. Maybe with the conclave and some other shenanigans.

The Golden Company

Yesterday, 03:15 PM by ktom

Event cards go to the discard pile at the end of the action window in which they are played (unless something specifically says otherwise - like with Epic Battle events). You do not have to wait for a lasting effect to completely resolve (or become inactive) before putting them in the discard pile.


If you play an event in the challenge phase, its action window is going to have to close before you get to resolving the challenge (and ultimately triggering the Response on Golden Company). So the event will always be in the discard pile before you can trigger the response.

Ser Mandon Moore

Yesterday, 03:09 PM by ktom

You can use the "Challenges" ability to bring him out of Shadows and into play at any time that you can take a player action in the Challenges phase - including the window between declaring attackers and declaring defenders (as you say, the most advantageous time to do so). Just keep in mind that your opponent will have the opportunity to stealth past him (if any of his attackers have stealth) before you can declare him as a defender.

Ser Davos Seaworth

Yesterday, 03:04 PM by theamazingmrg

I don't understand this card.  The way I read this card is I can choose to save him by either paying one gold or simply returning  him to my hand. Why would I ever pay one gold?  So if I pay the one gold he goes to my hand.  Or if I don't pay the one gold I can still put him in my hand. 

You save him whether you spend gold or not. You pay the 1 gold because 1 gold is cheaper than three gold (to play him again if he goes back to hand.) and still leaves a character on the table that can be used for challenges/dominance.  If you don't pay the gold, he returns to your hand.  Which is preferable to the dead pile.

The Golden Company

Yesterday, 11:35 AM by Carth

I understand that, but I didn't formulate the question as I should have. 


My question is: when does Ambush from the plains go to the discard card? How do you know, in general, when an event card goes in the discard pile? As soon as you play it? When the effect is over? 


To give a simple exemple, let's say I use nightmares during the challenge phase, and that I have no cards in the discard pile. I then decide to attack with the Golden Company. is nightmares already in the discard pile, meaning that I can get it back and immediately play it again, or is it still considered to be in the board since its effect is not over?

Ser Davos Seaworth

Jul 26 2015 02:57 PM by Starshadow88

I don't understand this card.  The way I read this card is I can choose to save him by either paying one gold or simply returning  him to my hand. Why would I ever pay one gold?  So if I pay the one gold he goes to my hand.  Or if I don't pay the one gold I can still put him in my hand. 

Ser Mandon Moore

Jul 26 2015 02:10 PM by VanDutch85

Just to check, can I bring this card in to play after attackers have been declared against me? It seems a bit unnecessary to have the Challenges response in there otherwise.

By Sword or By Guile

Jul 25 2015 11:44 PM by ktom

Just the event.

Pyat Pree replaces the claim, changing the way it resolves for the challenge. This event cancels the claim so that it never resolves in the first place, leaving nothing for Pyat to change. (The 3 power is an event effect, not a replacement or a change of the claim.) 

By Sword or By Guile

Jul 25 2015 10:08 PM by chem2702

I would say that this triggered response would cancel the passive claim effect of Pyat Pree.

By Sword or By Guile

Jul 25 2015 08:02 PM by kidohearts

just wanted to make sure, seemed like it wasn't a for sure. if you play this when Pyat attacks alone, do you get both or just the event?



Blood of the Dragon

Jul 25 2015 04:08 PM by Starshadow88

On this card I don't understand what the "Dragon" trait means?  What is the dragon trait, what does it do? 

Maester Aemon

Jul 25 2015 04:03 PM by Starshadow88

I'm kind of new to this game, I've played three times but I still don't quite understand this card.  He is part of the Targaryen house deck which I get b/c he was a Targaryen before joining the Night's Watch.  But in the core set decks the Targaryen house deck doesn't have any other Night's Watch character's besides him.  So other than using him to save himself he really can't save anyone else when you are only jousting right?  If playing melee I could see how you could use him to help another player save a Night's Watch character. 


My other question on this card is he doesn't have any challenge symbols on his card so how does he participate in a challenge?  Same thing with the Bran Stark card from core deck.  How does he participate if he has no attachments added to him?

Arianne's Conspirators

Jul 25 2015 07:25 AM by mnBroncos

people playing this in martell Aloof? 

The Golden Company

Jul 24 2015 04:18 PM by ktom

Yes. You will get the one card in your discard pile back in your hand.

If there is only 1 card in your discard pile, any method of "randomly" returning a card from your discard pile to your hand is going to pull that card. Predictable results when applied to a small set (i.e., 1 card in your discard pile) doesn't stop random selection.


Put it in perspective: When a player loses an INT challenge, he is supposed to discard a card at random from his hand. Are players with exactly 1 card in hand effectively exempt from INT claim, or do they "randomly" lose the only card they have to lose? Same thing here with only 1 card in your discard pile.

The Golden Company

Jul 24 2015 01:38 PM by Carth

What happens if you use Ambush from the plain with this card? let's imagine you have nothing at this point in your discard card, can you just attack with the Golden company and immediately get Ambush from the plain back in your hand?

The Golden Company

Jul 23 2015 04:31 AM by ktom

No. "Random" only refers to the method for choosing which card comes out of your discard pile. It does not place any limitations on the state of your discard pile before making that choice.

The Golden Company

Jul 23 2015 03:45 AM by kidohearts

This might be an obvious answer, but i'm going to ask anyway. What if there is only 1 card your discard pile? Does "random" imply that you have to have 2 or more?

A Time for Wolves

Jul 22 2015 11:35 AM by VonWibble
Thanks, that confirms what I thought was probably the case.

In a deck using Meera Reed a way to search out Ghost is certainly useful. And with Grey Wind attachment having a plot that basically says "kill Sam" is also a plus.
A Time for Wolves

Jul 22 2015 11:12 AM by theamazingmrg

It means that they count as a Creature for the purposes of the search.  The "put Direwolves into play" part of the text only takes place after the card has been searched out of the deck and the text on Riders of the Red Fork doesn't apply t that stage.


In short, you can search it out and add it to your hand, but not put it into play.

A Time for Wolves

Jul 22 2015 10:30 AM by VonWibble
One question here - if you search out Riders of the Red Fork, can you put it into play with this?

I'm not sure if the "meets any criteria" means you count it as a Direwolf for just the search or for the put into play also? Plus the fact you are searching for a creature means it is a creature rather than a Direwolf for the purposes of this?
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