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Game of Thrones LCG

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Ashemark Councilor

Yesterday, 08:52 PM by BanjoFett

If The Windblown (AHM) attacks, and the defending player blocks with Ashemark Councilor, does the challenge just fizzle out because neither participant counts their strength?

The Iron Throne

Yesterday, 07:29 PM by ShaggyMarco

You say "people" are using the term. The FAQ-The ACTUAL RULES-use that term. The rules' tendency to use very similar-or exactly the same-terms to describe, in a rules sense, VERY different things, is a major source of frustration and confusion.


"(2.4) Responses Per Trigger 

If a response or passive ability is triggered, 
the effect can only occur once per trigger. 
For example, if Sansa Stark (CORE S9) is 
in play and you play an attachment on her, 
Sansa Stark's effect (draw a card) can only 
be triggered once. (If a second attachment 
is played on Sansa Stark, her ability can be 
triggered again.)"
Emphasis mine. 
"Triggered" is a great term to use when something happens that causes another ability to happen.
Any Phase:, Plot:, etc. effects shouldn't be called "Triggered" effects as they are not necessarily predicated on other things happening. They should have used another term for effects that must be manually turned-on, like "Activated."
Toll Gate

Yesterday, 07:01 PM by Phill

Does the character have to be kneeled?

The Iron Throne

Yesterday, 02:31 PM by slothgodfather

Well, to be fair, people are using the term that passives trigger during Step 4, but they are "initiated" or "activated" or even "fire" during Step 4.  Since they are not "triggered", then they should not be referred to with that terminology, to keep the confusion down.

The Iron Throne

Yesterday, 02:02 PM by ShaggyMarco

So to be clear, passive effects are triggered in step 4, but they are NOT Triggered effects.


That's worse than the difference between playing a card and putting a card into play.


I see and understand both sets of distinctions, but I also understand why this game manages to confuse people.

The Iron Throne

Sep 22 2014 06:01 AM by DCX3

The Iron Throne cancels triggered (character) abilities and Aeron Damphair's (character) ability is a passive ability. Pre-tl;dr: passives aren't triggered abilities so they cant be canceled by cards that cancel triggered abilities, so The Iron Throne can't cancel Aeron Damphair's ability.

The FAQ states on page 10, 
- Any effect that a player chooses to execute is considered a "triggered effect." Thus any effect that begins with a "Phase:" or "Response:" is a triggered effect. - (FAQ 5.2, 3.6)
- Passive abilities must initiate when applicable. - (FAQ 5.2, 3.11)

This suggests that passive abilities are not considered triggered effects as there is no choice involved for them 'triggering' or them going a head (I think this is the source of confusion for JRinkes question, in that just because passives trigger/go a head, doesn't mean they are triggered effects)

Anyway the FAQ also states on page 10.
 - Passive abilities are not affected by cards that prevent or cancel triggered effects or abilities. (FAQ 5.2, 3.6)
which backs up my first point.

The Iron Throne

Sep 22 2014 12:03 AM by theletabyss

Can I cancel Aeron Damphair's (KotS) passive character ability with the Iron Throne to prevent him from putting a holy character from the deck into play? Does the Iron Throne phrasing "Character ability just triggered" include passive effects triggered by an action, in this case killing Aeron?

By Sword or By Guile

Sep 21 2014 04:16 AM by harls

i stand corrected, probably should have went and read the RV text instead of running from memory

Dragon Skull

Sep 20 2014 10:54 PM by MagnusLothar

From Shadows rules: "Shadows cards can be placed into Shadows during setup, by spending 2 gold from the initial 5 gold allocated for setup."  It's the text defining what the attachment does when it comes out of Shadows that you really have to pay attention to.

Dragon Skull

Sep 20 2014 10:46 PM by MagnusLothar

Yes it can.

Dragon Skull

Sep 20 2014 09:51 PM by AndrewHows

Can this be played into shadows at setup?

House Messenger

Sep 20 2014 02:55 PM by istaril

Do I need to show which card I'm taking it? Because some people told me that you only need to show the top 2, after that, you can hide and chose one, without showing to your enemy. 


seems right to me



No. Their state stays 'revealed' until you've put them to their destination (Hand or bottom of deck). Your opponent knows which went where.

House Messenger

Sep 20 2014 02:46 PM by TehPippin

seems right to me

House Messenger

Sep 20 2014 02:10 PM by ClovisJr

Do I need to show which card I'm taking it? Because some people told me that you only need to show the top 2, after that, you can hide and chose one, without showing to your enemy. 

By Sword or By Guile

Sep 20 2014 08:49 AM by slothgodfather

Harls, both effects (RV and BSorG) cancel claim and so are in the Save/Cancel step (2) of the Framework Action event for implementing claim, but neither is "claim replacement".  So whoever plays their event that cancels claim first is the one that gets to resolve and the other can no longer be played since claim was already cancelled.   Note that the first player gets the first response in all Framework Action Windows.

By Sword or By Guile

Sep 20 2014 02:06 AM by harls

you win challenge opponent plays RV, choosing you to take the claim, you respond with this , and cancel the claim and take 3 power. nb. your response is to framework action of winning the challenge not opponents RV but the window is still open for you to play. And if you played this first, RV will have no effect as there is no claim for them to shift.

By Sword or By Guile

Sep 19 2014 04:57 PM by NikolaP
I guess it depends on who played first and who responded first. Not sure.
By Sword or By Guile

Sep 19 2014 04:35 PM by Actaeon

Ah, I don't know anymore! RV doesn't have an 'instead' in its text either so I have no idea now.

By Sword or By Guile

Sep 19 2014 01:06 PM by Actaeon

Actually, if this is played after RV it will override it and move 3 power from the loser's House Card. I was thinking that the effect of RV would still target the chosen player as the loser, but its effect only states that the chosen player fulfills claim as if they had lost. Therefore, this card's effect would still target the actual loser of the challenge.


Also, this can't be countered with RV since it cancels the claim effect, but doesn't have an 'instead' in its wording, so the effect of this card is not a claim replacement like I previously stated. Actually, after this card resolves calim is completely canceled.


Sorry everyone!

Feral Pack

Sep 19 2014 12:49 PM by Actaeon

No, this is not permanent, it is a Passive Effect. As long as the criteria are met for Feral Pack to gain its text, it will be in effect, but as soon as it leaves play or the criteria are no longer met (such as by gaining control of a non-Stark character) then the Passive Effect is essentially turned off and no longer applies.

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