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Game of Thrones LCG

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House Umber Berserkers

Jan 04 2018 01:36 PM by Hartnetto

Does the effect of this card works when one of the players in melee game don't have any characters?

Rule by Decree

Dec 14 2017 04:25 PM by FedericoFasullo

yes, it's an open information

Rule by Decree

Dec 13 2017 11:15 AM by Hartnetto

Hihi guys,

Must the opponent say how many cards does he(she) has in his(her) hand anytime I ask for it? (especially before I decide to play this plot)

Valar Morghulis

Nov 30 2017 01:56 PM by Hartnetto

Hi guys,

Have a question for playing 2 plots of Morghulis by 2 players and how it will affect the situation:

Player 1 have a character with a duplicate. Player 2 has 1 character but he has a option to save character ones by location or attachment and he will use it to save his char after first Morghulis. Will the characters die on both sides? And it would be clear table for both players? 

Good for the Gander

Nov 30 2017 01:47 PM by melic4
Hi folks,
I have some doubts about this plot and how it works. For example, "Valar Morghulis" was revealed with this plot. User copies effect of the "Valar" plot (kill all characters in play). My question: if I have a character with duplicate, should I discard duplicate to save a character from first Valar, and kill character as part of the copied Valar?
Or it's the same acction, and one character can not be killed during the plot face twice, and I should only discard a duplicate?
Doran's Favor

Nov 12 2017 12:36 AM by Verro

Thank you very much Actaeon.

Doran's Favor

Nov 10 2017 04:40 PM by Actaeon

You are correct, Vendor of Venoms with 2 power would not be discarded if you knelt an attached Doran's Favor. "Cannot" is absolute in aGoT LCG, so any time a card says that something cannot happen, that is the rule. The only way to get around an effect like "Cannot be discarded" is to blank the text of that card that gives it the immunity.

To address the additional point you brought up, immunity effects and save effects are not the same, so a card that is immune to discard ignores all the text about discarding it, even if that text normally precludes saving it.

Doran's Favor

Nov 08 2017 10:30 AM by Verro

Hi all, hope someone still follow the discussions for AGOT LCG 1E.

Is Vendor of Venom working with Doran's Favor? I mean, if it has 2 power points of it, and since discarding is not a cost but an effect, could it avoid to be discharged even if the card says "(cannot be saved)"? I guess that immunity to discard effect is not a save effect, but I would be sure.

Knights of the Hollow Hill

Oct 04 2017 03:36 AM by PIlger123

I need a copy of the "House of Dreams' and "knights of the hollow hill", but I'm from Brazil and I can not buy them here. Can anybody help me?

Orkmont Port

Oct 02 2017 03:35 PM by dayvisson3008
A very underestimated location. In the right deck, one of those in play will make your opponent crazy. Play two and your GJ deck becomes even faster than Bara.

Sep 15 2017 04:44 PM by dayvisson3008
Maybe the best Greyjoy attachment. Too bad it came too late.
Lysa Arryn

Sep 14 2017 09:23 PM by Actaeon

i don´t understand, cancel plots?

To clarify, Lysa Arryn does not necessarily cancel plots, it actually works on triggered effects that include the word "plot" or "non-plot" (although technically plot is already included in non-plot, so it's kind of redundant).


So what exactly does that mean? Well a triggered effect is any effect that starts with Bold Words before the text, and the bold words will either be the name of a phase (like as Plot or Challenges), Any Phase, or Response. It is also important to note that each paragraph on a card is a separate effect, so only a card which has a paragraph starting with a bold word and which includes the word "plot" in that specific paragraph is eligible to be canceled by Lysa Arryn.


A few examples:


Meera Reed (TftH) has two triggered effects on her card, one which puts her into shadows and one that takes her out of shadows. The effect that brings her out of shadows also allows her to blank 1 or 2 non-plot cards, so this effect CAN be canceled by Lysa Arryn. The effect that puts her into shadows does not include the words "plot" or "non-plot" so that effect CANNOT be canceled by Lysa Arryn.


Outwit (TIoR) has a response that cancels a plot effect. Lysa Arryn CAN cancel this effect because it uses the word "plot" (this is also the only Plot she can cancel since it is the only plot with a triggered effect using the word "plot", as well as the only plot with a triggered effect at all as best as I can remember).


The Eyrie (ADG) has the keyword "Immune to plot card effects" and has a triggered effect, but Lysa Arryn CANNOT cancel this effect because even though the word "plot" is on the card, it is not written in the triggered effect.


That might be a bit of over-explanation, but I hope it clears everything up.

Lysa Arryn

Sep 12 2017 07:44 PM by LuisFabian

i don´t understand, cancel plots?

Threat from the North

Sep 11 2017 08:44 PM by Actaeon

Can I save character from be discarded using Seafarer's Bow attachment, to increase the STR for partisipating charactrs?


It is important to note that you can use Seafarer's Bow to protect one character by kneeling the character or attachment before the plot is revealed, but both effects of Seafarer's Bow only last until the end of the phase. This means that you can keep the character from being discarded during the Plot Phase, but once the phase ends the character's STR reverts and it is immediately discarded.

Threat from the North

Sep 09 2017 02:58 AM by dayvisson3008

Can I save character from be discarded using Seafarer's Bow attachment, to increase the STR for partisipating charactrs?

If you use the bow before plots are revealed, yes. Otherwise no, because the bow's ability is an action, not a response.

Threat from the North

Sep 08 2017 11:47 AM by melic4
Can I save character from be discarded using Seafarer's Bow attachment, to increase the STR for partisipating charactrs?
The Withering Cold

Sep 07 2017 08:34 PM by dayvisson3008

This may work well with Power Rush strategy based on Vigilant or Prized Khal. It seems to require a lot of planning and a bit of luck, however.

Loyalty Money Can Buy

Aug 20 2017 10:31 PM by dayvisson3008

How it stucks with the "Red Vengeance" event?


Red Vengeance uses the modified claim value from opponent's plot on him or herself. It's usually a better idea to save it for use against challenges with revealed plots of 2 or more claim (or during those crucial moments when you need to keep things the way they are). If your opponent is already with zero claim there's no need to play Red Vengeance imo.

Loyalty Money Can Buy

Aug 16 2017 11:33 AM by melic4
How it stucks with the "Red Vengeance" event?
Without His Beard

Jul 30 2017 09:08 PM by dayvisson3008

I think it works well enough against Martell, but there are better options for your event slots.

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