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Fortified Position

Today, 01:37 PM by melic4
Guys, I need your clarification about the situation when a character has printed text: "No attachments" and plot "Fortified Position" was played. 
During the round, when "Fortified Position" plot was played, the text "No attachments" is no longer a restriction, so I can attach any attachment to the character (e.g. "Hodor" from the Core Set). 
My question: what should happen with the attachment, after opening a new plot card?
- an attachment should be discarded because current character NOW has printed text "No attachments";
- an attachment should still be in play, and still has its bonus because it had attached earlier, when it was legal;
- an attachment should still be in play, but it doesn't provide its bonus, because of "No attachments".
Wildfire Assault

Jan 14 2017 04:25 PM by bgh251f2
There's the exception for effects that turn chars immune to plot effects like Lwin + Bran.
Ser Gregor Clegane

Jan 05 2017 01:30 PM by melic4
Hi folks,
Could you please clarify me properties of this character? I'm not sure about the text 'is kneeling' and 'kneeling character'.
When exactly 'Ser Gregor Clegane' gets this response?
- while he is used as an attacker / defender during the current challenge?
- in any time, if he is already knelt?
Who can be killed using 'Ser Gregor Clegane's' property 'Any Phase'?
- character, who is kneeling as an attacker / defender during the current challenge?
- character, who is already knelt?
Salladhor Saan

Dec 15 2016 05:09 PM by ktom

You can post general rules questions in the "Rules Questions" forum instead of trying to choose a specific card's comments.


- At the beginning of the Marshaling phase, the First Player becomes the "Active Player" and collects gold equal to his/her current income count (plot card plus modifiers).

- There is then a "Player Action" window. This window works like any other player action window in any other phase - i.e., starting with the First Player, all players take turns triggering actions (either "Any Phase" or "Marshaling" in this particular case) until all players pass consecutively. The only difference in the Marshaling phase is that the Active Player, in addition to triggering "Marshaling" and "Any Phase" actions, may pay gold to Marshal characters, locations and attachments from his/her hand.

- Once this Player Action window closes (because all players pass on their chance to trigger and/or play something in a row), the next player in line becomes the "Active Player" and collects their gold.

- There is then another "Player Action" window, the same as any other, but with a different player as the Active Player, and thus able to pay gold to Marshal characters, locations and attachments.

- Repeat until all players have had a turn as Active Player.


A couple of things to notice:

1. When you are the Active Player, you do not get to marshal everything you want without interruption. You marshal (or trigger) something, then your opponent gets the chance to do something, then you marshal (or trigger) something else, then your opponent gets a chance to do something, and so on. So, for example, if you want to trigger 3 Stormlands Fiefdoms to lower the cost to marshal Salla here by a total of 3, your opponent actually has the chance to trigger something of their own between each Fiefdom knelt/triggered and you marshaling the card. People usually forget that this is how it works because players other than the Active Player tend not to have much to do in this window.

2. When a new player becomes the Active Player, it doesn't change who the First Player is. Since the First Player always has the first opportunity to trigger things in each Player Action window, this means that the FIRST PLAYER can actually trigger an "Any Phase" or "Marshaling" ability before an opponent who just became the Active Player (and got their gold) gets the chance to marshal anything.


So, to specifically address your scenario above:

- When the Marshaling phase begins, the First Player becomes Active Player and collects his gold.

- As First Player, he gets to take the first action in the subsequent Player Action window. As the Active Player, that action can be to play a character, location or attachment from his hand.

- BUT, the First Player gets to do one thing only, and then the second player can trigger Salla's ability. So, if the first thing the First Player does is kneel a Street of Steel (to lower the cost of a MIL character), Salla would be able to then discard the First Player's Street of Silk before he gets a chance to use it.

- Note that if the positions were reversed (the First Player has Salla and the second player just became the Active Player), the First Player actually could trigger Salla before the second player, as Active Player, gets to do anything after collecting his/her gold.

Black Amethysts

Dec 15 2016 04:42 PM by ktom


"Setup" means that in addition to being played like any other attachment, this card may also be placed as part of your 5-gold worth of cards during setup (but only if you also place an eligible character to attach it to). Once the setup process is over, you play this card the same way you would any other 0-cost attachment.

Black Amethysts

Dec 14 2016 11:42 PM by ringil

what does setup mean? that i can't play this card at other time, only during this step, right?

Salladhor Saan

Dec 12 2016 01:27 PM by melic4

I'm not sure, where exactly this question should be asked, but... I have some doubts about the order of the actions (Salladhor Saan will be used in my example, but the question is more general and related to the order of the actions).


Two players. The first player controls some location, the second player controls Salladhor Saan). Marshaling phase begins.

Can the second player trigger Salladhor's ability before the first player do anything? OR the first player should done all his plans (put into play some characters, locations, attachments, play events and/or trigger abilities on the just played characters and locations)?


Thank you!

Wildfire Assault

Dec 06 2016 04:01 PM by ktom

"Cannot" is absolute. So you are correct, it's not like there is a secret way around "cannot be saved" with duplicates, attachments, etc.


Note that something that "cannot be saved" can still be canceled, and vice versa.

Wildfire Assault

Dec 06 2016 08:39 AM by melic4
Hi folks,
One little question: "cannot be saved" means, that NOTHING can save a character from been killed: character abilities, attachments, places, events, duplicates?
Salla's Escort Ship

Dec 01 2016 10:45 PM by ktom

Correct. The card would specifically say, "...choose 2 characters that you control" if you were limited in your target choice. 

Ser Edmure Tully

Dec 01 2016 10:43 PM by ktom

Yes. This card is removing the character from the challenge - i.e., making it so that they are not considered to be attacking or participating any more. So those characters will not be able to use Deadly, Renown, etc. because they will not be participating when the challenge resolves.


The card would say, "Attacking characters with STR 1 or lower do not count their STR during this challenge" (or something similar) if the characters continued to participate, but did not contribute to the total challenge STR.

Salla's Escort Ship

Dec 01 2016 01:48 PM by melic4
Please correct me, if I'm wrong: I can choose any characters in the play (not only under my control)!
p.s: it looks interesting together with "Stannis's Northern Cavalry" (Stannis's Northern Cavalry cannot be killed or discarded from play during a phase in which its STR has been raised or lowered. ) - it will be immortal during the challenge phase.
Ser Edmure Tully

Dec 01 2016 01:42 PM by melic4
Hi folks,
I need your clarification regarding for "remove all attacking characters with STR 1 or lower from the challenge". Does it mean, that not only STR of the attacking character is removed, but the character in general? 
p.s: it's important in the case, if the attacking character with 1 STR has a deathly (and defending character doesn't have deathly) - if the character is removed from the challenge, does it mean, that defender should not kill a participating character as payment for the deathly.
Mole Town Brothel

Nov 28 2016 03:20 PM by ktom

First Question: No, for two reasons. #1 - Your timing is off. Once you use Mole Town Brothel to stand the defender, you are past the point where you can declare defenders in the challenge. You declare and kneel all of your defenders at the same time. Once you do that, you can use "Action" abilities like this one, but once you do, you cannot go backwards and declare more defender. #2 - The rules say that you add up the STR of all the characters participating on your side to get your total challenge STR. A character is either participating or its not. You can't participate in the same challenge 2 times, so you can't count your STR on the same side twice in the same challenge.


Second Question: Once a character is participating in a challenge, it continues to participate until the challenge ends, the character is removed from play, or a card effect specifically removes it from the challenge. Simply standing a character that is participating in a challenge does not remove it - any more than taking the challenge icon away from a character that is already participating would stop it from participating or from counting its STR.

The Stormlands

Nov 28 2016 03:12 PM by ktom

This card does 2 things:

1) It gives all plots the "Power Struggle" trait.

2) If a plot card has the "Power Struggle" trait printed on the card, it raises the claim value by 1 during Power challenges.


You seem to be missing the importance of the word "printed" in the second ability.

- So, if the card does not have "Power Struggle" already, it gains the trait, but THAT'S IT. No rise in claim.

- The only way to get the rise in claim is to reveal a plot card that already has "Power Struggle" written on the card. If there is no ink on the card saying "Power Struggle," there is no way for this card to increase the claim value.

- There is NO WAY for this card to raise claim by 2 because there is no way to have "Power Struggle" inked on the card twice.


Nov 21 2016 05:39 PM by ktom

No. For a couple of reasons:


1. The event can only be played in response to a single "claim power" effect. Resolving claim for winning the challenge is effect #1. Taking the bonus power for winning an unopposed challenge is effect #2. You cannot respond to two effects with a single event. You have to pick one or the other.


2. The game mechanic for "claiming" power is when you take power from the power pool and put it on a card in play. The total number of power in play always increases. But when you resolve the "claim" effect for a power challenge, you actually MOVE power from your opponent's House card to your own - the total number of power in play stays the same, it is just redistributed. So winning a power challenge does not create the required "After a player claims 1 or more power for his or her House..." effect that is required in order to play Infamous!


(Note that the difference between "claiming" and "moving" power is the reason one player cannot use Infamous! against an opponent's Infamous!.)


So, in the situation you describe, this event can only be played in response to claiming the bonus power, not the claim effect, for winning an unopposed challenge, meaning that the Infamous! player will only get one power.

Mole Town Brothel

Nov 21 2016 03:18 PM by melic4

As for this location, can one character be used twice in one challenge as the defender, and will it be count as STR of this character * 2 ?. Let me explain (I put my character as defender -> use this location "Kneel 1 influence to choose and stand 1 defending character" -> put this character again into the challenge)


Second question: if I put the character into the challenge as the defender, and after stand this character during the challenge - will his STR still count as the total STR in the defends? or after standing that character - this character removes from the TOTAL STR in defence?

The Stormlands

Nov 21 2016 03:09 PM by melic4

Guys, does this location mean, that each my plot card has Power Struggle trait -> and as result, each my power challenge has +1 claim value?


Second question, if my plot card already has Power Struggle -> does it mean, that this location doesn't give me one more Power Struggle (I'm asking, because it would be great, to have +2 claim value, but it looks strange for only two golds).


Nov 17 2016 02:02 PM by melic4

The easiest way to be clear on how this card works is that any amount of power a player takes from the power pool (the game board if you will) due to one effect (event, agenda, etc) this card will catch it.

Could you please clarify, if I win a power challenge, which was unopposed, I'm going to take two power (one power, as part of the power challenge, from the losing opponent, and one more power for the unopposed challenge from the power pool). Does it mean, that after playing "Infamous!" event, both these power will be stolen? 

Ser Gregor's Band

Nov 15 2016 03:44 PM by ktom

This card has nothing to do with affiliation. Forget about Stark, Lannister, etc. when counting its STR.


This card gets +1 STR for each character, location or attachment in play that has a power counter on it. It doesn't matter whether that card is Lannister, Greyjoy, neutral, or whatever.

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