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Mace Tyrell

Yesterday, 10:04 PM by theamazingmrg

If you're playing against a slower deck, this could be an awesome way to get to the win before your opponents deck gets going.  It works really well in a Noble Cause deck if you can get him out early.  The downside is that if your opponent can gain power quicker than you then they benefit.  It's a gamble - more for a fun, casual deck than competitive play.

The Hound

Yesterday, 09:51 PM by parralex0889

how would this Hound interact with Secret Orders  which replaces a character's strength but it doesn't say it lowers it. 


Yesterday, 06:34 PM by slothgodfather

The "then" portion does not need to be successful to trigger the effect, but you must be able to successfully stand a character to trigger the ability.


Yesterday, 06:07 PM by VonWibble
The only house that gets a limited cost 0 for 1 reduction is Martell. All Fiefdoms cost 1.

There are 3 clear reasons I can think of not to use this card.

1) It does nothing for shadows

2) As mentioned, its not the best for setup compared to alternative locations

3) Location hate is nastier when used to take out this card as opposed to a Keep.

Reasons to take it are that it is a Stark affiliation resource card, making it a good pick for a HOD Bear Island deck.

Yesterday, 05:46 PM by baracarl
If u reached your draw cap ,can u still stand and discard ? Or do u need to complete everything on card ?

Yesterday, 12:46 PM by ScionMattly

If I were to guess, its because its closest counterparts as limited locations are 0 cost for 1 reduction, thus netting a +1 that turn. 2 cost locations are iffy for setup. I don't even run fiefdoms a lot of the time, unless I feel ill use the influence frequently.

2 gold locations, 3 seas, 3 reducers, plus streets/FB/RR can quickly fill out all of your income requirements, and are all more efficient.


Yesterday, 11:41 AM by Reclusive

This would destroy the Redwyne Straights + Knights of the Hollow Hill combo.

It's pretty much pointless to try it after HH errata eitherway

House of Dreams

Yesterday, 10:10 AM by Totalgit

The apprentice is not a plot effect so yes the hod location is immune to it.

House of Dreams

Yesterday, 08:41 AM by Cakeman
Pyromancer Apprentice - even though it is the HoD location controller who choses to pay or discard, it's still due to an effect from the apprentice and thus the HoD location would be safe even if one gold could not be payed?

Yesterday, 03:28 AM by ElemEclipse

This would destroy the Redwyne Straights + Knights of the Hollow Hill combo.

Mace Tyrell

Yesterday, 03:00 AM by ElemEclipse

What is this decks uses? Seems like an easy way to lose.

Loyal to the Last

Yesterday, 02:55 AM by ElemEclipse

This plus Retaliation (ASoS) sounds great.


Yesterday, 02:24 AM by SolidSnake29

Use Zollo's effect if you want to destroy a friendship.


Sep 29 2014 09:29 PM by Conscience

Why don't these reducers see much play these days? It pretty much pays for itself right off the bat. Not as great of a setup card but I still see this going in a deck over the fiefdoms if you do not need the influence.

Focused Offense

Sep 29 2014 08:35 PM by slothgodfather

It is a constant effect only as long as the plot is revealed.  If you are stuck on this plot, you only get 1 challenge for 2 rounds and can't defend at all.   But if you attack once and use WwW to switch the plot you are not restricted by the effect since it is no longer revealed.


Sep 29 2014 08:06 PM by 14Shirt

Essentially the game is only looking for the neutrality or the night's watch trait during the response window after Ygritte is played. So it doesn't matter if the trait falls off later, under whatever circumstances (the game isn't checking for it afterwards, only whether or not Ygritte is still in play). Old Nan is particularly useful here, yes.

Focused Offense

Sep 29 2014 05:45 PM by VonWibble
1) Correct

2) Pretty sure its constant.

3) I don't know. It doesn't state "per round" so I'd guess so, but would like a stronger rulemeister than I to clarify.

Sep 29 2014 05:43 PM by VonWibble
That is correct.

Old Nan works really well with her.
Focused Offense

Sep 29 2014 02:22 PM by Actaeon

A couple of questions about this plot:


1: Since the text does not limit its effects to the Challenge Phase, I assume that for the entire round that this plot is reveal you may only declare 1 challenge and cannot decalre defenders against any challenge, preventing you from using epic phase challenges and card effects that allow you to declare extra challenges.


2: Is this effect a Constant effect or a Lasting effect (like Feast or Famine). I assume it is constant but was worried it might be lasting and thus make changing plots moot.


3: How does this work with Art of Seduction, does the 1 challenge initiated the previous round count towrds this limitation the next round? I'm guessing it does, but have no basis.


Sep 29 2014 01:40 PM by Conscience

Should remain under your control, I don't see any reason for it to go back unless she leaves play.

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