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Game of Thrones LCG

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Knights of the Hollow Hill

Jun 20 2016 09:51 PM by ktom

Whether they do or not, they are not affected by this card, which only stops cards from providing gold bonuses. Since there is no "+" in front of the gold number on a plot card, it isn't considered a "bonus."

Knights of the Hollow Hill

Jun 19 2016 06:34 PM by vengeanceofthenorth
This is kind of a dumb question, but do plot cards count as cards you control?
Befouled River

Jun 17 2016 01:58 AM by vengeanceofthenorth
Thank you
Befouled River

Jun 16 2016 01:27 PM by ktom

Nothing. If you're tied, no one has the "the most" cards at his or her command.

Befouled River

Jun 15 2016 02:56 AM by vengeanceofthenorth
What happens if highest command total is tied ?
Herding the Masses

Jun 08 2016 09:29 PM by ktom

Without any sort of limitation (e.g., "...your non-unique characters..." or "...non-unique character that you control..."), it applies to all characters in play, no matter who controls them.

Herding the Masses

Jun 08 2016 02:20 AM by TheLordsAmbassador
I just want to clarify what this card means. Does this cards effect apply to the one who revealed it as well or just the other players

May 25 2016 04:43 AM by swtke

Featured on Game of Thrones Season six Episode five.

Red Vengeance

May 18 2016 02:07 PM by vengeanceofthenorth
Ah, thank you
Red Vengeance

May 16 2016 11:22 PM by ktom

The challenge isn't actually redirected. It just puts someone else on the hook for claim. Who wins or loses the challenge, by how much and whether or not it is opposed is not affected at all.

Red Vengeance

May 15 2016 05:40 PM by vengeanceofthenorth
If the redirected challenge is unopposed, would my opponent still claim the power for UO? I imagine yes.
Dragon Egg

May 04 2016 04:49 AM by lahirund

This will be great with Crown of Meereen (QoD) to switch the attachment between different types of cards to have some flexibility during Challenge phase. Even better if you attached it to a location before the Military challenge so the opponent cannot kill the the character it is attached to for claim.  

He Calls It Thinking

May 03 2016 11:59 AM by ktom

So... this card says that it only cancels "Response" effects. Wheels Within Wheels is an "Any Phase" effect. They don't match and so do not interact.

Call Their Bluff

May 03 2016 11:57 AM by ktom

It's a single trigger on a single card, so you do all of this each time you trigger it. You name a card (by title), look at your opponents' hands, and discard any cards with the title you named.


Granted, a second one right on top of the first is probably going to be more effective because you will already know what people have in their hands, but there is nothing stopping you from making educated guess with just one copy of the card.


May 03 2016 11:54 AM by ktom

Do you mean alone or when Melisandre is out and active?

The "more power than you" on Shae means "more total power." In the absence of any card effect to the contrary, that includes all the power contributing to a player's victory total - House card and characters.


May 02 2016 09:39 PM by Actaeon

There are various effects in this game that can put power onto attachments or locations, but according to the rules only power on your house card and character cards counts towards the victory condition and any power on other cards is ignored. Melisandre essentially changes the rules so that only power on a house card counts and Shae's effect refers to the power a player has that counts toward the victory total. So yes, when resolving Shae's effect ignore power on characters controlled by the players who don't control Melisandre.

Call Their Bluff

May 02 2016 09:34 PM by Actaeon

When you play this card, all opponents reveal every card in their hands to everyone. If you have a second copy and two gold (and paid attention to the cards they had), you can certainly play another copy. That said, the four gold and two card slots used to do this would probably be better served putting a character or two into play.

He Calls It Thinking

May 02 2016 09:29 PM by Actaeon

I think the answer is no, but I need to be sure, can this be used to cancel wheels within within wheels? That card is a bane to my sand snake deck

No, Wheels within Wheels is an Any Phase action, not a response.


Apr 29 2016 02:44 PM by melic4
Hi folks,
Could you please clarify one point. When Melisandre is in play (http://www.cardgamed...y_11_121471.jpg), she has the ability "Power on opponents' characters does not count towards their total power. "  - my question, should Shae taken into account power on the characters, or only power on house card should be counted?
Call Their Bluff

Apr 29 2016 08:04 AM by melic4

Guys, as for this event - does it mean, that after I name a card, my opponent(s) should show me his or her hand (so, I'll see all the cards) - and discards all cards with that name. And if I have one more "Call Their Bluff" event, I can play this event again (using two golds) and name another card (which I exactly know, that he or she has it)?

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