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The Stormlands

Today, 08:26 AM by MagnusLothar

As another example of a card which has good synergy with The Stormlands, check out the attachment The Art of Diplomacy.  The Stormlands confers the Power Struggle trait to your revealed plot card, so the +4 strength benefit applied regardless of whether that trait is printed on the plot card or not.


The other benefit of The Stormlands - the raise to claim value during power challenges - is good for a rush deck mid to late game.  Not much good in round one when your opponent has no power to claim.

The Stormlands

Today, 05:19 AM by DamonRogue

Thanks for that! 

The Stormlands

Today, 04:35 AM by 2deep99me

Schnaki was correct. 'Power Struggle' is a plot-specific trait (though not necessarily restricted to plots); as is Military Battle, Intrigue Gambit, City, River, Raven -- there may be more but I'm not aware of them. Two 'Power Struggle' plots have when revealed effects, so the new Greenseer's Raven is, in some manner, actually relevant to Power Struggle plots. Otherwise, as per The Stormlands, there are a number of cards which react to the presence of a Power Struggle plot, either in play or in the used pile, like To Be a Dragon.

The Stormlands

Today, 02:47 AM by DamonRogue

Maybe a silly question but:
There is a difference between "gains Power Struggle" and "printed Power Struggle", right?

So the last part (Claim +1) isn't there if the plot does not have a printed (or fat) "Power Struggle"?

I was wondering the same thing.  Also what does Power Struggle mean? Or is it just considered flavor text? 

Aloof and Apart

Yesterday, 10:30 PM by Redviper187

I believe the image used here was from the spoiler which had the logo for copyright purposes. I just checked and the actual card does not have the logo.

Aloof and Apart

Jan 23 2015 09:29 PM by Conscience

So FFG feels the need to throw their logo on the cards...huh

Dragon Fear

Jan 22 2015 03:47 PM by slothgodfather

Unless the effect of the attachment has it discard itself, such as with Bodyguard, then the attachment will remain as long as the character is in play.  So if you save the character, any attachment and power on them remain.  The effect of the attachment is still in place, and that character will continue to be required to be MIL claim in the future - until they die or you get rid of the attachment.

Dragon Fear

Jan 22 2015 03:47 PM by Redviper187

The attachment stays. It is only discarded if it is targeted by something which discards it i.e. dragon thief or if the attached character leaves play.

Ellaria Sand

Jan 22 2015 03:11 PM by VonWibble
After. The full order is given in the FAQ.

Claim happens first.

Then renown and deadly (someone with a better memory than me can clarify which way round).

Then responses.
Ellaria Sand

Jan 22 2015 02:37 PM by dimithrone
Ok, let s say i lose a chal and a renown character of my opponent gains a token, do i get to steal it with ellaria? I mean, is ellaria s reaopnse triggered before or after the " reward renown" step?
Dragon Fear

Jan 22 2015 02:33 PM by dimithrone
If i have a duplicate character with this attached on him an i discard the duplicate for a mil claim, does the attachement still remains on the other card-character or is it discarded, since the Attachement s text has been resolved-fulfilled?
Theon Greyjoy

Jan 21 2015 11:51 AM by 2deep99me

No -- you still lose, yes -- you lose a card so long as you have a card of that type to discard (ie. if you have no characters choose 'character' to discard nothing -- hence the 'if able'). An unopposed challenge is still a challenge that was lost by some party. This will also work if you attack and lose by 4 or more total STR. 

Theon Greyjoy

Jan 21 2015 09:41 AM by TheMaesterHodor
Does this card only affect challenges where defenders are declared? If I lose an unopposed challenge, do I still lose the card?
Blackcrown Knights

Jan 20 2015 09:52 PM by ktom

Discarding the card is the cost of this effect, not the trigger for the Response. The trigger is what has to happen "after" which you use the Response. In this case, that is winning a POW challenge. So since you only win 1 POW challenge, you can only trigger the Response 1 time -- no matter how many cards you could discard. 


Generally speaking, costs are not variable. When you trigger an effect, you pay the stated cost to get the stated effect. You cannot pay the cost X times to get the effect X times on a single use of the effect.

Blackcrown Knights

Jan 20 2015 09:40 PM by Hewlett

Oic, Tyvm Sloth

Blackcrown Knights

Jan 20 2015 08:32 PM by slothgodfather

To expand your logic, a player using Siege of Winterfell would be able to trigger their agenda 8 times after winning a MIL challenge, since the condition has been met.


However, that is NOT the case.  The condition that lets you trigger the response (with regards to these Knights) is "win a POW challenge", which only happened once.  There is a general rule in this game where you can only trigger a particular response once per condition that enables it.  So in your example, you have only won 1 power challenge, therefore you can only trigger the response one time.  The discarding a card from your hand is a cost to triggering it, so if you have no cards you are unable to trigger it.   In my example with Siege, they can only trigger the agenda once per MIL challenge that they win.


But, if you had 2 or 3 of these knights in a single challenge, you could trigger each of their responses (one at a time, each costing you another card) in response to winning the challenge. 

Blackcrown Knights

Jan 20 2015 07:47 PM by Hewlett

Wouldnt discard another card from my hand counts as as another trigger ? Allowing me to use this response multiple times in the same won challenge?


Jan 20 2015 06:36 PM by Cumber

Cool, that's how we ruled it at the time.  I just didn't have the terminology "terminal effect"!  thanks for the clarification!


Jan 19 2015 08:08 PM by slothgodfather

edited: I just read the above posts about "cannot be returned to hand" business.  interesting.   


Jan 19 2015 06:19 PM by Redviper187

This card is a baller in AaA decks. I wonder if it will get "House Targaryen Only" as an errata. I know that I'm usually running at least one even in AaA decks out of other houses.

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