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Game of Thrones LCG

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Faceless Man

Yesterday, 11:24 AM by VonWibble
It says "if you control a war character", not "for each war character you control".

Therefore you can only get one instance of each bonus.
Faceless Man

Yesterday, 10:48 AM by NikolaP

Does faceless man work like if you have Warrior's Son (LotR) you get benefits for holycrest and warcrest? And other question is if faceless man gets deadly or stealth for one character, does it get another stealth/deadly if you control more with same crest? If some case you lose keywords, does it lose only one of each?


You'd get benefits for both crests. Comparing his ability to Ser Lancel Lannister's(TPoL), I'd say he only gets one instance of keywords (or Pow icon, or +2 str).

Faceless Man

Yesterday, 08:58 AM by Nazql

Does faceless man work like if you have Warrior's Son (LotR) you get benefits for holycrest and warcrest? And other question is if faceless man gets deadly or stealth for one character, does it get another stealth/deadly if you control more with same crest? If some case you lose keywords, does it lose only one of each?

Shadow Politics

Nov 21 2014 06:22 PM by MagnusLothar

The Breaking of Oaths (KotSea) will also give you an additional intrigue challenge, although it does confer the same advantage to your opponent.

Tyrion Lannister

Nov 21 2014 12:31 PM by SamFishersTeddy

I think it means, that you can't put into play a event card or a unique card which is in your dead pile

Tyrion Lannister

Nov 21 2014 10:08 AM by iuska89

what does if able in that case means?


Nov 21 2014 09:03 AM by 2deep99me

Nov 21 2014 07:12 AM by Ajora



While Melisandre is standing, Asshai characters get +1 STR.

That includes herself? So that while she is standing, she gets STR 4?

Shadow Politics

Nov 20 2014 02:54 PM by Actaeon

Or for fun, have Lady Genna (CbtC) and Cersei Lannister (LotR) and use Shadow Politics during the marshalling phase. After they marshal their characters, have Cersei attack until you win (unless they have a non-kneeling intrigue defender). If you use PbtT they could grab some extra cards or power, but to do so they will have to give up intrigue defenders before the challenge phase even starts.


Nov 20 2014 09:28 AM by 2deep99me

Neither. I remember I once played a friend running Targ Burn. I had the Viper and the Viper alone in what was turning into a drawn out slog fest. Attacked with Viper who already had FK attached. Opponent triggers Meereen Tourney Grounds. He Calls it Burning. Attach to Viper, +2 STR with an attachment. Neutralise Flame Kissed. Feels good.

Shadow Politics

Nov 20 2014 09:23 AM by Flint

You can play more than one epic battle, there are several that let you pick the challenge type.

Shadow Politics

Nov 20 2014 05:36 AM by chem2702

I'm relatively new to AGOT, but can someone verify if this is legal:


Marshalling: Use Shadow Politics to initiate the 1st Intrigue challenge.

Challenges: Use Cersei (LotR) with Power of the Throne Agenda to initiate a 2nd and 3rd Intrigue challenge, followed by a 4th (3rd this phase) by discarding Myrcella.

Dominance: Use a 2nd Shadow Politics to initiate a 5th Intrigue challenge.

Epic: Use The Battle of the Blackwater to initate a 6th Intrigue challenge.

Standing: Use a 3rd Shadow Politics to initiate a 7th Intrigue challenge.


Is there a way to do more than seven Intrigue challenges in a round?


I'm only relatively new to the game, so sorry if I'm merely stating what others have known for ages.




Nov 19 2014 11:29 PM by Actaeon

Characters can have traits, which appear as words in bold at the top of the text box. This card allows you to choose 1 character that has the Ally trait or the Mercenary Trait and discard it (not kill it), or you may choose 1 or 2 characters that have the Refugee Trait and discard them. It doesn't matter what other Traits the character has or if the character has the Trait printed on the card or given to it by a card ability, as long as it has one of those traits Dissension can discard it.

While Traits are not inherently good or bad, the general effects that target cards with certain traits makes them beneficial or undesirable. This card is one of the big reasons why the Ally and Mercenary Traits are thought of as negative.

You Murdered Her Children

Nov 19 2014 11:28 PM by kelnira

Kinda late, but that episode must have been mind blowing for kelnira.

This is an accurate description.


Nov 19 2014 11:13 PM by BritneyHocutt
I don't get how this card works?

Nov 19 2014 08:39 PM by Actaeon

Maybe 2deep meant He Calls it Thinking to block a Risen from the Sea?


Nov 19 2014 04:00 PM by slothgodfather

Since Flame-kissed isn't a response ability, it is unlikely that Thinking will get you out of this.

Jon Snow

Nov 18 2014 07:27 PM by theamazingmrg

The problem is not the wonky timing stuff but game designer who doesn't know how this game works. 

Quite. Although in his defence, he wrote Call of the Three-Eyed Crow as it should work. It's just the bizarre moribund rules that prevent it from working!

Jon Snow

Nov 18 2014 07:20 PM by theamazingmrg

That's just super weird and unnecessary...


Welcome to the wonderful world of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!


But yeah, I would imagine second edition will fix that.  Probably by changing ability templating like they have with Star Wars and Conquest.  Action, Response, and Interrupt as opposed to the mess we have now.  That way, Call of the Three-Eyed Crow would be a Response that would trigger as the player enters the dead pile, circumventing Jon Snow's ability.  Other saves would be Interrupts that trigger as the character is killed, preventing the kill and thus wouldn't bypass Jon Snow's ability.


Nov 18 2014 06:58 PM by 2deep99me
He Calls It Burning
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