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No Quarter

Yesterday, 10:33 PM by chem2702

Cancelling the event only cancels the effect, not the actual playing of the card. So if it is cancelled, you cannot play another one during the same challenge.

No Quarter

Yesterday, 02:57 PM by Carth

Hello, I was wondering the exact same thing that slothgodfather asked 3 years ago :D 


"What happens if your first No Quarter is cancelled. Does the Limit 1 per Phase only affect you if the event was successful, or does this stop you from being able to play a second one?"


Thank you very much!

He Calls It Thinking

Aug 28 2015 02:18 PM by ktom

Yes. Each dupe is considered a different save effect. You can use as many different save effects as necessary to save a single character if previous ones are canceled.

He Calls It Thinking

Aug 28 2015 05:35 AM by vengeanceofthenorth
If my opponent has two dupes, if I use this to cancel him saving his character, can he still use the other dupe to save it?
Ser Mandon Moore

Aug 25 2015 09:08 AM by Carth

You can save your characters. The card clearly states that it affects opponent's characters, not yours. If the effect included your own characters, the card would simply say "If you have more cards in shadows than each opponent, characters cannot be saved. 

Before the Black Walls

Aug 24 2015 02:39 AM by Garay

Forgotten Plans will not negate this efect. 

Before the Black Walls

Aug 24 2015 02:36 AM by Garay
(v3.3) Before the Black Walls F40
"When revealed, name a challenge type.
In order to declare any characters to attack
or defend during challenges of that type, a
player must declare all of his or her eligible
characters." is all considered part of the "When
revealed" effect and is active while the plot is
revealed or when the "When revealed" effect
has been triggered by another River plot card.
Ser Mandon Moore

Aug 21 2015 11:19 PM by monrac

I have a question about the text of Sir Mandon, if you have more card in shadows , can you save your own characters. I mean If i Play a Valar Morgulish can i Save my characters and the rest of the opponent cannot? or I Cant? Thanks

Before the Black Walls

Aug 21 2015 05:06 PM by Cumber

Thank you! That is how we played it, but wanted to be sure! 

Before the Black Walls

Aug 21 2015 03:46 PM by ktom

The challenge is named during the plot phase, but the restriction is a constant effect. So blanking the text means there is no effect in the challenge phase.


If it said something like, "Until the end of the phase, a player must declare all of his or her eligible characters in order to declare any characters to attack or defend during challenges of that type," it would instead be a lasting effect that did not depend on the continued presence of the plot text.

Before the Black Walls

Aug 21 2015 01:54 PM by Cumber

Hi everyone.  Quick question about this card.  Used it last night in melee at the same time as someone else used Forgotten Plans.  We were trying to figure out what happens with this one since you declare the challenge type immediately, but nothing happens till the challenge phase.  Does Forgotten Plans negate the effect even though I've already named Intrigue Challenges to be affected? 


Aug 21 2015 12:44 PM by Req

I think the only deck who can play him decently is Lanni Tunnels: slow deck, often behind the opponent with powers, and no worries if you draw him at the beginning of the game, he can wait in shadows to boost characters: I also like he's immune to events.


Littlefinger SaS is certainly stronger and useful in most of decks, but since I don't have him, I have to play this one, and I'm quite happy about it. :)

They Lay with Lions

Aug 21 2015 12:31 PM by Req

It's a decent plot in a Mander Hod deck.

The Giant’s Lance

Aug 21 2015 12:29 PM by Req

I'm thinking in using it in a Tunnels deck, where the -1 is not a big problem for my boosted characters. It would also make Pentoshi stronger than usual.


What do you think?

Attack from the Sea

Aug 17 2015 08:07 PM by LaurenF

Only if you do it before plots are revealed. There's no player action window between revealing plots and resolving their effects.

Attack from the Sea

Aug 17 2015 03:35 PM by BrunoDavi

May i play ambush characters w/ influence before kneel all my locations?

The Inn at the Crossroads

Aug 10 2015 03:30 PM by ktom

When you blank a text box, you take any gold, influence and initiative icons along with the words.

So it's not that the text defining X goes away, leaving the X and a problem of what to do with it. Rather, everything goes away, including the X.

The Inn at the Crossroads

Aug 10 2015 02:25 AM by DaveKissFan

If this locations game text is blanked, does the +X Gold automatically become 0?  We played this, and the owner of the card tried to make the argument that X had to equal something.

Milk of the Poppy

Aug 05 2015 03:52 PM by ktom

This only affects the printed text box of the character it is attached to. Any text gained from other attachments or effects would not be blanked.

Stinking Drunk

Aug 05 2015 03:51 PM by ktom

When cards leave play, they always go to their OWNER'S dead/discard pile.

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