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Aloof and Apart

Today, 04:56 AM by AndrewHows

What are people's thoughts on this card? It's a 2 gold economy agenda, the same as Knights of the Hollow Hill, but it's discount is far more limited than KotHH, it adds prized to the cards it discounts, and it doesn't give any initiative or influence. On the other hand, it doesn't screw your setup.

Are there many situations where that's a good trade?

Aeron Damphair

Today, 02:27 AM by chem2702

Excellent! Thanks for the confirmation.

Aeron Damphair

Today, 01:50 AM by ktom

If you read somewhere that you cannot do that, it was wrong.

The copy on your House card is neither "in play," nor is it in your dead pile. Since those are the two things that stop you from playing a second copy (no matter the version), there's nothing stopping you.

Of course it only works in the order (play this one, kill it, make it an agenda, play another one) you describe. Play the other version first and you're out of luck.

Aeron Damphair

Yesterday, 11:48 PM by chem2702

Sorry if this question has been answered before, but just wanted to confirm.


Can I use this Aeron and the KotS Aeron if the former has become an agenda? For example, could I use Summoned By The Conclave to get Aeron, attach him as an agenda after he is killed and then later play the KofS Aeron as a character?


It seems logical that you can but I feel like I've read somewhere that there is a rule preventing this.

A Time for Wolves

Yesterday, 12:57 PM by AndrewHows

There's half that many dragons, and zero unnamed dragons. I'm sure it could have been done. Honestly, I'm a bit bitter that one of my favourite thematic decks (Direwolves) wasn't explored in any of the cycles that were supposed to be re-vamping old themes :/

A Time for Wolves

Yesterday, 08:38 AM by chilligreen

As a super-nedly player who was a Stark family/wolves deck and a northmen deck featuring Feral Pack I'm pretty damn happy with this. Taking into account getting the wolf straight into play this is effectively a 6/3/1 which isn't a bad early plot.

A Time for Wolves

Yesterday, 06:39 AM by Redviper187

I mean, that's fair. The only deck I use it in is a Stark Winter defense deck which runs ravens, riders, nymeria, shaggydog and grey wind. So for that particular deck I like the versatility but I agree that more direwolf support should probably have happened. The problem is there are only 6 possible unique direwolves and one of them is Lady who never got bigger than a large dog. I guess we could have seen a character version of Nymeria but other than that I don't see what the could have really done.

A Time for Wolves

Yesterday, 04:16 AM by AndrewHows
A Time for Ravens can search for Riders of the Red Fork, Carrion Birds, and Ravens, and has generally better stats to boot. I can't imagine any deck running both of these.

You're right that it could be used to search a Dragon, and unlike Direwolves, Dragons have got quite a bit of support lately. So it might see a bit of play in a Dragon deck. I doubt it will be used very much to fetch Direwolves - which is obviously what it's designed around. The only ones I've seen people play are the attachments, and I haven't even seen them very much. FF seem to have ditched Direwolves in favour of Tully for Stark's main sub-theme.
A Time for Wolves

Apr 19 2015 10:35 PM by Redviper187

I think this is far from a dead card. In a Stark deck it can search for a riders of the red fork, a carrion bird, a white raven, or a direwolf. While we haven't gotten any new direwolves recently there are still quite a few (Both versions of Shaggydog, Grey wind the attachment and Nymeria) that are good in a lot of stark decks. Also out of Stark this can be another way to search for a dragon for Targ or another raven to trigger Sam for just about anyone. 

A Time for Wolves

Apr 19 2015 05:56 PM by ldgs

Am sure quality cards take time to develop, perhaps they were looking for a way to raise the awareness / development of creature / direwolf decks

A Time for Wolves

Apr 18 2015 02:41 PM by AndrewHows

Wow, took them three years to get this champion's card in print, and I don't believe there's been a direwolf printed in the time between.


Seems to me like this was a bit of a dead card, only printed in this cycle to fulfil their obligations before the reset.

Family, Duty, Honor

Apr 18 2015 04:10 AM by ktom

Yes. You shuffle after every search.

Family, Duty, Honor

Apr 18 2015 02:32 AM by Hinkbert
If I add 5 Tully cards to my hand (no other effects) do I still shuffle?
Bear Island

Apr 17 2015 02:19 PM by ktom

"House Stark only" in the text is not the same thing as the Stark House affiliation required by Bear Island. If it were, why would any Stark card (such as Meera) need to also say "House Stark only"?


All event cards are neutral. When "They Shall Not Cross" is put into play as an attachment, it will also be neutral. Neutral cards do not have the Stark affiliation, so any you control "turn off" Bear Island. So yes, using "They Shall Not Cross" to save Bear Island is counter-productive -- unless you attach it to a character that you're going to kill in a minute, anyway.

Bear Island

Apr 17 2015 07:54 AM by MagnusLothar

They Shall Not Cross is House Stark only, so presumably when it enters play as an attachment it wouldn't interfere with Bear Island's text conditions.  But then 'House X only' is a deck-building restriction which I'm not sure counts as House affiliation, so I could be wrong.

Bear Island

Apr 17 2015 03:15 AM by Hewlett

So... if you use "they shall not cross" to save Bear Island, then enters game as a neutral boon attachment... (no choice on the matter) so you cant use Bear Island anymore anyway???

Braided Warrior

Apr 16 2015 08:02 PM by kizerman86

That is correct, you can cheat in OOH attachments without paying the OOH penalty.

Braided Warrior

Apr 16 2015 06:57 PM by VonWibble
By "printed gold cost", does that mean OOH attachments don't cost extra?
Braided Warrior

Apr 16 2015 03:19 PM by kizerman86

Cool, thanks Ktom!

Braided Warrior

Apr 16 2015 03:10 PM by ktom

Well, the better way to look at it is that, since the "and" is before the "to," the entire phrase ("search your deck for an attachment and pay its printed cost") is the cost of the "put into play" effect. Thus, searching for an attachment that is more expensive than what you could pay results in no expectation of a successful resolution - which means you can't initiate the effect to begin with. So no, you cannot use this effect to search for an attachment with a higher printed cost than you have gold.


From a purely practical standpoint, you might need to complete the search to verify you have no attachments you can pay for, but you cannot pull one that is more expensive when you search and call the search good.


Also, as you say, there is nothing in the effect that says to put the found attachment into your hand if you can't pay for it, so you absolutely cannot just make that assumption.

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