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Edric Dayne

Yesterday, 03:26 PM by linkingverbs
Might not be a bad 1x with Palestone Sword Guard being a bannerman as well
Southron Stronghold

Yesterday, 03:20 PM by VonWibble
Samwell Tarly

Yesterday, 02:45 PM by kizerman86

Edmure out of Black Sails is amazing.  Another option if you want to get Sam early and keep him around.

Southron Stronghold

Yesterday, 11:21 AM by AndrewHows

I assume it's not possible to use this card's ability to make it pay twice towards the cost of the same effect? That is, if you're trying to play an ability that costs two influence, you cannot kneel this once, discard a card stand it, then kneel it again. Because the first effect (including its cost) needs to be resolved fully before there's an opportunity to trigger further actions. Right?

Edric Dayne

Apr 24 2015 02:52 PM by NikolaP
Doran's solar deck?
Raiders of Orkmont

Apr 23 2015 10:31 PM by chem2702


Aloof and Apart

Apr 23 2015 07:36 PM by Cumber

Ah, great!  Thank you!

Aloof and Apart

Apr 23 2015 07:20 PM by ktom

"Cannot" is absolute. A 4+ cost character returned to play with Ambush from the Plains will therefore remain on the table at the end of the phase.

Aloof and Apart

Apr 23 2015 06:27 PM by Cumber

How does Aloof and Apart work with Ambush from the Plains?  Say if I were to use AftP to put Company of the Cat into play.  Would CoC stay on the table?  (Its a four cost army card)

Raiders of Orkmont

Apr 23 2015 02:58 PM by ktom

By that logic, cards like Corpse Lake and Fishmonger's Square do not combo with this either. But they do.


The discarded cards are indeed part of the deck. Looking at them does not separate them from the deck any more than searching the top X cards of your deck separates them from your deck or revealing a card in your hand separates that card from your hand.


Motley Crewman does work with this card. The technical mechanics are that you look at the top 3 cards of the deck, discard up to 2, put the remaining ones back, and then discard one more for Motley Crewman (or 2 more if you have 2 Motley Crewmen, etc.). But since the cards are being discarded from the deck, Motley Crewman applies.

Raiders of Orkmont

Apr 23 2015 02:09 PM by Redviper187

Your instinct was correct. It doesn't work because the effect lets you look at the cards first (Motley Crewman says nothing about looking at cards so you don't get to look at more cards) and then discard cards from the ones you're looking at (Motley Crewman doesn't help here because the cards are no longer part of the deck).

Samwell Tarly

Apr 23 2015 09:19 AM by oddjob

Yep - he always never quite makes the cut due to how situational he basically becomes. 

Raiders of Orkmont

Apr 23 2015 08:54 AM by chem2702

How does this work with Motley Crewman? Do you still get to discard the additional card? Due to the wording, I'm sensing Motley Crewman won't work with this.

Samwell Tarly

Apr 23 2015 02:26 AM by Redviper187

Benjen is a risky play in my opinion. While you're right he's great for pulling your recently deceased Sam out of the dead pile he can also bring back annoying character of your opponent's (Super Stannis, Mel, Viper etc.) and isn't really worth it. He runs the risk of being a dead card if you don't want your opponent to get something good back and even if you do play him, 3 gold for a card which you intend to kill needs a pretty great reward (although I suppose if you have a second Sam in your hand getting rid of a dead card and having potential draw if probably a pretty great reward). All in all I think that if you're playing stark Edmure is an infinitely better option. Outside of stark I'd say maybe run him if Sam is your main/only source of draw.

Samwell Tarly

Apr 23 2015 12:33 AM by oddjob



Then cry when Threat from the North, Venemous Blade, Grey Wind, Iron Throne, etc.. show up.  He is good, but on too many players radars at the moment.


Or just use Summoned by the Conclave. I usually will mulligan if Sam is not in my hand, unless it is just too good to pass up. However, if I am playing against Targ, Stark, or Martell I will reserve my Conclave for Edmure Tully for those very reasons and just put Sam back out. Even if I only get, say, 4 cards out of him before he dies, he was still worth running in my opinion. 


PS - I am even considering running Benjen Stark (Core) for this reason too. I have always been fascinated with that card. Anyone ever try running him?

Samwell Tarly

Apr 22 2015 06:21 PM by ktom

As you say, Sam only works after he is "played," not "put into play," so you wouldn't be able to draw for that reason, but if you could, the combo would give him the Raven trait in time to be useful.


Essentially, to use Copper Link to give Sam the Raven trait so he could draw off of himself, you'd need to find a way for him to kneel a Maester when he is played. Some sort of "after you play a Night's Watch character from your hand, choose and kneel a character" effect, maybe.

Samwell Tarly

Apr 22 2015 05:44 PM by kizerman86

That said, there might be some convoluted combo in which he gains the Raven trait during the Response window after he is played, which would allow him to respond to himself being played. But 99.99% of the time, he can't draw off of himself.


-  Have the 4-7-1 castle that cheats a 1g card into play when moved to used.

-  Play Citadel law to kneel a maester (w/ copper link attached) to reveal a new plot

-  New plot resolves, castle resolves putting Sam into play from hand

-  Respond with Copper link to give the Raven trait to Sam

-  Respond with Sam to draw


Does this work? 




Haha nvm, Sam is put into play instead of being played, doesn't work even if the (questionable) timing would allow for it to work otherwise.

Samwell Tarly

Apr 22 2015 05:41 PM by kizerman86



Then cry when Threat from the North, Venemous Blade, Grey Wind, Iron Throne, etc.. show up.  He is good, but on too many players radars at the moment.

Samwell Tarly

Apr 22 2015 03:00 AM by AndrewHows

For those decks that run Samwell as a draw engine, how do they guarantee getting him out? Just run him 3x and hope?

Iron Fleet Pillager

Apr 22 2015 01:32 AM by Vercicarus97

Oh god, I feel as if these are going to replace the Bloodthirsty Crews in my mill deck.

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