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Shireen Baratheon

Oct 01 2015 10:42 PM by Shizm

Characters with "Head of a dwarf" do not claim power,power that must be claimed for Players House PLACED on a character with at least one Head of a Dwarf card attached.

Shireen Baratheon

Oct 01 2015 09:27 PM by Martell

How does this effect work with "Head of a Dwarf" does that mean that the Opponent cannot claim any power at all, since the power needs to be placed on attached character, but the character cannot Claim any?

Westeros Bleeds

Sep 29 2015 03:13 AM by ktom

Correct. No player actions may be triggered in the Dominance phase until after dominance is counted and awarded.

Westeros Bleeds

Sep 28 2015 05:42 AM by Mnbrightblade
Am I correct that there is no point within the dominance phase this card can be played prior dominance determination and reward? You can't use this card to discard a bunch of players with power tokens to prevent the game from being won, correct?
House Dayne Skirmisher

Sep 24 2015 07:40 AM by ktom

Challenges go as such:


1. Player actions

2. Attacker announces type/declares attacking characters

3. Player actions

4. Attacker assigns stealth/Defender declares defending characters

5. Player actions

6. Resolve (claim, unopposed, renown, etc.)


You may use this character's ability in 3 or 5, even after you have declared it as an attacker/defender in 2 or 4. Of course, it is then gone before you get to 6 and so not a part of challenge resolution at all.

House Dayne Skirmisher

Sep 23 2015 10:03 PM by Martell

Is there a way to trigger this effect during a mil challenge? for example to feint a mil attack and then kill House Dayne Skirmisher or defend with him and kill him before claim? 

The Brimstone

Sep 19 2015 05:57 AM by Martell

Okay, thanks. Wow this Location is seriously crazy...

The Brimstone

Sep 19 2015 05:13 AM by ktom

A supporting title doesn't mean a player is not your opponent. Other than that: Yes, your assumptions are correct.

The Brimstone

Sep 19 2015 04:29 AM by Martell

Am I right in assuming that I can trigger the response in a melee game if the other players are initiating Intrigue Challenges against each other, as long as my title doesn't support the title of whomever has to fulfill the claim?

Dany's Handmaiden

Sep 17 2015 04:01 AM by ktom

She can ONLY activate her ability when she herself dies (other than Dany, of course).

When a card uses its own title, it is considered to be self-referential and only the card itself - not all cards with the same title - works,

Dany's Handmaiden

Sep 16 2015 04:30 PM by rollinad

Can Dany's Handmaiden activate her ability whe she herself dies or do you have to have two of this card out to make it work?

Tywin Lannister

Sep 11 2015 08:46 AM by ktom

Correct. The gold on Tywin is not in the gold pool, so anything that references the gold pool (dominance, taxation, Marbrand, etc.) does not count the gold on Tywin. You can just use it when you would pay gold out of your gold pool to cover a cost.

Tywin Lannister

Sep 11 2015 02:32 AM by chilligreen

So just to confirm - gold on Tywin can be spent 'as if' it was in your gold pool, but it doesn't count toward anything that checks your gold pool? Obviously dominance and taxation are the main instances but what about cards like Lord Tyrion's Host, Ser Addam Marbrand and Ser Amory's Poachers?

Sansa Stark

Sep 09 2015 08:15 AM by ktom

Take a look at cards like Steelshanks Walton or The Scourge with abilities that say, "Any player may trigger this effect." If you could trigger effects on cards you don't control, there'd be no need for this text, right? It therefore follows that Sansa, who doesn't have the text, can only be triggered by the character who controls her.


It really is supposed to create options and possibilities for melee, no matter how unlikely they are to occur.

Sansa Stark

Sep 09 2015 07:57 AM by lxlicybulletlxl

Can we confirm that only the player who controls her is able to trigger her effect?  It seems like a very odd way to phrase the effect if you're basically not going to let someone draw the card when they put an attachment on her, unless you're talking about a 2v2 or are really looking to buy someone's favor in a melee (seems unlikely).

Tywin Lannister

Sep 09 2015 05:23 AM by ktom

You can spend the gold as if it were in your gold pool. You can spend gold on Tywin for anything you can buy with gold from your gold pool.

Tywin Lannister

Sep 07 2015 12:46 AM by Dmmf90

I can only spent the gold tokens on Tywin? like marshall attachements for him or i can marshall characters with the gold tokens of tywin?

No Quarter

Sep 02 2015 11:33 AM by chem2702

Cancelling the event only cancels the effect, not the actual playing of the card. So if it is cancelled, you cannot play another one during the same challenge.

No Quarter

Sep 02 2015 03:57 AM by Carth

Hello, I was wondering the exact same thing that slothgodfather asked 3 years ago :D 


"What happens if your first No Quarter is cancelled. Does the Limit 1 per Phase only affect you if the event was successful, or does this stop you from being able to play a second one?"


Thank you very much!

He Calls It Thinking

Aug 29 2015 03:18 AM by ktom

Yes. Each dupe is considered a different save effect. You can use as many different save effects as necessary to save a single character if previous ones are canceled.

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