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Spy in Their Midst

Today, 09:56 AM by VonWibble
Very good in DWDW decks though. I use this one in my Stark deck.
Wheels within Wheels

Today, 03:11 AM by parralex0889

now to standing Jaime to my Lanni deck and look for more uniques

Mad King Aerys

Today, 03:00 AM by parralex0889

wow with targeted kill Dany and kill Drogo, Targ is looking very very nasty.

Spy in Their Midst

Yesterday, 11:53 PM by AndrewHows

They're not setup-friendly either

Spy in Their Midst

Yesterday, 08:36 PM by Actaeon

I thought the Reinforcements cards were pretty good since they're essentially 1 for 3 monocons with stealth and renown. Spy in their Midst in particular is really good with Lady Genna (CbtC) since you can take a half-hearted stab and then toss out the spy for a harder hit.


Are these guys (and gals) shunned because of the need to lose challenges or the potential to be canceld?

House Dayne Escort

Yesterday, 03:19 PM by NikolaP

Hows does the 'Immune to plot effects' if you control a Targaryen Character work with Valar?  If I have a Targ Character in play at the time of Valar, this guy will be immune because they would be killed at the same time? 


He would be immune to Valar. At the moment Valar's When revealed effect was initiated, Targ character you control was in play.

House Dayne Escort

Yesterday, 02:33 PM by BobbyB

Hows does the 'Immune to plot effects' if you control a Targaryen Character work with Valar?  If I have a Targ Character in play at the time of Valar, this guy will be immune because they would be killed at the same time? 

Shireen Baratheon

Yesterday, 01:28 AM by AndrewHows

I don't see why not - if you're going to play with a chargenda, you'll qualify for Summoned by the Conclave to get her out, probably in the first round.


True, your 1 copy could be discarded, but if you're playing Shireen, you're playing Baratheon, which means your discard pile is more like a slightly-more convenient deck.

The Weasel's Way

Aug 25 2014 10:04 PM by LaurenF

According to the FAQ, searching the top 5 cards of your deck does not count as searching your entire deck.

The Weasel's Way

Aug 25 2014 06:53 PM by korvacv

Does this event work against an affect that causes someone to search only the top X cards of their deck (like family duty honour, Maester Luwin etc) as this says after an opponent searches his deck and reveal then trigger while the other effects are only searching to top x cards

Shireen Baratheon

Aug 25 2014 04:18 PM by ThePrestige
I tried To use her in a deck With double Power challenge (Robert baratheon) and something to stand characters.But 1 copy of shireen only is Not enough
Lords of the Narrow Sea

Aug 25 2014 04:12 PM by ThePrestige
Ok as I though. Thanks
Icy Catapult

Aug 25 2014 04:12 PM by VonWibble
Plus you might not have War Crests and might want an option to kill characters as well as No Quarter.

Note that "leaves play" means you can arguably trigger it more easily than events, for example with Coldhands.

Aug 25 2014 04:08 PM by VonWibble
No. Assuming you mean the POTS version, Darkstar doesn't trigger his ability iirc, it is a passive. Also, I believe you have to choose a character in play.

Aug 25 2014 03:56 PM by Schwaig

Would Bitterbridge work to return Darkstar after I have claimed him from my opponents hand?

Icy Catapult

Aug 25 2014 01:40 PM by uBaHoB

Some times people think more when issuing Mil challenge when they know it will be one for one or none (Stawrat char) for one.

Icy Catapult

Aug 25 2014 01:08 PM by AndrewHows

Why would you play this instead of stuff like Die by the Sword or No Quarter? Fairly easy triggers, no telegraphing, not vulnerable to attachment hate, doesn't suck up your Limited Response (which may actually mean something in the next cycle).


What are the pros for Icy Catapult?

Blackwood Elite

Aug 25 2014 10:32 AM by Schwaig

Red Vengeance could be a problem against Martell though.

Blackwood Elite

Aug 25 2014 09:30 AM by VonWibble
Martell don't tend to kill or discard with their stuff though, so the prized isn't a problem there. For that matter, viable Lanni kill is pretty much restricted to I'm You Writ Small and A Lannister Pays His Debts.
The Turncloak's Task

Aug 25 2014 04:41 AM by slothgodfather

Actually, since Riders aren't House Stark only, they could be ran in any deck and found with all of these search plots.  Not that you would.  But you could.

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A Clash of Arms

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Brotherhood Without Banners

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Secrets of Oldtown

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  2. Forging the Chain
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  6. Here to Serve
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A Tale of Champions

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  3. On Dangerous Grounds
  4. Where Loyalty Lies
  5. Trial by Combat
  6. A Poisoned Spear
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Beyond the Narrow Sea

  1. Valar Morghulis
  2. Valar Dohaeris
  3. Chasing Dragons
  4. A Harsh Mistress
  5. The House of Black and White
  6. A Roll of the Dice

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A Song of the Sea

  1. Reach of the Kraken
  2. The Great Fleet
  3. The Pirates of Lys
  4. A Turn of the Tide
  5. The Captain's Command
  6. A Journey's End
120 Cards


  1. The Banners Gather
  2. Fire and Ice
  3. The Kingsguard
  4. The Horn That Wakes
  5. Forgotten Fellowship
  6. A Hidden Agenda
120 Cards
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Conquest and Defiance

  1. Spoils of War
  2. The Champion's Purse
  3. Fire Made Flesh
  4. Ancestral Home
  5. The Prize of the North
  6. A Dire Message
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