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Queen's Knight

Queen's Knight

Queen's Knight

Type: Character House: Targaryen
Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Military,Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
House Targaryen only. Ambush.
After a non-Knight character comes into play, return Queen's Knight to its owner's hand.
Flavor Text: "A knight of my Queensguard ...and my true friend and good counselor." - Daenerys Targaryen
Number: 17 Set: TWot5K
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Tim Arney-O'Neil
Recent Decks: Targaryen-KotHH
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Mar 17 2011 06:07 AM
As a noob, I was wondering if this card gets used much? While the ambush ability is nice, it seems an expensive card to constantly recycle back into your hand.
Well I wouldn't say it is used alot but I've got a friend that makes good use of him in a Knights of the Hollow Hill (MotM) Agenda deck. Between Him, the other ambush characters, and Khal Drogo (Core) it is very hard to anticipate what he will have to attack and defend with. You have to pay alot of attention though to make sure you don't bounce him back to your own hand with your other ambush characters. Although even intentionally bouncing him back can be helpful sometimes as if you have the influence you can play him again, standing, and ready for another challenge.
Mar 21 2011 11:32 PM
I put this card in my Targaryen decks more often than not, i tend to play a ton of Melee so i usually have no problem snagging the Hand of the King title and 1 more influence for a tricon is worth it for me
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jackmerridew how do you use influence to play that card?
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Jul 26 2011 07:17 PM
The ambush keyword lets you play a card outside the marshaling phase using influence. In this case, you would kneel three influence to ambush Queen's Knight.
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What happens if in a game Targaryen v Targaryen my opponent triggers Rhaenys's Hill (TBoBB) and I have a Queen's Knight alongside several non-Knight characters in my dead pile? Technically he comes in to play simultaneously to all of them, does that mean that he bounces back to my hand? Also, will it go back in my dead pile at the end of the phase?
Feb 17 2013 11:57 AM
I believe he would bounce back to the owner's hand and not go back into the dead pile at the end of phase.

I believe he would bounce back to the owner's hand and not go back into the dead pile at the end of phase.

I think I agree with the bounce to the hand, but I'm not sure they would stay there after the end of the phase. The same way as I suppose that if one of the characters gets discarded during the phase, at the end it moves back to the dead pile.
I think this is more of a Rhaenys's Hill-question than Queen's Knight's. Still, I'm curious what is the right answer. Usually those cards would say "At the end of the phase, return those characters to their owner's dead pile if still in play." (see Fiery Kiss (ODG) for analogy). However Rhaenys's Hill doesn't have this last bit "if still in play". Does it mean that if a Carrion Bird (ASoS) is brought back via Rhaenys's Hill and then it is shuffled into its owner deck by another Carrion Bird, then at the end of the phase its owner should search his deck for it and put it in the dead pile?
I'd say that the "if still in play" bit should be applied, eventhough it's not explicitly there. Is there official ruling for this question?
Feb 17 2013 10:02 PM
Since a card cannot interact with a card in an out of play area (such as your hand, deck, discard pile, dead pile or shadows area) unless otherwise stated within the ability, such as Theon Greyjoy (WLL) then it cannot. That being said, I do believe that if you use the Hill in the scenario you described - then the Knight would indeed immediately return to hand. At the end of phase, that character is no longer in play so he would not be moved back into dead pile. Also note that since the game doesn't have "memory" that if you ambush in the knight after it was returned to your hand it is not considered the same character.
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Thank you slothgodfather, so, just to be sure, if a Syrio Forel (TftRK) is summoned with my Rhaenys's Hill (TBoBB) from my opponent's dead pile, I manage to win a challenge with him and "hide" him in my Shadows, the phase ends and he is not called back into my opponent's dead pile as he is not in-play. Do I have now control over him until he dies/gets dicarded? (Apologies if this is now clearly posted in the wrong comment section, I figured it would suit better to continue here for the flow of the discussion rather than switching to the Rhaenys's Hill page.)
You cannot place an opponents card to your out of play zone. iirc if you use that ability of his it actually goes into your opponents shadows area.
Feb 18 2013 02:06 PM

You cannot place an opponents card to your out of play zone.

This is not always true, but in this case you are correct. Syrio would go to the opponent's shadows area and they would have control of him.
Feb 18 2013 02:44 PM
If a card leaves play for any reason, the FAQ states that it goes to the owners out-of-play area unless otherwise specified. Balon Greyjoy (AToT) is the only card that I know of that even remotely does this, but it's take a card from an out-of-play area and puts into a different out-of-play area - so the FAQ statement still stands that when cards leave play, they go to the owners control.

If you pull your opponent's Syrio from the dead pile, win a challenge with him and decide to use his ability then you are only doing your opponent a favor because he will return to his owners out-of-play shadows area.
Thanks! This is all very clear now.