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Apostle of The Drowned God

Apostle of The Drowned God

Apostle of The Drowned God

Type: Character House: Greyjoy
Cost: 2 Strength: 1 Icons: Power (Naval)
Game Text:
Response: After you win a challenge in which Apostle of The Drowned God participated, discard the top card of the losing opponent's deck. If that card is a location, Apostle of The Drowned God claims 1 power.
Crest: Holy
Number: 4 Set: RotK
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Sebastian Ciaffaglione
Recent Decks: Greyjoy Discard
The Holy Old Way
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Greyjoy Black Sails
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Another terrible card supporting a terrible theme. I wish FFG would make this deck viable.
You know I do like to play that theme, it's fun, but if it could be "winner theme", hard to say.

It would be nice if Apostole had 2 STR though...
which theme, Mill or Holy?
Not sure yet what the frequency of naval icons will be in general. If they are not that commonplace, a 2 cost naval holy character could be useful even without an amazing effect

Doesn't look great at the moment though.
Feb 02 2013 05:15 PM
The thing I like about this card is that it's mill effect is somewhat self-contained. Its a chump card that might generate some bonus power on challenge win. Its Naval icon means you can just jump it in any POW challenge you think you can win. You don't need to play mill for it to be effective. You might get more effects with mill though. You also might generate more Naval effects with it. You also might be able to get it in more Challenges with Holy decks.