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Dothraki Stallion

Dothraki Stallion

Dothraki Stallion

Type: Attachment House: Targaryen
Game Text:
Creature. Warhorse.
[Targaryen] character only.
If you win a [Power] challenge in which attached character attacked alone, instead of the normal claim effects, return the top card of your discard pile to your hand.
Number: 112 Set: APS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Sandara Tang
Recent Decks: Viserys Attachment Rush


Mar 24 2012 03:05 PM
Of course Targ gets the weakest Warhorse, Bara gets the next weakest, and Martell gets the one of the strongest....
I'm not sure. I actually think Lanni got the worst horse. It doesn't generate any card advantage at all, and is still a risk of lost card advantage as all attachments are. This one can let you return a flame kissed for example that you play to kill an enemy char while making the power challenge.
Mar 24 2012 07:26 PM
There's a lot of argument over the war horses - which one is worst/best but, generaly speaking, i think everyone can agree that none of them are particularly great.

e.g. i think the stark horse is useless because (in my experience) it is very unusual for a solo-attacking stark who CAN have attachments to win a military challenge. On defense, sure but without many stealth options and 2 near-useless joust characters and much of starks big military str characters being no-attachment armies (or creatures) it is not common. Even if you pull it off (and other players have rightly pointed out combo potential with event buffs or combos with Osha or Northern Cave you do have some chance at doing so) what does this really give you? Well, targeted claim, which is better than zero claim on valar or lowered claim from loyalty money can buy but worse than all the 2 claim plots out there so... not much.

In short, they all have too many conditions and limitations and since they are house specific, there's no chance for interesting OOH interactions.
I think Targ has one of the better Warhorses. Being able to use a Flame Kissed, then immediately get it back is insane. Also, on discard Selmy it is scary.
It isn't because in the end you need that power to win game.
If you have True Power (AKitN) in your hand and you're running the Heir to the Iron Throne (QoD) agenda, you can probably win 2 challenges (one of them probably unopposed) and get both Flame-Kissed (Core) and True Power (AKitN) to your hand :D
And if you want that Power, then you can just attack with another character or attack with two characters. I'm not saying it is a great card, but I am saying that it is one of the better Warhorses.
Mar 26 2012 02:10 PM
The Stallion is bad but it has a couple of interactions that make it somewhat useful. With Selmy, its highly likely he'll win any challenge baring something like Brienne of Tarth (PotS). He also has Renown to keep power. Khal Drogo (WotN) is solid with it as well since he still has Renown and generates additional effects off of Power challenges. Just recur back any card used to help win the challenge. This isn't to say that I like the Stallion but at least these two specific characters make it workable.

@Laxen. Lannister got the best horse. Choosing what to remove is extremely powerful. It bypasses TLS and recursion effects.