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The Red Viper

The Red Viper

Unique The Red Viper

Type: Character House: Martell
Cost: 5 Strength: 3 Icons: Military,Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Stealth. Renown.
Response: After you lose a challenge, place 1 gold token from the treasury on The Red Viper.
Challenges: Discard 1 gold token from The Red Viper to stand him. Then, you may discard 1 additional gold token from him to raise the claim value on any player's revealed plot card by 1 until the end of the current challenge.
Crest: War
Number: 113 Set: APS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Magali Villeneuve
Recent Decks: A Viper in Oldtown (Melee)
Martell Summer Dayne
Martell Maester Rush
Dayne Icon-Removers
Sand Snakes *


Dec 13 2011 03:59 PM
Delicious. you can raise other opponents claim to really mess with board positions. Give him the Dayne trait and watch how silly he gets.
Dec 14 2011 01:42 PM
I was actually just thinking that (since Dayne has all the gold movement abilities) but I'm not sure the combo is really worth it compared to the Sand Snake trait. With Blood of the Viper, The Red Viper can gain Deadly and non-kneeling counter attacks after you lose a challenge as a defender…

Regardless, it's an interesting card that could be worked into a few different decks without being an auto include (or brokenly good).
With Starfall you can make multiple increased claim challanges very easily.
Raise an opponents claim right before you Red Vengeance it back at them. Winner.
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Just terrifying... Played with a claim 2 plot and Doran Martell (TGM), it can be a dissaster for your opponent. If you loses the three challenges you'll discard three cards from your opponent's hand (Doran's response) and in the power challenge you can rise your claim to 4, combined with the viper's renown you could get 5 tokens (more if you'd have more renowns). Another good option is increase the claim in an intrigue challenge (7 cards discarded in a single round!) Jus terryfing...
Unless I'm missing something, I don't think you can raise the claim by any more than 1 for any given challenge...I suppose there might be a way to re-kneel him before the challenge was over, but that would take 1. a lot of work, and 2. at least 4 gold on him in order to raise it by 2.
Yeah you won't be able to raise the claim by more than 1. As soon as you pay 1 gold to stand him, you can spend only 1 additional gold to raise the claim.
Sorry, you are right! I made a mistake when I was reading the card in my job... ;)
Imagine this complex but hilarous scenario:

It's my Summer deck. I make it Summer. This Viper and Arianne Martell are on the board under my control. Make sure the Viper has at least 2 coins on him through lost challenges. I reveal The Tides of War as my next plot, attack with the Viper alone, and win. Then because of the plot text I reveal a new plot - Focused Offence. I then stand the Viper by discaring coin #1, and raise the claim for my next challenge with coin #2. I then attack with the Viper and Arianne combined for a claim five attack, including two stealths and a renown.

I know this will likely never happen, but when it does it could be wonderful.
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Mar 29 2012 05:34 AM
More fun run stark treaty/alliance with martell the play winter is coming...boom! Claim 6
So can anyone clarify if I can use his ability to raise a claim by more than 1? I think I can if I can stand him few times during challenge. Am I right?
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Jul 30 2012 04:25 PM
The trick is it must be done during a "current" challenge. Such as, you declare an attack and kneel TRV. Then you discard 1 gold to stand him and another to raise your claim by 1. Then during player actions you play A Game of Cyvasse (ACoS) and kneel TRV. Assuming you win it and bounced one of your opponent's characters, you could then discard 1 gold to stand him and another to raise your claim. You can rinse/repeat this as often as you have the cards to kneel him and the 2 gold to stand/raise claim.

As a defender, once a challenge is initiated agianst you, you could do the above mentioned kneel/discard/stand/raise claim cycle.

But you cannot stand him and raise your claim before a challenge is initiated, though you can stand him at "any phase." The claim part is limited to a "current" challenge.

That does mean the above summer example by Bill would not work because he is attempting to raise claim of his "next" challenge, not his "current" one.
If he's already standing can you activate his effect?

If so, does it still cost one gold to stand him?
I believe you can stand him if he is already standing (not sure why would you do that), because it's part of the effect, and not the cost. Now, I'm not sure if the 'then' part can be triggered if he was already standing...
Did anyone manage to put him in any deck that makes him at least as good as his PoTS version? Is there a deck (of tournament quality)? :)
May 13 2015 07:36 PM

NikolaP, I use this particular version in my Sand Snakes themed deck for both melee and joust(never done a tournament though, just friendly games). 

May 13 2015 11:01 PM
Would the TftRK version not be better for sand snakes...? Kill your own Viper with Harrenhal\Wildfire Assault, all other characters die barring saves, then play No Use For Grief to unleash hell...

I'd still go for this one in Sand Snakes. First, I don't run the risk of killing my own Sand Snakes when the Viper dies. Second, I can run an agenda if I want to. Finally, all the TftRK version is good for (comparatively) in a Sand Snake deck is being killed for No Use for Grief; this version can do more if it needs to.

Yeah, but the problem is, PoTS version is still better for Sand Snakes deck. :) New Tyene Sand doesn't like this Viper. I was thinking maybe some Red Vengeance, heavy influence (KoTHH maybe), war crest, lose-to-win deck...
May 14 2015 12:15 PM

For the TftRK version, I'd say it depends on your own board presence at the time of killing him.  If you had other non-sand snake characters in play before playing unique sand snakes - especially characters who have a benefit attached to their demise, such as Quentin (TGF) and the High Septon - then the penalty for killing off the Viper wouldn't be too bad.  Obviously this would have to be done in the early game and you'd need NUFG in hand.  His use as aggressive play isn't in the same vein as Valar; it's more to flood the board with the sand snakes.

May 14 2015 09:19 PM

I have used the TftRK one before, but I generally run an agenda with my sand snakes so that effect wouldn't work.