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The Scourge

The Scourge

Unique The Scourge

Type: Location House: Martell
Game Text:
Any Phase: Kneel The Scourge to choose 1 character. That character loses a Military, an Intrigue, and a Power icon until the end of the phase.
Response: After a character loses an icon from The Scourge, choose and discard 1 card from your hand to have that character gain that icon until the end of the phase. Any player may trigger this effect.
Number: 55 Set: ODG
Quantity: 3 Illustrator:
Recent Decks: Noble
The Tully's of Dorne
Bloodthirst 3rd UK nats after swiss (5W1L)
The Only Way is Orphan - Rayleigh, Essex (UK) Regional Winner 17/05/2014
Icons? What icons?


It's not Broken Arm but it is finally repeatable icon removal in location we were waiting so long. I know it's unique and ability can be canceled by opponent by discarding card. Now we should find a way to stand this location back to use it again. Anyway even as discarding source very strong card almost auto-include.
Using this with the expensive Doran Martell (TGM) and think we have solid hand control over the enemy
How about Hellholt Engineer (CbtC) to stand the location?
Besides Hellholt Engineer what else could stand this location, could go out of house and use the attachment that gives vigilant
Dec 22 2011 03:00 PM
There is a chain attachment Steel Link (TIoR) that can stand a location.
question on this card the effect seems to get rid of all three the respnse seems to read as singular. If for some reason someone wanted to gain back more than one icon would they have to discard more than one? Also can they discard any time that phase or only as I think it works right after this card is used?
The scourge takes all three icons. However, each player may only trigger the response once per time the scourge is used. So if I took three icons from the red viper, you could discard a card to give him an icon, and I could discard a card to give him an icon. We couldn't discard three cards to give him three icons. Also you must discard the card at the time the icons are lost. You can't do it later in the phase.
The Scourge does take all three icons when you use it's ability but it's it creates a response opportunity for each icon lost not for the collective loss of multiple icons so if you had 3 icons to lose when The Scourge hits you the you could ditch 3 cards to gain all your icons back. It doesn't create response opportunities for icons you never had in the first place though.
Oh, duh. Man how did I miss that wording? Touche arrdet! You are correct.
Oct 31 2012 08:34 AM
Has anyone tried this with The Brimstone (TBC)? It's just so great.
Nov 01 2012 01:02 AM

Has anyone tried this with The Brimstone (TBC)? It's just so great.

Oh yes, it's one of my favorite combos overall for Martell.
May I discard Darkstar (PotS) to use this ability & put Darkstar in play?
Yes, it's a great way of getting Darkstar out for free!