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Into the Lists

Into the Lists

Type: Plot House: Neutral
Income:4 Initiative: 3 Claim: 1
Game Text:

When revealed, each player may choose and kneel 1 non-Army character with a Military icon he or she controls. The character with the highest STR knelt in this way claims 2 power.
Number: 20 Set: TftH
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Scott Murphy
Recent Decks: 1st Place Newington CT SC Martell Conquest Bara
Targ Attachments
bara melee 3rd place melee
HoD Iron Throne
The Real Power Behind the Throne


Quite situational plot which however can give you 2 power for kneeling your stron character. Please notice the wording may choose. It means that we can choose nothing giving our opponent 2 power for a cost of kneeling strong character. Very often it's not a good deal as we are loosing character which can anyway give us 2 power easily by participating in a challange.
Who needs to kneel his character first? Owner or opponent ?
Owner of this card choses first.
Oct 20 2011 05:24 PM
I think this is an awesome plot in certain decks. (and isn't that the kind of plots we are all clamoring for? Not auto-inlcudes, but potentially powerful in the right situation) Just think in a Bara Knights rush deck, you're probably looking to win by turn 3, so you'll never use all your plots if you win. So instead you need to have situational plots that you can drop to push your advantage -see Red Wedding. This is the same vein, you flip this plot, kneel a 2 str. Now your opponent has to choose, do I give them 13% of the power they need to win or do I kneel a 3 str character, which makes my challenge defense weaker. Or if you are at 13 power flip the plot and kneel your big boy for the win.
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Berto, you sure the owner chooses first? Or does it come down to the first player determining the order? Does the first player decide who must act first in the first framework action window? Please clarify!
The first player doesn't choose here. The FAQ states that if more than one player has to choose then the owner of the effect chooses first and then it goes clockwise.
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Ah, awesome. Thanks! Not a very reliable plot card then..