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Cotter Pyke

Cotter Pyke

Unique Cotter Pyke

Type: Character House: Greyjoy
Cost: 5 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Ironborn. Night's Watch.
No attachments. Intimidate. Melee.
If a Black Raven card is not in play, it is Winter.
Flavor Text: "If you muck this up, I'm going to rip your liver out and eat it raw with onions."
Number: 86 Set: TBC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Paco Rico Torres
Recent Decks: Aeron & Theon
Greyjoy Discard
Stark night's watch 2nd place manchester store championships
Jamie's Pure Amazing Night's Watch Deck
Night's Watch


Greyjoys needed a way to make it Winter without having to run -1 Gold all the time. This is so perfect. All the best GJ chars are 4+ Gold, and running them was almost impossible in a Winter choke. Now high gold, winter, raiding decks seem possible!
~Hey sweet, we have a new trait to give cards with trait manipulation cards...
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lol that is really odd. I wonder if all copies are like that?
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Feb 19 2012 07:36 PM
Its right up there with Wilding
Mar 07 2012 03:51 PM
My copy says onborn also; clearly a typo!
I've been playing GOT for a while but I'm still pretty behind in all the technical aspects of cards like Cotter. Does having both Melee & Intimidate make this card super powerful?

The reason I ask is because, by having 3 STR, that means 2 and under cannot defend. So a char with 3str defends, Cotter now have 4str. Does that mean the next char the defender kneels HAS to be 4str or higher? Or does intimidate only work for initiating the challenge, and not "stack" because of the Melee keyword?

I'm probably answering my own question but I think it does not work that way.
Aug 18 2013 06:20 PM
It does indeed work that way. Intimidate is constantly checked. So if Cotter gets stronger through melee or other card effects, then any participating character with lower STR than him does not count their STR towards that challenge - keep in mind this does effect your own characters as well.

So if you attack with Cotter and your opponent defends with a 4 STR character, Cotter becomes a 4 STR character. Lets say your opponent forgets about the intimidate and they want to win on the defense, so they naval in another 4 STR character. Cotter becomes a 5 STR, due to melee, and neither defender counts their STR.
Just for clarification, if Cotter leaves play (killed/discarded) then the Winter effect he brought with him ends too yes?
Aug 31 2014 10:11 AM
It irritates me that this isn't a neutral character. NW not greyjoy!!!