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Knight of Harrenhal

Knight of Harrenhal

Knight of Harrenhal

Type: Character House: Stark
Cost: 2 Strength: 2 Icons: Military, Power
Game Text:
Knight. Ally.
House Stark only.
If a card would be discarded from your hand at random, you may choose the card to be discarded instead.
Number: 81 Set: TBC
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Igor Kieryluk
Recent Decks: Kindly Stark Version 2.
Local Tourney, 1st place Palm Bay, FL
The Northern Front
Stark Knights
Stark My Agenda


Wish he didn't have the "ally" trait, but otherwise this guy seems very cool! Have spent many a game as Stark biting my nails, hoping that my "Guilty" or "Lethal Counterattack" or whatever I couldn't afford to put into play yet wouldn't get pulled from an INT loss!
Yeah this card is amazing! Plus, you can combo it really well with Endless Endurance (LoW)! Oh I need to discard a card? How about I discard this card that I'm going to be getting back during my challenges! lol
Feb 19 2012 03:44 PM
While the ability is interesting, what really bugs me about this card is...

1) it doesnt have meaningful harmony with the rest of the house: It isnt a Bolton or Tully trait card so does not tie into trait's search, draw and strength buff options NOR does Stark have cards that actually benefit from being discarded.

2) its below average cost/strength for the house, making it a 2 cost, conditional effect that doesnt really help its owner win challenges: even lack-luster Knight of The Tumblestone (core) has the war crest, giving it dramatic buff potential above this through frozen outpost (low) and power of arms (core)

3) it doesnt help PREVENT card loss: a Knight with an int icon and stealth for the same cost would have been infinitely more useful for the house. (I understand that's unrealistic to ask from stark but, really, any card that negated card loss instead of choosing which card was lost would have been much more useful)

4) being house stark only prevents interesting combos for other houses... that migt actually have a useful combo for it: martell anyone?

5) its Ally trait kills its survivability potential (few allies in stark, few worth playing) and, since it's ability requires it to be alive, it cant even be used for claim soak.

This just isnt worth a card slot in your deck (let alone 3) and really bugs me as it's 2nd of the 3 wasted card slots for stark in the chapter pack.
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Feb 19 2012 03:48 PM
@stanton - sure, you can dump endless and get it back... but so what? You still had to dump it/cant use it till you get it back? Lannister has really grown in mil str over the past few months and the lack of endless (and the lack of str on this card itself) arent going to do you any favors in winning the next mil challenge either :(
Well first of all, I think you are looking at what the card COULD have been, instead of what the card is. Sure if I look at every card's potential, they are probably all going to be terrible. However, look at what this card IS, and what it actually does for Stark. Its a two cost knight (which is great because two cost is a pretty good cost for a character, especially one that is an ally), its got two icons that the house loves, and completely changes the dynamic of an entire challenge! Not to mention that it combos well with other stuff like Threat from the East.

Now if you are playing Stark, you are going to be losing intrigue challenges. There just isn't a way around it. Lannister will push through those intrigues all day long, and I'm assuming we're going to see a lot of them with the agenda. Now if this guy had an intrigue icon, that still wouldn't change. Nor should Stark ever be able to defend against Lannister in intrigue challenges, imo. It just doesn't make sense from a book or game standpoint. So once you realize that, then this guy awesome. You can choose which card hurts you the least to discard. Sure it would suck to not be able to use the endless endurance, but it would suck even worse for Lannister to never be able to actually accomplish anything for intrigue challenges. Think of it like Viserys Targaryen (Core) but for intrigue challenges!
Anyone else think this means
House Dayne Reserves (PotS) will be showing up in Stark decks with this card?
Feb 20 2012 06:34 PM
It's a house martell only card.
Duh, missed that. Sorry.