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A Game of Cyvasse


A Game of Cyvasse

A Game of Cyvasse

Type: Event House: Martell
Game Text:

House Martell only.
Challenges: Each player must choose and kneel a character with an Intrigue icon he or she controls, if able. Then, the player who knelt the character with the highest STR may choose and return a character to its owner's hand.
Number: 57 Set: ACoS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Jarreau Wimberly
Recent Decks: Martell v.1 Skopje Edition
Quest To The East
martel - melee summer
martel - quentyn melee
Martell KotHH


Feb 25 2011 05:47 PM
never really appreciated this card enough until i saw it in use against a brotherhood deck
My favorite use of it:

3 player melee game, I'm last player.
Player 1 is playing a targ deck, Player 2 a Martell deck, Me a old version of my Martell Brotherhood deck.
I'm in the better position so player 1 and player 2 gang up on me.
Player 1: "Hey Player 2 if you give me all your gold I'll be able to play the HUGE DRAGON and really screw Darksbane over."
Player 2 hands player 1 his gold. Player 1 plays Balerion the Black (RotO) and is super excited. Everything is knelt now and Player 1 and 2 are out of gold/reducers.
Play passes to me. I play a Silent Assassin (ASoSilence). At the beginning of the challenges phase Player one is all excited to take his dragon in and do some damage. I play A Game of Cyvasse, I kneel my Assassin, the only unknelt character with intrigue on the board and Poof! the dragon goes back to his hand. HAHAHAHAHA, the look on has face was the funniest thing ever :D
Hah, good story, Darksbane. :)
What's this about players giving each other gold? How is that legal?
Mar 21 2011 09:02 PM
The Littlefinger version of the game has the same rules, except players can pass gold around as a part of making deals. It's a pretty sweet way to play.
Yeah I should have noted that, in our 3 player games we almost always run the Littlefinger variant for fun and backstabbing. It spices 3 player up a bit.
Hm, we've never tried the Littlefinger variant in our group. But this example makes me think this could be fun, so I'll try and bring it up with my friends.
Mar 22 2011 02:00 PM
The key thing to remember is that the money has to pass before the action can take place, so you may end up paying someone gold and the deal never happens
Yeah, I'm familiar with the rules. We just never tried it :)
how does this resolve when played? who starts kneeling and in what order it goes
When cards have to be chosen, ie this and wildfire and other similar effects, the controller of the effect always chooses first and then it goes in a clockwise order around the table.
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Jul 16 2012 05:38 PM
Also note that since it is a "choose" effect, your opponent can choose a knelt character to kneel. However, since the kneel effect is not successful, that character's STR is not compared for this event. It just means they don't have to kneel their 1 standing character with an INT icon if they have another knelt character with an INT icon to "choose."
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thanks and nice reminder on the choose effect sloth
I'm assuming that I will be able to trigger all of my responses to a character kneeling before the event resolves, ie Iron Link?
Jul 16 2012 08:07 PM
Correct, because even if your Maester is the one chosen to bounce to hand, there is still the response window created by him kneeling.
Note that the event resolves before you can trigger any responses. The links are able to be triggered in response to them kneeling in step 5 of the response window of playing the event. The Maester and all of its links are in moribund.
Jul 16 2012 08:25 PM
Yea I should have mentioned that if the Maester is chosen, unless you have a save (such as discard a dupe) then his attachments are moribund:discard and he is moribund:hand by the time you get to trigger your responses. So you cannot increase his STR with Iron Link to try to have a higher STR character for the kneel effect - since his STR is checked at the moment he is knelt, not after.
Ok so no sneaky bumps as responses but what about passive strength effects, ie Lyanna Stark? Will those effect the STR that is checked by the event?
Well Lyanna works, but only because she is a constant effect, not a passive one. If there was some card that said, After a card is knelt, it gets -1 STR, that would not factor in because it is a passive. Those happen in step 4 of the action window. It has a set initiation, after the character is knelt. Lyanna is a constant effect that is continuously checking to see if a character is knelt or not.
Sep 23 2012 10:19 AM
What happens if two (or more if in melee) players kneel a character with same STR? Nothing happens? They kneel something else? Toss a coin?
Nothing, as no-one knelt a character with the highest strength. Did someone kneel a character stronger than every other character that was knelt for this? If no, nothing happens. If yes, continue.
Sep 23 2012 12:38 PM
That really sucks, doesn't it? If I play this event it means i probably have a target for it (character with many powers for renown, or with an attachment...), so my opponent of course will try and kneel a character with high strenght. Typical case, he kneels a 3str char, and so i'll probably do as well, since there are not many char with more than 3str. In that case the only effect would be to kneel both one char :(
Well, you need a good timing with this one. Also icon or STR manipulation or kneeling effects may all be helpful if you want to exploit this event.
Sep 23 2012 02:39 PM
In fact, taste for blood might help!
May I choose to kneel The Red Viper (PotS), or his immunity is counting for this too? I assume you can't kneel him.