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Unique Needle

Type: Attachment House: Stark
Game Text:
Item. Weapon.
Attached character gets +1 STR and gains stealth. Response: After you play a character with stalwart from your hand, kneel 1 influence to attach Needle from your discard pile to that character.
Number: 81 Set: RoW
Quantity: 1 Illustrator: Storn Cook
Recent Decks: Stark: Wolves & Arya (Final Version 60 Cards)
Stark: Wolves & Arya v3 (Final)
Stark Army Engine
Stark Murder
Proto 2melee stark


I know that everyone has thought of this before, but I thought it needed to be said: This card has got to rank among the biggest creative blunders in the game's design.

Needle is among the most important aspects of Arya's identity, a fact made explicit in the books (trying to remain spoiler-free, it's around the same time as Cat o' the Canals). Needle and Arya are depicted together in all versions of both cards, if we allow one proxy (a stick) in Arya Stark (Core): They appear together more often than Arya and Nymeria. Needle+Arya is more thematically important than Ice+Eddard, all of the direwolf pairings except perhaps Jon+Ghost, and 95% of all the attachments out there.

And yet... we get an attachment that has two abilities, both with negative synergy with all three versions of Arya (including the previewed Tourney for the Hand version). To wit:
* Not one Arya has stalwart! This is ridiculous in and of itself, given her story arc. Indeed, Arya Stark (KL) behaves much like she did have stalwart, but goes out of her way to avoid the keyword. To make matter worse, every character who does have stalwart is a grown man, and Needle was custom-made for a little girl (the entire essence of its uniqueness). For Eddard, for Jaqen, for your average midnight sentry or royal guard, Needle would be cast aside as a toothpick.
* Most Aryas already either have stealth or can easily get it. Unlike the lack of stalwart, this is not ridiculous because Arya is naturally stealthy -- with or without Needle. How giving a weapon to a child makes her more stealthy is a question no one cared to ask, I suppose.

My point is not "they need to print a new version of Needle, STAT", because I have to believe the designers are ahead of me here: FFG has two versions of Arya hitting the printers as of this post, and the theme of the next Chapter Pack cycle seems ripe for a new Needle. My point is rather this: Why the hell has it taken so long?
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I agree it should give Stealth AND Deadly to Arya. But anyway, use Banner for the North on Arya to give her Vigilant until FFG does something.
I've been thinking the same thing myself Eunomiac :P