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Great Pyramid of Meereen

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Great Pyramid of Meereen

Unique Great Pyramid of Meereen

Type: Location House: Targaryen
Game Text:
The East.
Marshalling: Kneel Great Pyramid of Meereen to lower the cost of the next [Targaryen] character you play this phase by 2.
+2 [Influence].
Number: 75 Set: AHM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Franz Miklis
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Well, for those players who use Great Pyramid in a deck (I'm not a fan personally) now has a better option. Get the same effect, but also the option to have a two influence location as well.
However, I don't see it being used, as for the same price a Targ player would be more likely to use Kingsroad Fiefdom (QoD) as you get the same influence for the cost, and also get a boost to intiative. If you wanted the reduction, you wouldn't be using the influence, wasting half th effect of the location. Or for an extra gold, you could keep using Advisor to the Crown (QoD), who also gives you the benefit of a Power icon when you don't need the influence.
I see it as a much better option than kingsroad fiefdom: same cost, same influence... but can reduce the cost of characters. Also, the limited keyword makes it harder to be discarded (immune to the price of war, for instance).
Aug 20 2012 10:31 PM
I think it would work well in dothraki deck, giving you the option to reduce a character during marshalling or to ambush them in later.
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Ye I like to option too - It's not every turn one is able to utilize on the influence, or need to due to other sources, then it's great to have a reducer instead.