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Hall of Dragons

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Hall of Dragons

Unique Hall of Dragons

Type: Location House: Stark Targaryen
Game Text:
King's Landing.
Challenges: Kneel Hall of Dragons and kneel 1 influence to choose a character you control. Until the end of the phase, that character gains deadly, and a Trait of your choice.
Flavor Text: There were nineteen skulls. The oldest was more than three thousand years old; the youngest a mere century and a half.
Number: 62 Set: AHM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Michael Komarck
Recent Decks: Targ KotHH MegaBurn
Targ Dragon burn 1.3
Dayne Icon-Removers
New Super Targaryen Dragons U v2


Adding the dragon trait to a Non-Dragon plus deadly. Seems nice for 2 gold but I don't think this will replace any of the dragon locations from QoD
King's Landing trait is very nice as well..
I also see it going well with Dothraki, as they have plenty of cards that synergise together.

EDIT: I only just noticed it can work with Stark! That adds more potential!!
Give a tricon the dragon trait is always a good option with Dany. Or use it on Queen Daenerys's Horde (TWot5K) and you have two unopposed challenges.
Sep 07 2012 03:56 AM
The Influence pay on the card effect I have found annoyingly limiting.
In Targ or Stark?
Probably annoying in Stark because you lack the resource and annoying in Targ because you want to use the Influence for other stuff :P
Well I could see this fun in a stark wildling. I'll make that guy a wildling sooo he gets stealth, +1 and deadly.
Thats just good economy. :lol:
Jan 03 2013 07:06 PM
If all 3 Dragons (from QoD) and Dany are out you can win the game in one turn. Not to mention choose and kill 3 characters with STR 4 or lower. Highly underrated card imo.
How exactly? All of the dragons responses can only be used once per phase.
The dragons' text abilities are once per turn, you know that, right?
If you won all your challenges unopposed, and you had Heir to the Iron Throne (QoD), a claim 2 plot, opponent had at least 4 power to grab for Power challenge claim, 1 influence to power Hall of Dragons, and you won dominance, you could win in one turn. :ph34r:

Still couldn't kill 3 characters though, just one STR4 or lower + blow up one Cost 3 or lower location.
You mean all I have to do is get 18 gold worth of cardboard on the table without interference? What could go wrong?
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Card is still fun, though.
Would love an unduped Dany go in pretending to be a dragon, then after losing, hitting her with A Lannister Pays His Debts (Core).
It just sounds so easy to do all that. Hell, why not add Balerion to all that for extra umph :rolleyes: