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Maester Myles

Maester Myles

Unique Maester Myles

Type: Character House: Martell
Cost: 2 Strength: 1 Icons: Intrigue, Power
Game Text:
Challenges: Kneel Maester Myles to choose a participating character with only 1 icon. Remove that character from the challenge.
Flavor Text: He watched the lords and ladies, the serving men, the old blind seneschal, and the young maester Myles, with his silky beard and servile smile.
Crest: Learned
Number: 70 Set: AHM
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: A. L. Ashbaugh
Recent Decks: The Only Way is Orphan - Rayleigh, Essex (UK) Regional Winner 17/05/2014
A Viper in Oldtown (Melee)
Martell Maester Rush
Martell été
Dayne Icon-Removers


Another Maester for Martell, as they were runnign short on them...
With all the icon removal available to Martell, I like the idea of him, even without it being a Maester deck. However being unique to go with Quentyn Martell (VD), and also learned for plenty of other cards, he just gets even better. Apart from maybe Sand Snakes, I imagine he could go in most Martell decks and find a use.
Aug 20 2012 08:08 PM
Well actually it takes a specific set of cards to make sure they are left with "only 1 icon." Being able to remove INT icons with the link is really strong with him, but giving him Vengeful with Quentyn seems awesome too. Might bring more use of Scorpions Underfoot (TWH) to help trigger his ability.
Well, there are plenty of bothersome characters who only have one icon anyway, but in an icon removal deck (which seems to be a popular alternative to Maesters or Sand Snakes), I see him being very handy.
Aug 21 2012 05:06 PM
There is no doubt he is useful, and giving another learned crest option to a non-full-out Maester deck is really nice to support Outwit. His 1 STR makes him so very fragile though.